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Hope and Peace [Au - SHRPG 4567] [Rudy and Raikou]

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Hope and Peace [Au - SHRPG 4567] [Rudy and Raikou] Empty Hope and Peace [Au - SHRPG 4567] [Rudy and Raikou]

Post by Arcana June 25th 2014, 9:51 pm

Sean grunted under his breath, carrying the small blond child along his back, the male giving his ear a small tug as he loudly giggled. ”Ow ow ow.” Sean muttered as the kid let himself fall from his back and land with a soft sound onto his feet. ”Get ready, your father wants to arrive on time to that rally thing.” Sean muttered shooing the kid away before making sure that his shirt had not been ripped by the rambunctious kid, which it had not. He was dressed simply for the event, wearing dark blue shorts that stopped mid knee and a simple t-shirt that read “Fuck Shit Up.” though his mother found the article of clothing absolutely distasteful, and a little vulgar considering that there would be children possibly at this rally. ”Brandon, ya ready?” Sean called out tying up his shoes and moving a small amount of black hair out of his eyes.

”Yeah yeah, i'm ready.” The blond noted walking through the door, dressed in a simple t-shirt and faded blue jeans, Travis trailing along beside him. The young meta human trailing at his side was looking almost happy, with how his lips were arrayed into a toothy grin as he looked up to Sean, brilliant green eyes boring into his silver orbs. Sean cocked his head to the side, as if silently questioning the child before shrugging and leaning over, picking him up and placing him on his shoulder.

”Alright, if we're ready I say we get going.” Sean noted with a nod carrying the male with him as the three would take the elevator down to the bottom floor and out through the glass doors.

”I'm surprised they don't have you working today or something like that.” Brandon said, the surprise seeping into his voice as well as an unspoken edge. He knew that Brandon did not like that Sean worked as much as he did, but then again a man had to work, and Sean did not have access to the Thiel's vast wealth, like Brandon did with the Hale money.

”I pulled a few strings, got myself a few days off from the monotony.” Sean assured as the child riding upon his shoulders lazily played around with the strands of black hair atop his head. ”I think I’ve earned enough vacation time to enjoy a few days with the family.” Sean added with drew a wide grin upon Brandon's face, Sean setting Travis down in the back seat and taking the passenger. When everyone was settled down, Sean rested against the door that had locked on its own as Brandon did the whole driving thing, considering that he complained about never getting to. Within a matter of moments they arrived at the little rally thing, a alrge amount of people already there; supporters of metahumans and even metahumans. Sean was expecting some heroes to be there, and they were, some that he had registered and others that registered in other cities.

A young female with red hair dressed in some kind of outfit, one that his branch had actually created approached him with a large grin. “Mr.Collin! I'm surprised you actually came.” She said jovially and perhaps genuinely surprised that he was there, Brandon waving to her.

”Don't call me Mr. It makes me feel old and I'm not that old.” Sean chuckled slightly hitting her shoulder with his right hand. ”And my fiance wanted to see this for himself, so I of course had to come along with him.” Sean acted as if he was being brought here against his will but he had no problem with attending, especially to see all of the heroes that he had personally registered and to see them actually helping people.

”Oh, so this is the um.....light girl i've heard so much about.” Brandon said offering a hand which the girl shook firmly, though he did not seem to notice it.

“Starlight at your service.” She said almost as if the line were a rehearsed one, making a small salute. “I'm here with that team of mine, ya know, the one I formed a week ago.”

”Oh that one? Yeah, I remember filling in all of the paper work for it to be official.”

“And I thank you for that.” She said thankfully with a nod before turning to a bunch of other heroes within similar costumes and ran back to them, waving once to Sean before returning to her friends; leaving the male with a wide smirk.

”Its times like this that I love my job.” He noted to himself.

”The babes that walk into the office?” Brandon asked chuckling as Travis latched onto his leg to get his attention so Brandon would lift him up. The blond leaned over and picked him up, placing him on his shoulder and turning attention towards where the opening speech thing was supposed to take place. After that it would be more people meeting their local meta-humans heroes, pictures would be taken and of course food, something that everyone loved. Usually he was there to deal with any meta-humans that felt like causing a ruckus, but in the end they found enough staff to handle that, which left Sean free to actually enjoy the festivities.

”No you derp. I mean all of the good people that actually come through, people that don't use their powers to knock down buildings and kill people cause they wanna.” Sean noted tapping Brandon in the stomach with a closed fist.

'Oh...well thats pretty nice too.” He admitted with a nod.

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Hope and Peace [Au - SHRPG 4567] [Rudy and Raikou] Empty Re: Hope and Peace [Au - SHRPG 4567] [Rudy and Raikou]

Post by Raikou June 26th 2014, 1:46 am

Standing at the outside of the Rally, leaning casually on one of the metal gates they had set up around the area, to block the crowd off from the main podium, was Alexander Sadko, also known as Raikou, or the spark of life. He had taken his shirt off long ago to escape some of the blistering summer heat, stuffing his old white wife beater into the brim of his brown cargo shorts. As he secretly wished he had some sort of water based power right about now, he heard a small girl crying behind him.

"Moooom, moooom!"

The girl cried out, causing Alex to casually turn his head, raising an eyebrow at the girl. He wasn't annoyed, so much as curious as to what made the girl so sad. In her hand, she held an old gameboy color. The red thing had to be over fifty years old, and it was amazing such a relic still existed, or even worked. Then again, Nintendo did some fantastic things in the nineties.

"Mom, it stopped working! I was just about to catch the best pokemon!"

Alex smiled, turning slowly to face the girl. He remembered being young himself, and trying to catch em' all. Though on a game console that old, the pokemon must be rather boring. He himself had never played the really old ones.

"Hey little one, can I help?"

He spoke in a soft voice, kneeling down so he was at eye level with the girl. The mother stared at him for a second, before smiling herself. After all, Alex was one of the few heroes who never wore a costume. They bored him, and, with his family being dead, he had no one to protect. Holding out a hand for the girl, he smiled again, hoping to earn her trust.

"You're not gonna break it, are you?"

The little girl asked, rubbing her eyes. Alex shook his head, letting out a small chuckle.

"Not at all, I'm gonna fix it for you."

Taking the gameboy softly from the girl, Alex held one hand above it. Channeling electric energy in both of his hands, he began to create a field around the gameboy. Sending a spark directly into the gameboy, it turned on, flashing up the white title screen. With a smile, he handed it back to the girl, before standing and placing a hand on her head, ruffling her hair a bit.

"There ya go, it'll only last for about a month though, so, you may wanna save up for a new one."

The girl smiled at him, before quickly diving back into her game. The mother gave him a big smile as well, before ushering the girl away. With a sigh, Alex returned to his position leaning on the gate. He was suppose to meet with a Mr. Sean Collin somewhere at this rally for registration, but, that could wait until later. He was really interested in what was going to happen. At a gathering of Meta's this large, there's no way someone wouldn't try to attack it.

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