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Ancient's Weapon, Disease of Strength

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Ancient's Weapon, Disease of Strength

Post by Dustin Waugh on June 23rd 2014, 11:44 pm

A good time ago when war, pleague, famine, and disease were the cause of all death. As to a turn disease was also a strength. How? Well that remained unown. Things people could not understand without the use of science of the modern time. One man of a small tribe grew forribly infected and was treated by doctors of the village not knowing the disease was spreadable. He died and the over exsposure to one of the young kids who visited him every day had mutated him do to the few atnigens in his body. Alone the antibodies did not get rid of the disease just some of the major effects. It was later to realize that disease would be made in to a weapon for triumphs, but also lead into early deaths for unknown reasons.

It wqas a beautiful day and his boss had sent him across seas to go do some buisness with a big spender of the orginization he was temporarily working for. He flew in on plane a month before he was suppose to because always there seemed to be some big meta related problem he runs into in new cities. This time he was in an entirelly different country so Heaven forbid it be a bigger problem. He had a nice resort all set up with tours and spas that the company was greatly paying for. It was little times like these where beeing the head of a few thing really made a difference.

Yes I'm going to need some room service

As the people came to his room he instructed them on what he needed and walked out of his room to go walk around for a while. By the time he got back they should be done cleaning and preparing his meal that he ordered to be done by 5'o clock.He wasnt really bossie about what he was needing, but more like a polite asking and hoping they get everything right. This was basically his vacation why should anything go wrong.

As he was out on the streets people cornered him. "Hmm looks like these fools are going to try and rob me; well i guess it cant..." He stopped his train of thought when the man on his left pulled out a magazine thinking he was some pop star idle who came to Egypt. As flattering as it was he denide and kept walking. If he was he would have no problem signing, but he was not about to lie and say he was someone famous. Now that he thought about it he is glad he didnt; they would probably try to do something to him.

As he made it back to his room he sat down and ate his enjoyment of food until he was stuffed to the rim. Ohhh! I cant eat another bite. He streatched because the food may have been filling but also it makes him tired time to time. He looked at a planner than at his phone. Seeing the time he grabbed his drink and swallowed the rest in a hurriy choaking on the parciles of drink that got in his wind pipe. In a few seconds he was alright as he hurried out the dorr shutting it behind him. The tour of an escavation site on the side of town was scheduled soon and he needed to be fast to get over in time.

With his way made to the roof he took off in flight gaining ground as he soon came to where he needed to be. Yes just on time... And theres the bus. He set down in a few think trees and ran out to sign up for his activity. He headed on the bus and of they went. It took a few miles to get there but since the bus driver felt like doing 90 today it was no time until they got there. He stepped out as he gazed over the site seeing busy people and a few small building uncovered. The escavation site, it seemed like they were digging up a large city because the ground the were searching was massive and went off a few thousand feet in both directions. Wow... The immense work and the size of the escavated area almost leaves me speechless. He chuckled to himself as he looked around at the people who also got off the bus.
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