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Vegail's Items

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Vegail's Items Empty Vegail's Items

Post by Corgi Defender on May 21st 2014, 10:18 pm

Name: Luscius
Abilities: Capable of accessing the internet and other wireless based servers online, and hacking into any (Non player controlled, w/o permission) of these via Vegail’s mind. These include websites, banking systems, open circuit surveillance cameras, government servers, etc. Can also hack into closed circuit and non-wireless systems by being in close proximity to them (A few feet away, at the minimum.)
Description: A super-computer like processing unit developed partially by the late Michael Velon, and then later finished by Vegail. It is controlled by his brain, records everything he sees/hears, and can theoretically be hacked by someone with high enough INT (for plot purposes). Doing so would give said person a lot of power, but would not equate to mind control over Vegail.
INT Allocation: 8

Electrokinesis Gauntlets
Abilities: When in use, the gauntlets flow with electricity, allowing the wielder to send out powerful, but short ranged bursts of electricity, as well as shut down most electrically based systems. If allowed to charge for a few moments, the heat generated by the electricity can melt through any mundane metal (And other things, up to 6 DUR).
Description: Two steel-mesh gloves that Vegail is constantly wearing; appear to be made of some sleek cloth.
Int Allocation: 7

Name: Nanite Formations
Abilities: These Nanites are capable of surveillance (By sending live feeds back to Lucius, whether on a computer or direct upload into Vegail’s mind) and rendering Vegail invisible for a period of time, by swarming around him and reflecting the light. If necessary, each nanite can self-destruct, leaving no trace behind of its activities or contents (when the nanites self-destruct, they send out small magnetic bursts, clearing any data that shows they were there, and then the metal composing them disintegrates) . When a large swarm of the Nanites are released, they can emit an electric field over Vegail's body, boosting his DUR by two. Invisibility is active for one post, with a three post cooldown. Only able to use invisibility twice per thread. DUR boost has a three post duration, with a five post cooldown.
Description: Swarms of microscopic robots developed by Vegail, individually incompetent but when working with each other capable of many wonderful things. The Nanites can be released from small canisters, or from the inside of Vegail's wrist watch (far more from the canisters, though).
INT Allocation: 8/7/7 (Three Slots).

Name: Reality Manipulation Contacts
Abilities: The name is rather misleading, as this item doesn’t actually manipulate reality, only Vegail’s perception of it. Allows for him to make maps, diagrams and schematics in his vision. If he knows how an event in the past occurred, he can view it through the glasses. Also used as a means to communicate with and control Lucius, as while Vegail can use it purely with his brain, it is much more convenient to actually see the files/programs, and control them with eye movement. Protects against most flashbang devices and bright lights.
Description: A pair of nondescript looking contact lenses, developed by Vegail, with high powered circuitry inside, though the layer touching the eyes is much the same as that of normal contacts,
INT Allocation: 6

Name: Omnilingualism
Abilities: While Vegail knows a wide range of languages, there are countless others that he does not know. By using this device, he is capable of understanding any language that the device can interpret, and responding in kind (Device is connected to several servers around the world, so it has capabilities with most languages). Note, he can only respond with what the device tells him of the language, so the less it knows of the certain dialect, the more inaccurate his speech will be.
Description: The uppermost button on his shirt; if not wearing a button, it is a gold pin in the shape of the letter ‘V’.
INT Allocation: 6

Name: Radiation Protection System
Abilities: When being worn, it keeps out any radiation, toxins or harmful chemicals. PC toxins can still affect Vegail, assuming they are of a complex nature and capable of getting through the intense UV light that sterilizes air entering the suit.
Description: A mostly transparent suit, visible by the faint glow it emits as any incoming air is sterilized. Covers the entirety of Vegail's body.
INT Allocation 6

Name: Ball Bearings
Abilities: Can swell in size to around six inches in diameter.
Description: A dozen ball bearings in a small pouch Vegail carries around. When they increase in size, he can use his telekinesis to make them fly through the air.
INT Allocation: 6

Name: Utility Belt
Abilities/Description (Same thing for this one): A small belt (or briefcase/backpack, depending on the scenario) that holds  various mundane weapons, such as small knives and a handgun, supplemental tablets that give a small shot of energy, handcuffs, cell phone, road spikes, and several other items. Most are mundane, but some have been modified (Handcuffs can hold up to 5 STR, Cell phone can work through an EMP blast and create its own signal, road spike can cut through up to a 5 DUR).
INT Allocation:5/5/4/4 (4 for the mundane items, 5 for the handcuffs, 5 for the road spikes, 4 for the phone)

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Corgi Defender
Corgi Defender

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Vegail's Items Empty Re: Vegail's Items

Post by Odien on May 27th 2014, 4:05 pm

I know there are a few changes that need to be made before this can be approved, and there are several others I'd like to make, so please do not approve until further notice. Thanks Very Happy

Vegail's Items Ul10

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Vegail's Items Empty Re: Vegail's Items

Post by Corgi Defender on June 5th 2014, 5:31 pm

Corgi Defender
Corgi Defender

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Vegail's Items Empty Re: Vegail's Items

Post by Forceaus on June 10th 2014, 8:23 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


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