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Velon Industry and Estate

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Velon Industry and Estate Empty Velon Industry and Estate

Post by Corgi Defender on May 21st 2014, 9:43 pm

Place Name/Business*: Velon Industries (Umbrella company for Velon Biotech, Velon Weapons Man-U and Velon Operating Systems)

Built/Founded*: Originally 98 years (Was Velon Shipping CO.)

Location: Bases around the world; main HQs are in Silicon Valley, LA (Velon Operating Systems), Chicago (Velon Weapons Man-U), Washington, D.C. (Velon Biotech)and Geneva, Switzerland for Velon Industries HQ (Used for Administrative purposes, or when Velon Industries needs to deal with another business face-to-face. Vegail's office, when not in his home, is located here).


Velon Industry and Estate 30173510

History: Velon Industries was founded in the early 1920's, prior to the Great Depression. It was originally a shipping company, with later ties into agriculture and oil in the mid-west. During the time of the late Michael Velon, Velon Industries was a tri-faceted company, dealing with weapons manufacturing, biotechnology and computer development and production. Vegail has broadened some of the research conducted by the biotechnology and weapons manufacturing departments, and is looking towards a space progam.

Main field*: Computer Software, Weapons Manufacturing and Biotechnology.

Wealth*: (Combined)5

Base Name: Velon Estate

Purpose: Serves as Vegail’s general base of operations and his place of residency.

Location: On a private island a few dozen miles off of New Orleans.

Velon Industry and Estate Maxres10
Velon Industry and Estate Aerial10

History: Originally built for a shipping magnate in 1862, the manor was fortified against Union attacks, and was actually attacked twice, partially damaged the second time. It has been remodeled dozens of times over the years, always at the edge of contemporary technology, while maintaining the original charm. After Vegail purchased the manor, and the island it resides on, he did several renovations of his own, making it fit for a king telekinetic teenager to live in mostly by himself. Has a half-dozen staff who show up to work daily by boat, along with a gardener once a week.

Wealth: 5
Corgi Defender
Corgi Defender

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Velon Industry and Estate Empty Re: Velon Industry and Estate

Post by Forceaus on May 23rd 2014, 6:50 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

Mega Poster!
Mega Poster!

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