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'Vexus' Fly Trap (Thistle)

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Re: 'Vexus' Fly Trap (Thistle)

Post by Elena Vexus on June 12th 2014, 9:34 pm

Overconfidence had always been the downfall of Vexus. She had never learned her lesson, of course, because it was so rare that her confidence ever failed her. Her flames subsided, and it was clear that the plant lady had not been turned to ash. However once she figured out what the situation was, she had been struck on the side of her face. Her hand raised up to feel her face realizing that damage had been done."Why you little--" she was cut off upon realization that there was more to it than just some scratches on the side of her face. Her vision began to blur and she began to lose hold on their floating platform of earth. The walls that once stood lost their rigidity and collapsed, the slab of rock that they were standing on crumbled beneath their feet as it began to plummet back down to earth. Vexus held her head as she tried to regain her concentration, but her vision kept fading in and out. She moved her hand over her eye and solely used her mechanical eye for vision. It was not as effected by the toxin as her organic eye was making it much easier to focus. In absolute spite, Vexus bound this poisonous wench in a telekinetic grip and forced her down into the ground. It wouldn't have been hard enough to kill the woman but it sure as hell would hurt.

Taking hold of her Anneau De La Création Mécanique, she applied the necessary pressure for it to activate. Elena was still higher up in the air, so her opponent wouldn't have been able to see what she was plotting just yet. Vexus was able to focus enough to allow herself to land gently on the ground. She was winded because even that took too much concentration, this drug was becoming increasingly annoying. A large shadow began to encompass Vexus, and eventually the Plant Woman as well. This massive object landed on the ground, shattering the earth and upturning huge chunks of rocks. Vexus needed not instruct this massive mechanical beast. It knew its orders.
From beneath the poorly clothed witch one of the machine's extremities took hold of her tightly and threw her up in the air. With another one of the many tentacles she was taken hold of again and thrown back into the ground. The Fractionnaire crawled over to her body, glaring at her with its many robotic eyes. The onslaught continued with a multitude of powerful strikes to her body no doubt causing some major internal damage. She was dragged along the ground, bent in unnatural ways, and pummeled into the earth. All the while Vexus stood watching as her creator tore this woman apart.

Finally the robotic creature whipped the woman at the ground one last time making her bounce and roll to Elena's feet. Vexus activated another item of jewelry she possessed. Boucles D'Oreilles Cliche De La Vie was the name, and right before this Woman of Nature the damage she had done to Elena faded away. Her body also cleansed itself of the toxin that had been coursing through her system. She looked over the beaten and bloody body of what had been her opponent. Her Fractionnaire hovered gently behind her as she kicked over her body so that she could speak to her face.
"A valiant effort... But shall I explain to you the difference between you and I? It's level. It's like the story of the monkey trying to capture the moon. No matter how he struggles, it's just the moon's reflection on the water he sees. So he only sinks into the water. Time after time, he sinks..."
The mechanical beast moved one of its arms right over the Plant's body and from the tip an impossible sharp nice protruded, gently resting on her neck ready to take her head off with Vexus' command.
"It may be a cliche, I know, be though as it may do you have any final words now that your lesson has been learned..?"

Elena Vexus
The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus
The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus

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Re: 'Vexus' Fly Trap (Thistle)

Post by Gemini on June 27th 2014, 8:06 pm

"A valiant effort... But shall I explain to you the difference between you and I? It's level. It's like the story of the monkey trying to capture the moon. No matter how he struggles, it's just the moon's reflection on the water he sees. So he only sinks into the water. Time after time, he sinks..." the octopus-esque construct moved over to Thistle's body, and held a sharp finger to her throat. She closed her eyes, pain growing throughout her form. "It may be a cliche, I know, be though as it may do you have any final words now that your lesson has been learned..?"

Opening her green eyes, she glared into Vexus' orbs. Her ribs were screaming, and most of her muscles felt as if they were being dissolved in acid but she did not yell. She could barely move, and the parts she could move cried when they did but she did not care. She was not stupid. She knew she had been beaten, but she would go out with a bang. The garden godess closed over her eyes, before her dark lips parted into a painful, but maleficent laugh. Green finger nails dragged along the floor before her hand closed into a fist. She made sure to look the telekinetic hag in the eyes, while her own flickered green. ".... Snap."

With that, the large venus fly trap beneath the pair burst through the ground and attempted to consume them from below - with a maw filled with poison coated fangs. The flower's mouth interlocked with itself whenever it closed and immediately it began to secrete digestive acids. Thistle was already dead by this point, but the plant was not. From within it grew several wooden-esque arms which extended andd wrapped around the tendrils of her mechanical assistant, dragging it into the acid. Vexus needed to act quickly, before she too met the same fate!

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Re: 'Vexus' Fly Trap (Thistle)

Post by Elena Vexus on July 5th 2014, 12:09 am

Vexus had wasted her time asking for last words. This thing had basically faded away. She turned her back and began to walk away as her Fractionnaire raised its arm about to plunge its knife attachment deep into her body. At the last second a small word was uttered. It was too faint for Vexus too pick up on, but immediately following the ground beneath their feet broke away and a monstrous plant lie in waiting to devour them. Vexus was able to stay afloat about the beats jowls, though her mechanical assistant was unfortunately taken. The acid corroded the Fractionnaire causing it to default back into its ring form. Vexus pulled it up onto her finger right as the Venus Fly Trap came to swallow her too. There was no face, but if there had been one Vexus would have stared it down. She swung her arm in a back handing motion sending a powerful wave of telekinetic energy that knock the plan back. It was not enough to stop it, but enough to keep it at bay for a short instant. Vexus glanced over at the plant lady's body and had a feeling that this would not be the last she would see of her. The overgrown fly trap charged in for another attack but Vexus simply teleported away, instantly returning her to one of her secret labs so that she could extract the data she had retrieved and fix her poor mechanical assistant. She dropped her ring in a jar of mercury and plugged the information stick into her computer and sat down in a chair. Elena took a syringe and drew some of her blood and began to run tests on it. There was never a conflict that she did not learn from, and with this she would learn never to be affected by this woman's tricks ever again. Nature has survived for billions of years, whats to say that this woman won't?
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The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus

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Re: 'Vexus' Fly Trap (Thistle)

Post by Sponsored content

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