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Ghosts Along the Mississippi

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Ghosts Along the Mississippi Empty Ghosts Along the Mississippi

Post by Jahbulon May 10th 2014, 5:04 pm

Ghosts Along The Mississippi

Ghosts Along the Mississippi Museum-of-natural-history-4

The only vision I ever have... It's of the future... every time I open and close my eyes, see my reflection it's always the same. Jahbulon thought to herself as she stared into the dolomite sphere about the size of a cricket ball, which was used by King Cheops of Egypt to gain the ability to gaze into the future. However few knew the spheres true purpose, as most scholars agreed it was used to smooth the rough edges of the Great Pyramid, giving it a sort of magical quality in and of itself. The origins of this sphere and how it came to be in Egypt was unknown, as dolomite is only found in Siberia, due to the Tunguska Event, which a meteor impact in 1908,  making dolomite an extraterrestrial metal, which raised the question of how such a metal was found in an object estimated to be well over 5,000 years old. Jahbulon wasn't alone, as many people had come to New Orleans Museum of Natural History to catch a glimpse of "King Cheops Sphere" and a great many more of one of Early Antiquity's greatest rulers earthly possessions, which were on loan from the British Museum in London, whose researchers had found the sphere inside the Great Pyramid a century before.

There sphere glittered in the artificial lighting of the New Orleans Museum of Natural History, as the reflection of the sphere shone in Jahbulon's eyes like a diamond. In the ancient spheres reflection Jahbulon saw the future.... She saw the beginnings of a New World Order which would last a thousand years, until the very breaking of mankind and the world. A sphere which could see through the fourth dimension, reflecting whatever it saw into the eyes of whoever held this wondrous piece of technology the ancient Egyptian's possessed for centuries. However it was King Cheops who made the greatest use of this sphere and it was King Cheops who took the sphere into the afterlife, in the Great Pyramid the sphere helped him create. Jahbulon held up her hand, which seemingly went unnoticed by the visitors and museum staff and then she let her hand drop......

In seconds the Sherden, members of the Freemason's assault teams, named after the bodyguards of Egypt's Pharaohs swept into action, killing the two guards who were posted inside the exhibit before they could react with silenced shots from the Sherden's Beretta 92fs's. The Sherden who weren't busy engaging the guards immediately swept through the exhibit, securing the vast hall as tourists and museum staff either ran for the exists or cover. All over the Egyptian exhibit people ducked and cowered from the Sherden who drew their assault rifles from two large bags they'd preplaced inside the museum the night before. Heavily armed Sherden sprayed fire from their M-4 carbines and AKSU's and downed the rest of the museum guards who attempted to storm the Egyptian exhibit.

Standing perfectly calm amid all the chaos, Jahbulon unholstered her Beretta 9mm and turned to the Captain of the Sherden, saying "Here we go.... The police will be responding in force.... SWAT can be here just outside of 10 minutes, but they'll be late....". Once Jahbulon finished speaking, the Captain of the Sherden motioned to the case which held the sphere and immediately the Sherden's security system expert stepped forward with a very sophisticated computer system, which he'd use in order to disable the extremely complex security system used to protect King Cheops Sphere. As the rest of the Sherden kept a close watch over the frightened tourists and museum employees, this man got to work, set up his computer system and plugging it into the case. Seconds later after a bit of fiddling the man said to Jahbulon and the Captain "If this systems activates the orb is going to drop deep into the museum.... Into a vault...". Jahbulon nodded and said "Then you better not make a mistake....", with an ominous overtone.

Outside of the New Orleans Museum of Natural History, four heavily armed elements of five Sherden each, guarded the corners of the museum, while a heavily armed rocket team lay in wait along the route SWAT was going to travel down from their station to the museum. In the distance of the great city at the mouth of the Mississippi, sirens could be heard in the distance, getting closer with each passing moment. In good defensive positions the elements of Sherden gunmen were ready and the first New Orleans PD patrol cars which attempted to get close to the museum were dispatched by fire from a variety of small arms and even SAW squad support weapons. Heavily outgunned the first patrolmen on the scene were either killed, wounded, or retreating and desperately trying to set up a perimeter around the museum. All the while they hoped SWAT would reach them ASAP and give them at least a fighting chance.

Racing into the heart of NOLA, New Orleans PD SWAT team was an imposing sight, with an armored car with a battering ram fixed to the front leading the column of 2 LAV's, and 4 all black Humvee's, which bore the markings of the New Orleans PD. As they rounded a corner and were only two city blocks from the New Orlean's Museum of Natural History the rocket team engaged the SWAT column with their Bofor's Anti-Tank Missile Launcher nicknamed the "Bantam". With a great explosion and burst of flame the lead vehicle in the column was smashed and sent skyward, then the rear vehicle met a similar fate, trapping the rest of the column in the narrow streets of New Orleans. Within moments the entire column had been savaged, with dying men set alight, stumbling from outside their mangled vehicles and immediately falling, overcome by flames. SWAT was not going to come to the rescue of those trapped within the New Orleans Museum of Natural History.

Inside the museum the security system expert had cracked the system guarding the Sphere of Cheops and deactivated it. Jahbulon then levitated the orb towards her with her powers and took possession of it. Once the orb was in her hand she said "The Sphere of Cheops.... Many have died to acquire this.... And now it's mine... Let me gaze into what the Great King saw.... Let me see into the fourth dimension once again....". Jahbulon placed two hands onto the orb and immediately was transfixed by it, as the energy from the sphere, as well as from Jahbulon's own telekinetic powers surged all around her, as the breaking of the fourth dimension became visible.

Suddenly a  voice over a loud speaker could be heard, it was a police negotiator attempting to make contact. Immediately the Captain turned to another Sherden who was in charges of explosives and asked "Finished?". The explosives expert nodded as his men had just finished placing the last of the explosives around the museum and were now racing towards where the Captain and Jahbulon were in the center of the Egyptian exhibit. All was in place.... Jahbulon had only to give the order and it would be done.

The energy racing around Jahbulon began to subside as she place the sphere into a leather bag, as she'd finished gazing into the fourth dimension. With the Sphere of Cheops safe in her possession Jahbulon yelled "Lets go.... Now!". Everyone in the Sherden team then turned to run down into the basement, which led to the maze of NOLA's sewer system, which were a dominant and disgusting part of New Orlean's famous underworld. Meanwhile the Sherden elements outside of the museum fell back into the museum to prevent any of their hostages from escaping out to safety, these men knowingly sacrificing themselves for the knowledge they were helping bring about the New World Order, while making what was a robbery look like an attack carried out by Islamic terrorists.

Yelling "Allahu Akbar" and dressed in combat gear typically worn by Middle Eastern terrorists,  these Sherden's appearance would reinforce a deep paper trail that would link this attack to a terrorist network based in Yemen. It was Jahbulon's belief that this would throw off any investigators from the FBI or another government agency who might look into the cause of the attack, though she seriously doubted anyone would be able to link this attack back to the Freemason's. Once inside the museum, one of the Sherden detonated the powerful explosives and with a rush of heat and flame the entire museum was leveled..... Killing most everyone inside and grievously wounding the rest. Shocked first responders immediately believed this was a suicide attack, allowing Jahbulon and the other Sherden's to be able to make their getaway in the sewers....

Major Zara Samsonov "Jahbulon"

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Ghosts Along the Mississippi Empty Re: Ghosts Along the Mississippi

Post by wwesvrfan215 May 11th 2014, 12:48 pm

In what was part of a trip to see the country that he had left as a young man. Colton had come to see the famous Sphere of King Cleos. He had heard about the sphere's powers from some research he had conducted while he didn't believe that it could show the future he was interested in how these spheres could smooth out the Great Pyramid.

While he had been looking at the sphere from a distance he had noticed the strange woman who had been staring intently at the sphere he also saw the movement with her hand. As the armed men who looked like they were dressed in ancient Egyptian costumes stormed the exhibit. Colton seeing this silently changed his skin into its titanium form hiding from the strange men as he saw them kill the museum guards, and as he heard the explosions from outside he knew that these men were not afraid to kill and injure as many people as it took to get what they wanted.

Eventually he crept towards the exhibit's entrance to where he could hear the woman and the strange armed men. He heard her speak about the sphere and something about the fourth dimension, he also saw the men who were dressed like stereotypical Islamic terrorists. Upon seeing this he came to the conclusion that the group was part of an organization that was trying to hide its involvement in the theft of the ancient sphere. As he heard the strange men and the woman leave the room he began to follow quickly to see where they could possibly go with the building surrounded. As he followed them to the basement he heard the men upstairs run outside to die and the explosion begin to happen in the museum. When this happened he sped into the sewers after them.

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Ghosts Along the Mississippi Empty Re: Ghosts Along the Mississippi

Post by Timmmithy May 18th 2014, 10:41 pm

Upon arriving in New Orleans, Trent made his way to the museum. He had been hired to get an identity connected to the destruction and chaos. This wasn't the first time Trent's company had been hired by the law to do investigations that required breaking the law.

He pulled up to the wreckage and immediately started to regret signing the contract. The wreckage was to a scale unknown to most people. The blood, dust, and bricks seemed to never end. "How am I supposed to find a motive through all this rubble?" Said Trent thinking out loud.

After taking a close look at the pile of concrete, Trent went back to his car to begin hacking into the city's security network. He thought that looking at security footage would be the best start.

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