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Whispers of The Abyss [invite only]

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Whispers of The Abyss [invite only] Empty Whispers of The Abyss [invite only]

Post by Arcana May 3rd 2014, 5:38 am

Flecks of icy precipitation fell upon the small Canadian town, a small flurry that was slowly beginning to blanket the place and to blur visibility. Sean shivered, running hands along his slightly well-muscled fore arms, somewhat wishing that he had come in more than a t-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket. Sure it left his tail no room as far as movement went, but his body within this form was still annoyed by cold, and so he would have to deal with it. What had drawn him to such a mundane location was a simple enough reason, or to some a rather important reason and it called out to his Titan blood, a few of the markings along his body beginning to burn painfully. There were only few cases in which they would begin to hurt upon burning, and if that were the case, then he had come upon something major.

A few steps behind him was a young female with long flowing black hair, skin pale and dressed within tight fitting leather armor, one that rode all of the way over her mouth, leaving only nose and eyes visible. Sean ignored the female for the most part, looking about the vacant buildings that dotted the ghost town, one that many knew almost nothing about. It was speculated that only five years ago that all of its inhabitants suddenly disappeared, with no real trace that they were ever here, save for personal belongings and a singular shattered bottle of ketchup, contents splattered across the floor. The draconic male would turn towards the female, narrowing his eyes into slits, before letting them widen once again, gauging her carefully before turning and walking on.

”What is it you’re looking for?” She would ask finally, voice somewhat muffled by the sound of the leather that covered her mouth. A slim finger moving up and undoing the covering to allow her to speak clearer.

Sean grumbled lightly, flicking some of the snow from his hair and then clearing his throat.”I thought Sheiara would have told you.” Sean noted absently, rolling his eyes and letting his tongue slip over slightly chapped lips. The female seemed to take exception to the comment, growing silent as the two would walk through the empty town; draconic being at the head and her simply following along. From within the town was coming a strange sensation, one that hid behind a thick fog that was building up within the center, growing thicker and thicker the further that one looked into it. Sean paused for a moment, crossing arms over his chest and taking a deep inhale of the misty air before exhaling; glow of the tattoos forming along his body growing brighter. Something was exiting the titan within him.
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Whispers of The Abyss [invite only] Empty Re: Whispers of The Abyss [invite only]

Post by The Perfect Sandwich May 31st 2014, 10:52 am

There was a strange incident a little while back as to say people of one town had disappeared and no one knew a thing. He though maybe he should head up there into the cold to ponder at to what had did the destruction. As he had moved within half a mile from the town his dark aura burst off and on with happy sensation. At first he could sense another Titan and he did not know what made his powers grow in excitment like this.

He hurried into town passing buildings seeing spilt coffee, table of food uneaten, doors flung wide open, and now a slight change in weather where the snow was seemingly started to pick up. It was not long until he hit the middle of the town. When the Titan presence hit the roof and he knew he was right on top of the other person who was here. He turned a corner seening a man and a shorter long haired woman. He walked towards them in the hope the would answer a few questions about what happened to the place and who they were.

As he came in range he yeld out Hey might I ask who you are and what happened here? I just arrived in town and everyone but the two of you are long gone. He did not want to pick fights with the two seeing as the guy was a Titan just like himself and the girl was a complete mistory case. It was not in his mood to ask he usually went about beating to get his answers. Holding back his persona he continued to look at the two seeing if they would answer.
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