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Major Zara Samsonov "Jahbulon"

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Major Zara Samsonov "Jahbulon"

Post by Jahbulon on April 19th 2014, 1:07 am

Basic Biography

Real Name: Zara Samsonov
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Jahbulon
Title: Major Samsonov
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 98 (Appears in her late twenties.)
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Genetically Altered)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 ft 9
Weight: 125 lbs
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Costume and Physical Appearance Major Zara Samsonov or "Jahbulon" is pictured above in one of her more ridiculous covers as an exotic dancer, which plays off of her Russian heritage. While Zara most certainly wore a wide range of costumes for her work as a spy, she certainly does not have a set or sets of costumes as "Jahbulon", though she does tend to dress in an opulent and almost regal manor as of late. When she was a KGB and later FSB spy,  Major Zara Samsonov would simply wear whatever was most appropriate for her mission. Since her break from the FSB and her total embrace of being  Jahbulon, Zara has tended to dress in clothing which look as if they'd come from the closets of the Romanovs, looking every bit as otherworldly beautiful as the name "Jahbulon" would insinuate. Zara also views the more outlandish looking "Masked" hero, vigilante, or villain as looking "Cheesy and contrived....", making it highly unlikely she'll ever feel the need for a set costume.

Major Zara Samsonov AKA "Jahbulon" is a physical specimen, which is thanks in large part to her Meta-Gene, which quite literally bred into her by the brilliant but mad Soviet Biologist Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov. Quite tall for a female, Zara is also quite lean and has the appearance of an athlete, despite her advanced age. In fact because of Zara's Meta-Gene, she is more athletic than a human professional athlete a quarter of her age. Due to Zara's unique Meta-Gene, it's impossible to know her age at first glance, as she continues to age at a snails pace. This specific Meta-Gene preserving Zara's beautiful aesthetics and figure, while continuing to allow her to be just as deadly as ever in her tenth decade of life.

The Legacy

Personality: To say Major Zara Samsonov, otherwise known as "Jahbulon" has always been a true villain is a bit of a stretch, as at one time she had a strong moral compass and desire to help others. Because of this Zara once could have been viewed as a sort of anti-hero in light of past associations, though she'd have been the last to admit she was a hero, good person, or anything in between. In her eyes she's simply a killer, always has been and always will be, for better or worse, black or white, come whatever may. Not surprisingly having been in kill or killed situations for the last seventy some odd years, as well as the sheer length of her lifespan, Major Zara Samsonov's mind has been irreversibly altered... The side of Zara that was good and pure has been washed away by time, as she's failed to see humanity progress towards anything but an utterly fatally flawed world, despite all of the technological advancements and comforts made possible in her lifetime.

Zara's Meta-Gene has allowed her an unnaturally long life, which has given her a much different perspective than someone living and aging within a typical human lifespan. Because of this, the last few decades have made Zara (Also known as "Major Zara Samsonov", or "Jahbulon") become wary of, angered and disgusted with herself, humanity, the Meta-Humans, and the world at large. Some of this comes from issues in her distant past, from her strict disciplinarian and at times abusive upbringing, to feeling ostracized during her school days, to the brutal and harsh training she was put through by the KGB Directorate S, to the horrors of the clandestine 20th century battlefield, and the harsh and grim realities of the 21st. All of these have combined to make Zara "Check out" of life and leave the FSB, which the KGB evolved into after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. During this period from 1999 - 2012, when she was holed up at a flat in St.Petersburg,  her only moments of relief came at the end of a needle, and the bottom of a bottle, when she couldn't remember all she'd seen and done in her unnaturally long life.

This period of time has given Zara a sort of Nihilistic attitude and outlook towards life now, as she believes life is utterly pointless, as the world is flawed beyond repair, which'll lead to its ultimate destruction. Zara is certainly not the most cheery company, leading to her becoming severely addicted to a slew of prescription drugs, alcohol, and heroin, which she uses to blunt the nightmares of a lifetime of war that recur every night without fail. Nightmares which often times prevent Zara from having more than only a few hours of sleep on a good night. Though in many ways Zara also uses drugs and alcohol to commit slow suicide, something made exceedingly difficult because of her Meta-Gene.

Once Zara quit the FSB (Federal Security Bureau), she lived off of money she'd stashed during her career in both the FSB and KGB. Once this money ran out, Zara began working as a hit man in St.Petersburg's underbelly. This "Thuggish" work making Zara extremely depressed, not to mention severely underutilized, as her anger seethed in her isolation. Everything came to a head at the end of 2012, when Zara placed a Makarov pistol in her mouth, pulled the trigger, only to feel little more than a small migraine. It was then that Zara realized that she was quite literally imprisoned in life due to her Meta-Gene, as her unnaturally long life had become her curse.

Though Major Zara Samsonov AKA "Jahbulon" may have seemed past her prime, her Meta-Gene is such that there was a chance for her to recapture her former self while there was air in her lungs, which was exactly what happened with her. Coming during an opium high, Major Samsonov had a lucid dream, a glimpse into her future, in which she used a former Soviet secret to bring about the restart she believes the world desperately needs. This glimpse into her future has given Major Zara Samsonov the motivation to jump start her life once again, as she seeks to remake the world, bringing about a "New World Order" that will change the world, by destroying the old world.

Though still very much an addict, Major Zara Samsonov is a functioning addict, able to dedicate herself to her ultimate goal fully. However her addiction, the effects her unnatural lifespan and wars have had on her mind, and her isolation have lead to psychosis, as she truly believes what she's doing is not only right, but her coming to be a higher power and deity. Due to this, Major Zara Samsonov is very one minded in the fact that bringing about the "New World Order" is the correct course of action, which she will see through by any means necessary, making her quite ruthless.

History: Major Zara Samsonov was born on January 13th 1916 in the Imperial Russian Capital, Petrograd (Modern St.Petersburg). Born into privilege, Zara's father was a wealthy landowner and farmer, the son of the disgraced late Russian General Alexander Samsonov, while her mother was of noble birth, as well as a student of Professor Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov. It was Professor Ivanov who convinced Zara's mother of the merits of artificial insemination, of which he was a trail blazer. Ready to start a family, Zara's mother Anna chose artificial insemination over traditional conception, as Professor Ivanov had told her he'd be able to "Create the ideal child.... Who would not know the fear and limits of the world...". Soon after starting Professor Ivanov's treatments, Anna was pregnant, and gave birth to a girl just as the Empire was starting to crumble from the pressures of WW-1 and civil unrest.

Soon Russia was swept up in revolution and Zara's parents fled to the Urals, where they hoped to be safe from the savage civil war that was tearing Russia apart. Here, as would be expected of their class, they provided Zara with the best of all things, as she grew up in a sizable manor, with the spectacular Ural Mountains as a backdrop for what must have seemed an almost mystical and certainly very charmed upbringing. Which did not go lost on young Zara, who grew up with a special affinity for the natural world all around her. This love spurred by her mother, who would take the girl on frequent treks into the Urals. Neither could ever imagine that one day young Zara Samsonov would be able to manipulate the natural world around her, making her very much of interest to the new communist, Soviet Regime

As much as Zara's mother encouraged her talents, interests, and love of nature, her father  discouraged such interests. Zara's father remaining adamant that she would be shipped off to a finishing school when she came of age, in order to make the already beautiful young girl more desirable to possible suitors. Zara's father realizing that the Soviets while revolutionary, simply replaced the autocracy of the Tsar's with their own brand of autocracy. Mr.Samsonov saw and believed that the Soviets would need to marry into the "Old guard" to cement their legitimacy long term. Believing that becoming the wife of a son of a Soviet leader was Zara's best chance for a "Good life", Mr.Samsonov attempted to push her into becoming a "Lady". Often harsh, Zara's fathers was borderline abusive in his stance when it came to his reaction to his daughters "Flights of fancy", preferring she have more traditional feminine interests. Despite this, Zara retained her love of exploring the natural world, even if it meant sneaking out of her families home while her father was traveling throughout the Soviet Union.

Beyond merely broadening Zara Samsonov's love and appreciation of the natural world, these treks allowed her to witness first hand the trials and tribulations of the Russian peasants post WW-1. Shielded from the human suffering occurring just outside their walls by her father, Zara was stunned to see people in her village starving, as poor harvests, sky rocketing inflation, joblessness, and the Great Depression all began to settle like a new black death over the Motherland. The Ruble was reduced to one trillionth (One million millionth) of its value, as the Soviet Union's exit from WW-1 had been most unfriendly,  its communist policies lead to continued economic backwardness and corruption in a time when this was starting to matter, all of which kept the Russian economy from growing. Zara, who never knew of going without, was shocked to see the plight of those in her village, who were people that were no stranger to hardship and loss.

The situation of a fellow fourteen year old, particularly striking Zara, who decided to intervene in the boys life. The boy she'd met on one of her nature walks was named Vladimir, who Zara talked with for hours, traversing the Ural fields, hills, and streams. Zara often telling the boy of the privileges of her life, while he told her the hardships of his own, as his father was killed in the war, leaving him to fend for his mother and 4 sisters. Soon Zara was taken with this boy, who she met every night for weeks, until eventually the two were inseparable. Zara doing what she could for Vladimir's family, who embraced the young girl as if she was one of their own. Then in what seemed like no time flat Zara and Vladimir were in love, summertime romance overtaking them like a deep sleep.

When Zara turned fifteen her great love for Vladimir showed no signs of abating, as was the same for the young peasant boy. Life seemed pleasant, with the troubles of the Soviet Union and the world seeming far away. However Zara was dealt a tremendous blow when her mother caught the dreaded bacterium Vibrio Cholerae, or simply Cholera, dying a few weeks after contracting it. Zara's father was overcome with grief, resigning himself to the manors inner walls, leaving the running of his affairs to his assistants. Also crushed by her mothers death, Zara was now just as concerned about her father, who was always a tough man, but now seemed simply changed. Trying her best, Zara cared for him, taking up many of the duties her mother oversaw, all the while continuing her relationship with Vladimir in secret.

With Zara's father now home, his every thought consumed by grief, despair, and the ugly, it was only a matter of time before he uncovered the relationship between his patrician daughter and the lowborn Vladimir. Upon learning of the relationship, Zara's father forbade her from ever seeing Vladimir again, then arranged for Zara to leave the Urals to enroll at Kharkiv School for Girls. Obviously Zara was crushed by this, as was Vladimir, who arrived at the train station just in time to watch her hysterically crying, waving because she knew she was leaving her old life behind. Though Zara didn't know it, this moment unlocked her dormant Meta-Gene, which had quite literally been bred into her by Professor Ivanov, who wished to explore artificial insemination and the Meta-Gene. Unseen by anyone, several screws were loosed from the train track, causing a massive derailment several days later, which was investigated and later blamed on sabotage.

When Zara arrived at the Kharkiv School for Girls, she was greeted by the austere Headmistress who quickly dressed her down for her "Ruffian manners and bohemian appearance!". It was little better with the other girls, who despised Zara for her family wealth, her beauty, as well as her interests in a world outside of simply being a good wife. Zara's time at Kharkiv School for Girls was lonely, as the other girls would often tease her, the teachers berate her, and the Head Mistress discipline her. Zara had no interest in becoming a robotic trophy wife manufactured at the Kharkiv School for Girls, for that staff and students hated her, and seemed to want to make her pay for everyday.

The abuse Zara suffered at the Kharkiv School for Girls coming to a climax when she and the other girls were boating on an outing... Several girls tossed insults and abuse at Zara, then flipped the rowboat Zara was sailing on into the lake they'd all been spending a hot summer afternoon boating on. Never learning how to swim, Zara began to drown, luckily for her however, the trauma of this event saw her Meta-Gene manifest once again. Drowning and enraged, Zara's Psychokinetic powers were unleashed in a dramatic way. One of the bullies wooden boats was crushed, another girls boat was damaged and began to sink, and another girls boat was flipped. Zara struggled in the water, unaware of what she'd just done with her Psychokinetic abilities. Eventually Zara managed to grab a hold of a piece of one of the wrecked boats and float to shore, though nothing would ever be the same again for Zara Samsonov as she reached shore.

Now seventeen, Zara was selected for "Special observation" by the KGB Directorate S, when the incident at the Kharkiv School for Girls left one dead, several injured, and an entire school terrified. Upon reading of this incident in a Soviet scientific publication, Professor Ivanov immediately contacted his superiors within the KGB, who saw to it that the girl was pressed into the service of the KGB and the Soviet Union, who was now researching the Meta-Gene and the possibility of manufacturing super soliders who possessed this gene. Zara unluckily finding herself on the Soviet Union's radar at the height of Stalin's growing obsession with the occult, genetic research and experimentation, and gaining any advantage whatever the means over the Third Reich in the war that he believed was to come. This was what lead the KGB Directorate S into founding the covert "Outfit 27" under Professor Ivanov, who was an expert in pseudo-science. Outfit 27 was a top secret Soviet initiative, which used "Agreeable" Meta's, the occult, and widely believed pseudo-science to combat the enemies of the Soviet Union, be they conventional enemies, or other Meta's.

Zara Samsonov's time in Outfit 27 saw her transition from the typical angry teenage outcast, full of misguided rage, yet without an understanding of her powers, and unable to tap into and control these powers at her will, into an effective killing machine by using her psychokinetic powers as a weapon. A small army of the finest scientists, doctors, teachers, and combat instructors in the Soviet Union, all under the direction of Professor Ivanov seeing to it that Zara and the rest of Outfit 27's operatives made the most of not only their physical and mental powers, but also saw to their education into military strategy and theory. As would be expected, this training period was harsh and brutal, with Zara and her fellow Meta's being put through every possible mental and physical test. However this brutal training allowed Zara to control her psychokinetic powers at will, which she could now wield as a weapon. The Soviet Union in a sense birthing what Zara would become as much as, if not more than her parents had.

Though Zara had never considered herself a fighter, nor had any interest in joining the military in the past, being around other Meta's was comforting to her, especially after she'd been looked at as freak at the Kharkiv School for Girls. Slowly but surely the outcasts of the Soviet Union were turned into the communists "Ace up the sleeve.", as they jelled into a cohesive fighting force. They were an ace which soon would be unleashed, as the Second World War progressed, and looked increasingly bad for the Soviet Union, as the Nazi's rampaged into Russia, and were only miles from Moscow. Many within the KGB viewed Outfit 27 as a last hope, as Leningrad and Stalingrad were besieged, and Moscow was under direct threat from the Nazi's "Center Group".

Finally and at long last Zara and the rest of Outfit 27 were unleashed by the KGB Directorate S and Stalin, as Nazi Germany came ever closing to wresting control of Stalingrad from the Soviets. Used in a series of small attacks on the outskirts of the city, Outfit 27 saw only victory over their dullard Axis adversaries, who were often times Romanian's, Italian's, and Hungarians, who were nowhere near as committed to the causes of the Third Reich as German soldiers. Nevertheless these "Limited Engagements" allowed the KGB the chance to evaluate Outfit 27's effectiveness on the battlefield, and realize the outfit had the potential to swing the balance of the war into the Soviet's favor, should they be used in a major campaign. With Stalin, the Red Army, and the KGB believing a decisive blow must first be struck at Stalingrad, in which they would be able to stop the Nazi's furthest advance, the Soviet High Command planned a powerful thrust lead by Outfit 27 against Axis Forces on the flanks of Stalingrad.

This powerful thrust, lead by Outfit 27, and backed up by the "Steam rolling" Red Army became the engagement that turned the class of titans at Stalingrad the Soviets way. A battle which saw the Soviet's pinning the last of their hopes on the "Freaks" (As the Red Army regulars referred to  Outfit 27's operatives.) of Outfit 27 to deliver them to victory over the Axis Powers in one last desperate gamble. That gamble was centered around Outfit 27 spearheading vast formations of Red Army tank divisions in a charge through the Axis lines on the flanks of the city, which would encircle the German forces within the city, and push the axis forces on the flanks backwards.

Initially the battle was a stunning success, with Outfit 27 sweeping away Axis resistance like flies. In the battle Zara quickly proved her worth, as she shredded tanks and armored cars with so little as a flick of her hand. However this first taste of combat was to prove decisive for young Zara Samsonov, for as Outfit 27 cut through the Axis lines like butter, the cold blooded killing of prisoners ordered by the KGB struck Zara's conscience. Seeing unarmed men, who'd thrown down their weapons gunned down in cold blood, then left to die in a shallow graves, seeming like a far cry from the war she was indoctrinated to believe the Motherland was waging. This was certainly a war for the Soviet Unions survival... But Zara did not feel threatened and was never bred to be a Soviet patriot. Unable to kill some fifty German POW's, Zara was returned to Professor Ivanov, who was ordered to make her more amiable. With the help of the noted Soviet psychologist Dr.Pavlov, who like Dr.Ivanov was near death, the two were able to recondition Zara through pain, making her mind every bit the killing machine her body and powers already had become.

Returned to the front, the now Major Zara Samsonov helped Outfit 27 storm over Eastern Europe, as the Allies turned the tide of the war on both fronts. Soon Zara began to realize the scope of the horrors that WW-2 had loosed on the world, as she began to unleash her own horrors on the enemies of the Soviet Union. No longer was she overcome with shame, guilt, and anger for her role in the war, Major Zara Samsonov's Meta-Human abilities were finally truly free from the bondage they'd been held in. This on full display at the Battle of Kursk, when Major Samsonov stopped a regimental sized attack of German Tiger Tanks, backed by the Nazi Meta-Human Azarak, who was quite literally ripped to pieces by the Major, prompting Professor Ivanov to say of Zara "The disciple outshines the master.....", as he'd become truly proud of what he considered his greatest achievement.

Soon after Kursk Professor Ivanov was dead and control of Outfit 27 went to Dr. Abraham Alikhanov, who specialized in particle physics, and would soon come to found the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, which would continue research into the Meta-Gene, among many other scientific curiosities, including developing the Soviet Unions first nuclear power plant and first nuclear bomb. Dr. Alikhanov and the KGB continued to have Outfit 27 lead the fight against the Nazi's, especially SS Führungshauptam Directorate 9 (The German equivalent of Outfit 27) for the duration of WW-2. Fighting with Outfit 27, Major Zara Samsonov spent the rest of the war on the front lines of the eastern front, distinguishing herself on several occasions, and seeing to it that Soviets ended the war in Europe as quickly as possible. Her last days in Outfit 27 taking her to the very gates of Berlin, where she was present for Hitlers final grotesque horror, the siege of Berlin, which killed at least 200,000 people on both sides. Among the fallen was the operative SS Führungshauptam Directorate 9 Helmuth Odin, who was a Meta-Human of unbelievable size, strength, and durability, who was killed by Major Samsonov in fighting near the Brandenburg Gate.

After VE Day, Zara Samsonov continued to work for the KGB, assisting in tracking down members of the now defunct SS Führungshauptam Directorate 9 throughout East Germany and abroad. One by one Zara and her fellow KGB Agents managed to kill or capture most of Directorate 9's surviving operatives, with a few exceptions. Zara's next task for the KGB became assisting Directorate S and  Dr. Alikhanov in forming the successor to Outfit 27, as word from the other side of the "Iron Curtain" was that the American's were setting up a similar group under the control of the newly created CIA. By 1947 Outfit 27 had been completely dissolved into KGB Directorate 6, which became its own directorate within the KGB, specializing in Meta's, the occult, as well as many types of pseudo scientific research, experimentation, and development, which was all overseen by  Dr. Alikhanov and headquartered at his Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics in Leningrad. At the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics,  Dr. Alikhanov and his colleagues made the Soviet Union a "Nuclear Power", developing both nuclear power and nuclear weapons, making the Cold War much colder.... Making it potentially a war of human extinction....

Though his work in nuclear and particle physics was his most important, Dr. Alikhanov continued to develop Directorate 6 with Major Zara Samsonov, other Directorate 6 Meta-Human Operatives, and the KGB, until finally at the start of the Korean War the KGB had the deeply classified Directorate 6  ready for limited participation in what would become a proxy war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Major Zara Samsonov was chosen to lead a small team of KGB Directorate 6 Meta-Human and human operatives, who'd assist the DPRK in a variety of clandestine operations throughout North and South Korea. Most notably they fought at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, which pushed UN Forces from Northeast Korea.

Also during the Korean War, Major Samsonov and her operatives formed the DPRK's Peoples National Clandestine Front, which worked with South Korean pro-communist rebels behind enemy lines, in arguably the most successful campaign of the war. Harassing their enemy at every turn, the Peoples National Clandestine Service was lead on the ground by now Major Zara Samsonov, who commanded some thirty Meta's, as well as many small groups of Korean rebels. Though their numbers were small, their missions top secret, it was clear they were making a difference in the war, providing valuable information, while beating up the South Korean's and UN forces before they ever reached the front. They also blew railways, runways, dams, bridges, and lines of communication, hampering South Korean and UN forces for the entirety of the war.

However once the war reached a truce, with the 38th Parallel being established, dividing the two Korea's along an arbitrary line, Zara was ordered out of South Korea with the rest of the Peoples National Clandestine Service. However their South Korean allies were left to fend for themselves, the DPRK offering no asylum to these pro-communists, who were rounded up and either imprisoned or killed wholesale once the war was over. To Zara this was nothing more then betrayal, making her lose any respect for the DPRK, as well as question what exactly she'd been fighting for in Korea. Enraged that hundreds of the men she'd fought side by side next to were tossed away like trash, she left Korea, returning to her native Soviet Union, to continue working with KGB Directorate 6.

Having been away from the Soviet Union for so long, tracking down Nazi's, fighting clandestine wars, and advancing the Soviet cause, she no longer recognized the country she returned to. Her new home, the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics in Leningrad was just another example that the entire nation lept forward in the time she'd been gone. In 1916 Zara had been born into a land that was ruled by Europe's last absolute Monarch, a backwards place, where people lived as they had for centuries, indebted to the owners of the land they lived on. Now they had a satellite in space, nuclear power plants, massive factories, and a small army of super powered protectors, none of which could even be imagined by any but the most forward thinking Russian twenty years in the past.

Despite the fact Zara looked in her early twenties, she was nearly forty and starting to feel like a stranger in her own land, even if she was a part of what made it seem so strange. Nevertheless she made a home at the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, where she began to train new Directorate 6 operatives, as she attempted acclimate herself to the modern Soviet Union. It wasn't long before Zara and Dr.Alikhanov were lovers, as Zara began to feel love she hadn't known since her all to brief childhood romance. However a quite life along the beautiful Baltic Coast within the walls of ancient Leningrad, the wife of a Soviet scientist was not in the cards for Major Zara Samsonov....

From the moment she realized she had Psychokinetic powers, could heal her wounds in mere blinks, and had hardly aged a second in the last fifteen years, Zara's life was destined to be anything but peaceful and quite. Sure enough, after nearly a decade of working as a trainer for Directorate 6, the KGB's Chairman personally came to Zara's door, saying only "We have a problem in Southeast Asia which needs someone of your particular.... Skill set.". Perhaps out of boredom, or her natural desire for adventure, a sense of duty, or the fact Dr.Alikhanov was noticeably one step closer to death each day, while she was standing still through time, Major Zara Samsonov answered the Chairman's call. Dr.Alikhanov was heartbroken at the news that Zara was leaving, but who was he to defy the orders of the Chairman of the KGB? As 1962 came to a close, Dr.Alikhanov and Major Samsonov parted, as the Major was deployed to Hanoi North Vietnam.

By early 1963 the KGB Third Chief Directorate (The Directorate in charge of military counter-intelligence and armed forces political surveillance) was already undertaking black operations throughout South and North Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos against South Vietnam and their United States backers. Soon Directorate 6 was fully deployed to North Vietnam, with Major Samsonov directly commanding the operatives on the ground. This was to be Major Samsonov's longest campaign, with Directorate 6 being deployed for what would become the better part of a decade. They initially met with the usual positive results, but they were undone by this success, as it drew the United States and the CIA's Meta's into the fray. Soon after Vietnam became a house of horrors all to itself, with even the jungle wanting to kill those who ventured inside, as men fell to poisonous snakes, spiders, and beasts. All the while they had South Vietnamese and American soldiers lurking in that hot, humid hell hole of a place. Total air superiority laid with the United States, who were able to drop napalm throughout the jungle almost at will, turning the jungle into a raging inferno.

In the villages to the south the civilians were at times hostile, turning a gun or bomb on Directorate 6 operatives in suicide attacks the moment they turned their backs, while their Viet Cong allies were poorly trained and unreliable at best. All the while one had to worry about the trigger happy Viet Cong militiamen misidentifying them, inescapable napalm attacks, and massive American artillery barrages. The water was putrid, food supplies scarce, resupply difficult, and local merchantmen few and far between. All of this meaning that Directorate 6 operatives and their Viet Cong allies would often get so frustrated, they'd kill whoever surrendered to them, regardless of them being armed, their age, or their gender. It was the worst place on Earth and Zara Samsonov spent ten years fighting for her life in the jungle. Vietnam changed her to the core.... As did the guilt of learning that Dr.Alikhanov died back in Leningrad, a heartbroken and lonely man. Though it may have taken her awhile to realize it, Zara discovered part of the reason she'd come to Vietnam was to avoid his inevitable death, as Zara realized she'd lose anyone and everyone who'd ever get close to her.

After Saigon fell to the communists, Major Samsonov and the rest of Directorate 6 were pulled from the now united Peoples Republic of Vietnam, after many had spent a decade in kill or be killed in Vietnam's dense jungles. This didn't stop Major Zara Samsonov's involvement with the KGB, instead she would continue working for the KGB within Directorate 6 throughout the 70's. Zara would fight with the communists in Angola, opposing Apartheid South Africa in what would come to be known as the "Bush War". She'd overthrow governments across Africa, Asia, and South America, assassinate scores of people around the world in the pursuit of the "Communist ideal". Then as the 70's came to a close, Major Zara Samsonov along with Directorate 6 would take part in the largest Soviet military operation since WW-2..... The Christmas Invasion of Afghanistan.

Flown into Kabul with Soviet Paratroops, Directorate 6 was a vital part of the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, which was in direct support of Afghanistan's Communist Party, which was lead by President Hafizullah Amin. In 1978 President Amin and the Communist Party initiated a series of seismic reforms, which included radical modernization of the traditional Islamic social order, with the aim of "uprooting feudalism" in Afghanistan. Large parts of the country went into open rebellion and the Amin Regime responded with violence to the unrest. However it was quickly clear that the communists faced a worsening situation, as by the end of 1979, half of the Afghan Army had either deserted or joined the rebel Mujahideen. Supporting their fellow communists the Soviet Union responded by sending in Directorate 6, airborne troops, and powerful mechanized forces in order to prevent the collapse of President Amin's government.

Soon the unrest became a full fledged civil war, which became a pattern of the Soviet Forces occupying the cities and large villages, while the Mujahideen operating in small groups, waged a guerrilla war and controlled the heights. Almost 80 percent of this high, desolate country escaped the reach of Soviet and Afghan Forces. Receiving massive material support from countries such as the United States, Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, the Mujahideen were becoming well armed and were clearly winning the war, despite the massive casualties the Soviets were inflicting upon them. It was soon decided that in order to defeat the Mujahideen these supply links needed to be severed and Directorate 6 received the commission to do just that.

From early 1980 to April 1985, Major Samsonov lead Directorate 6 in a campaign across Afghanistan's mountainous border with Pakistan in an effort to stop the flow of supplies. Results were mixed, as super powers meant little when you simply couldn't find your enemy, as they knew these Himalayan mountain passes like no other, often times leaving Directorate 6 searching for them fruitlessly for days. Ambushes were frequent, which gave opportunities for Zara and the other Directorate 6 operatives to lay waste to their Mujahideen enemies, but did little to stop the stream of supplies flowing to the Mujahideen. Afghanistan was quickly becoming the Soviet Unions Vietnam, as a loosening in the Communist Parties control of all facets of Soviet life, meant increasing pressure from the public to end what was quickly becoming an extremely bloody and costly war, robbing the Soviet Union of her sons and billions in precious hard currency.

As it became clear Directorate 6's role in Afghanistan was not having the intended effect, Major Samsonov was reassigned in late 1985, leaving Afghanistan for the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, where noted Soviet physicist and Directorate 6 Director Zhores Ivanovich Alferov and his team of physicists and engineers had done the impossible.... They'd discovered the true ontological nature of time, in which all points in time (Past, present, and future) were equally "real" and tangible in a "Fourth Dimension", as opposed to the prevailing presentist beliefs, which held that only the present is tangible. Even more amazing they'd built a multi, multi-billion ruble machine on the grounds of the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, which could pierce the fourth dimension, allowing whoever was inside of the machine to travel to a predetermined point in time.

Realizing the potential of this machine to change the outcome of any historical, present, or future event, the KGB actively began planning an operation in which Major Zara Samsonov would travel into the early 1800's in order to infiltrate the fraternal organisation of the Freemasons, who had members in the highest echelons of power throughout the world both now and then. Masonry teaches a naturalistic deistic religion, which Major Samsonov would use as a means of gaining power within the fraternity, as she'd use her superhuman powers and knowledge of the future to demonstrate and proclaim herself to be "Jahbulon", the name of a unique "Masonic God", which is a compound of three Hebrew terms, Yah "I AM" (Which indicates eternal existence), B'el "Lord", and On "Strength".

Once she'd successfully infiltrated the Freemasons, appearing to be "Jahbulon" incarnate, she'd begin initiating the KGB's plan, which would be using well connected and well placed Freemasons to engage in a worldwide, centuries long plot to bring about a "New World Order", in which the world is united in a one world government, headed by Freemasons, ruling according to masonic beliefs, which Major Samsonov would tailor to being Marxist in a time before Karl Marx was born and the Communist Manifesto published.

In late 1987 Director Zhores Ivanovich Alferov and his team of physicists succeeded in piercing the fourth dimension and sending Major Samsonov to 1810 London England. Once in London, Zara headed to the Grand Lodge of England, whose most influential member was the Duke of Sussex, the Master of the Lodge, and sixth son of King George III. It was the Duke of Sussex that Zara sought out, amazing the initially skeptical Duke with her telekinetic abilities, knowledge and insight into the Freemasons, as well as her visions of the future. She proclaimed herself to be "Jahbulon" incarnate, a God.... And so the Duke of Sussex... Son of the King of England bowed down to Major Samsonov, treating her as every bit of the divine being she appeared to be.

Over a period of months the Duke of Sussex introduced "Jahbulon" to leading Freemason's of the world, while he pondered the impact of what was going to be a centuries long plot to bring about the "New World Order", which the Masonic God was instructing him initiate. Soon cogs were being turned throughout Europe and North America Freemasonry.... The seeds for a "New World Order" were sown by Jahbulon, with the help of the Masons. Even though she relished being treated as a living God, eight months after she arrived in London, Major Samsonov returned to the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics and her time.

The world Major Zara Samsonov returned to was quickly changing however.... As during the coming years of 1989, 1990, and 1991, the world was turned upside down as the Soviet Union was dissolved as political unrest and economic turmoil would doom the worlds largest nation, which would break into twelve independent republics. Major Samsonov was very active during this period, initially working with the KGB to suppress dissent throughout the Soviet Union, but later supporting the Boris Yeltsin led Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic against the Gorbachev led Soviet Union. Ultimately it was Boris Yeltsin who won the "Power play", gaining support by both the democratic and conservative members of the Supreme Soviet. President Yeltsin then resigned from the Communist Party and later proclaimed Russia a Federation.

In the years that would follow, the KGB would be dissolved into the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB for short), which retained the services of Major Zara Samsonov, as well as many of Directorate 6's operatives and support staff, who'd form the Federal Security Service's Special Bureau. The FSB's Special Bureau and Major Samsonov would become heavily involved in the First and Second Chechen Wars, the Georgian Civil War, the Georgian–Abkhazian conflict, the Nagorno-Karabakh War, and many of the other wars following the breakup of the Soviet Union. As these wars rage throughout the former Soviet Union, Russia's economy collapsed, as a rushed transition to a free market economy, rampant corruption, soaring inflation, and plummeting exports made most Russians impoverished, languishing in even worse misery then they had under communism.

As the 90's wore on, the mental wounds and effects from prolonged combat, a career soaked in blood which spanned many decades, weariness from age, and waking up one day to realize she no longer recognized the world, as she was in her eighth decade of life and still looking as if she was in her mid-twenties, prompted Zara to resign from the FSB.  Zara believing all she'd ultimately accomplished was kill countless people, inflict suffering to thousands of families, and impact the world in a negative way. The more Zara looked at the world, the more she believed both humanity and Meta's were destined to repeat the same old mistakes humanity had always made, the only difference being both had the power to destroy themselves in the process. Though she believed it was no less then they both deserved...

Retreating within herself, Zara hid where no one would think to look, in the worst neighborhoods of St.Petersburg. In her flat, Zara soon developed a serious drug and alcohol addiction, as she totally isolated herself from the outside world. In her heroin and opium induced hallucinations, the horrors of the past seemed like a bad nightmare, as if they'd happened to someone else in a different life. Spending the sizable amount of money she'd acquired through various dealings throughout her KGB and FSB careers on drugs, Zara ultimately became a gun for hire for St.Petersburg's crime bosses. When Zara wasn't needing to kill for money, she lay locked away in her small apartment, trying her hardest to forget the past while hating the present, and hoping for no future. Though Zara knew she was a slave to her future, because as her depression worsened she put a Makarov pistol in her mouth and pulled the trigger, only to have little more then a migraine.

By the fall of 2012 Zara had gone practically mad from depression, drugs, and isolation. The drugs providing Zara with a moment of "Genius" during an opium high. In Zara's lucid dream, she had a glimpse into her future, in which she used her Freemason contacts to finish what she'd started with the KGB's Directorate 6..... Bring about the "New World Order" the Freemasons had been working towards since she'd left London in 1810. Traveling to the Grand Lodge of England, Zara met presented herself to leading Freemasons who were once again wowed not only by her powers, but the uncanny resemblance to the portrait of "Jahbulon", as well as her having intimate knowledge of the Duke of Sussex's account of the events of Masonic deities visitation of early 1800's London.

Satisfied, the Freemasons proudly unveiled the progress they'd made towards creating the "New World Order" to Jahbulon. Nations around the world were infiltrated by the Freemasons up to the highest levels of government, while a chain of cataclysmic events was planned to go into motion, which would steer the world towards the need for the "New World Order" one world government, which would arise from the ashes. Disaster, famine, fear, and war would all make the worlds people cry out to be saved... And their leaders would offer world unity, which would forever bind them to the Freemason plot.

As the grains of sand empty towards the bottom of the hour glass and the domino's are set to fall, Zara Samsonov has ceased to exist, as she's all but completely convinced herself that she is the Masonic God Jahbulon. A living deity, divine, a God.... Working out of London, Jahbulon is preparing to personally oversee the chain of events which will so radically change and terrify the world, that the people of Earth will do the unimaginable and unite under one government. Soon she and the Freemasons will release horrors on a scale the world has never seen.....

Power 1: Major Zara Samsonov "Jahbulon" has tremendously powerful Psychokinetic gifts, as she's able to move incredibly heavy objects over large distances and at great speed with her minds power. This is Zara's primary offensive and defensive "Weapon", which she's honed over several generations of brutal training and war. Zara relies on these Psychokinetic a great deal, using them for even the most simple daily tasks. Due to her advanced age her, Zara's Psychokinetic powers have become a 6th sense and third arm.

Power 2: Zara is physically tougher than anyone but an extremely durable Meta is capable of becoming, allowing her great stamina in a fight, or any other physical exertion. Zara's body is also nearly impervious to things like bullets and knives, which only do only the most minor damage and are healed in mere moments. Zara can sometimes be arrogant when it comes to her ability to withstand the damage, which can land her into trouble. Nevertheless Zara is much more durable than the average human or Meta, making her a challenge for even many Meta in a one on one fight.

Power 3: Major Zara Samsonov AKA "Jahbulon" has mastered Brazilian Jujitsu, becoming perfect in the fighting style. Her skills making her more then a handful for anyone but an above average Meta, as she's a master. She's also familiar with several other hand to hand fighting styles, which she'd learned over the years in the KGB and FSB. Also due to her military experience she's an expert shot with a gun and can use many hand to hand weapons.


Occult: 3
Strength: 2
Speed: 3
Durability: 8
Ability: 8
Fighting Skills: 6
Wealth: 1

Major Zara Samsonov "Jahbulon"

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Re: Major Zara Samsonov "Jahbulon"

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