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Keira Coleman aka Freyia

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Keira Coleman aka Freyia Empty Keira Coleman aka Freyia

Post by Freyia on April 18th 2014, 11:27 pm

look like the innocent flower; be the serpent beneath it

Basic Biography

Real Name: Keira Felicity Coleman
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Freyia
Title: the Soulless Firestarter
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Keira Coleman aka Freyia B8b66c589c910ff15c4f5c47c2d56366

The Legacy

Personality: Keira is a psychologist's worst nightmare (or wet dream, depending on the psychologist). She exhibits all of the classic signs of sociopathy: narcissism, pathological lying, need for constant stimulation, impulsivity, irresponsibility, grandiosity, and so on. As with all sociopaths, Keira completely lacks a conscience; she delights in hurting others physically (often to the point of sexual sadism), emotionally, and mentally. In fact, she often prefers emotional and mental pain, as it takes skill to really draw out the more intense emotions. As if all of that wasn't bad enough, she is also a pyromaniac with the ability to create fire.

However she is also extremely manipulative, having the ability to make doctors, police, and pretty much anyone believe that she is perfectly sane. It is quite common amongst sociopaths, so people who are aware of her condition would simply ignore her. Unfortunately, she is also a bit immature and likes to be the center of attention therefore being ignored would likely lead to her indulging her pyromania. On the bright side, she does make an effort to avoid being imprisoned/committed to a psychiatric hospital. Keira hates staying in the same place for too long and will often relocate purely out of a desire for something new before any authorities catch on to her.

Her immunity to fire (a sub-power of her pyrokinesis; only protects her from natural fire as well as her own) actually contributed to her pyromania, as if she could feel the flames merely by setting fires. Unsurprisingly, it never works, but sometimes she can almost feel it in the screams of people trapped within the fire. Because of that, she actually likes burning people though she tends to prefer if they live. Not out of any sort of morals, it's just more fun that way. Interestingly enough, she has never (and will never) hurt children. Keira knows how broken she is, and knows that it happened during her childhood, so she has even been known to actively protect children. Stranger still, she can use her charm and charisma to actually appear nurturing.

History: On April 10th, 2001, Phoebe Coleman left her newborn daughter at the hospital where she had given birth just hours before. Before fleeing completely, she left a note in her daughter's bassinet that read: 'Her name is Keira. It means dark, and that's what she is destined to become. Evil.' The hospital staff assumed Phoebe had been suffering from postpartum psychosis and were merely glad she hadn't tried to kill Keira before leaving. Keira was then handed off to social services, and no one thought about Phoebe's prediction again for a long time. Except for one superstitious nurse, who suggested Keira be given the middle name 'Felicity' (meaning 'good luck') just in case there was some truth to the prediction.

Everyone scoffed at the nurse, but went along with it regardless. As it turned out, they should have listened to her. Like Keira would soon prove to be, Phoebe was a metahuman, one with the ability to predict the future. Sadly, her prediction likely would not have come true had she kept her daughter. There had been no available foster homes until Keira was four years old, so for the first four years of her life, Keira stayed in a group home. The people that ran it did not care about the children, only about the paycheck they received, and the other kids in the home were cruel or scared. Keira's first four years were completely devoid of any kind of love, turning her into a sociopath.

After that, she bounced around from home to home, getting kicked around for things like getting into fights, stealing, general behavioral problems, until finally she was diagnosed at the age of twelve. No one would take in a sociopath, and the group homes didn't even bother to keep track of their wards. So no one noticed when Keira was taken in by a street pimp. He groomed her, bought her beautiful things that she'd never had before, and basically treated her like a princess. When she was firmly wrapped around his finger, he tried to rent her out.

Keira wasn't having any of that. She may have believed she was in love with him, but the first time he left one of his 'friends' alone with her was also the last. That was when she discovered her powers; she kept pushing him away and finally she heard the man screaming. When she looked up, there was a burn on his chest in the shape of her hand and her hands were on fire. Most people would have been scared or confused, but all Keira felt was powerful. As her would-be john fled the room, Keira set fire to it. With her head held high for the what had felt like the first time, she walked out of the run-down apartment building, flames spewing from her hands and spreading like wildfire all around her.

Over the course of the next six years, Keira burned down more buildings than she could count, going by the name Freyia, inspired by the Norse goddess. At one of her foster homes, there had been a book on Norse mythology that had fascinated Keira; all the violence and rage, the lies and deceit. While she would never admit it, Keira had often dreamed of being a Valkyrie. Ferocious female warriors who got to choose who was worthy of paradise and who wasn't. But Freyia... Freyia was a goddess. And not just any goddess; she was the goddess love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, money, war, and death. Now Keira didn't care much about love or fertility, but the rest of the list was a different story. She knew she was beautiful, and even as a fourteen-year-old she had a good deal of sexuality (also common amongst sociopaths), but she wanted the rest: death, money, and if she couldn't get war she'd settle for violent chaos. And with her powers, she was able to get all of that.

The Powers

Pyrokinesis: She has the ability to create and control fire. (7)
Fireproof: This is a passive power, in that she cannot turn it on or off. Her pyrokineses grants her immunity from natural fire, as well as sparing her from being harmed by her own. However it does not give her immunity from fire caused by other people's powers.

Intelligence: 8
Strength: 2
Speed: 4
Durability: 5
Ability: 7
Fighting Skills: 2
Wealth: 3

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Keira Coleman aka Freyia Empty Re: Keira Coleman aka Freyia

Post by Freyia on April 20th 2014, 2:10 am

Okay I think I'm done! I apologize for the inconvenience but could you change her name from Vithara to Freyia?

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Keira Coleman aka Freyia Empty Re: Keira Coleman aka Freyia

Post by Forceaus on April 20th 2014, 6:35 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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