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Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Plants Meet [Private-Rudolf]

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Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Plants Meet [Private-Rudolf] Empty Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Plants Meet [Private-Rudolf]

Post by EndZoner April 5th 2014, 4:53 pm

New York, a great city that have been one of the major cities of America. Millions of people are moving through the streets without a care in the world. Men working, women nursing, and childrens playing. All of this is taking place as life goes on. However, in the outskirt of town lies something malevolent. A place where no one were allowed to set foot in. A place where only plants and animals were allowed to roam freely without fear. This place is one of the few things that humanity has to fear. This place... was Eden. The home of the villainess, Thistle. However, despite her terrible reputation of both her and her garden. Her paradise was somewhat harmless unless humans were to harm the plants that reside in the Garden of Eden. As long as humans stay away from the Garden, than everyone remain safe for the time being.

However, humanity would face a new challenge. A challenge that has the same malevolent intent as Thistle. This being is a extraterrestrial life form from Agropia. A world once filled with beings known as Agrosapiens. Sapient plant life that have the power to manipulate lesser plant life. A world like that would have been paradise to Thistle if she had the means to get there... if it was still there. Unfortunately, Agropia was destroyed by a large meteor that fate had decided to create. Despite the suppose annihilation of the entire race, there was a lone survivor. A bud had survive the destruction of its homeworld and had travelled many light years to reach Earth. This being... was Overgrowth.

Overgrowth has been stuck on Earth for many years. Ever since he has crashed landed in a park, Overgrowth had assumed that he had landed in paradise. However, that soon change when he became aware of humans. At first, he was curious of them and wanted to learn more about them so that he could live alongside with them. That was until he realized how big the Earth was and how humanity was polluting the Earth. He was horrified to learn that the sapient beings were harming the Earth to satisfy their own needs. Land, resources, waste disposal, this so called paper. He later grew to resent the humans and planned on wiping them off the face of the Earth. He plans to repopulate the Earth with his own people since they reproduce asexually.

However, humanity has proven its desire to survive. He had created several of his minions to the point of an army so that he can conquer countries after countries, but they use biological weapons to defend. His minions were strong and powerful, but their weapons have proven that humanity could defend itself. This infuriates Overgrowth to no end. He was even aware that there were 'heroes' that defended humanity against him. Whats even more infuriating that some of these 'heroes' weren't even human at all! They chose to protect humanity despite its effects on the planet! These 'heroes' and humanity protectors are nothing more than enemies of Overgrowth.

For years, Overgrowth tried to claim Earth for his people, but has proven futile. He needed help if he could have any hope of killing those 'heroes'. However, many villains were humans and many others doesn't care about the Earth. Despite the fact that he doesn't have a mouth to speak with, he was aware that they still wouldn't help him. This furiates him greatly as he realized that there was no one that could see his ambitions. That was until... he became aware of her.

When spring had just recently arrived, Overgrowth stirred from his 'slumber'. He has been hibernating to avoid the cruel winter winds. He was thinking of a plan to destroy humanity when he felt... something. He couldn't place what it was. All he knew was that there was something northwest of the U.S. that he felt that he should find. He put his plans of humanity's extinction on hold until he find out this strange curiosity.

He made his way northwest of the continent and had remained hidden to avoid any unwanted attention. This took about a month until he had reached the place that has been calling to him. He had reached the outskirts of the great city of New York. He had hated the city. He could smell the pollution in the air. It was revolting. However, there was a place that smelled... 'pure'. As if there was no pollution in the air whatsoever. He continued his journey until he reached the Garden of Eden. This... greatly affected Overgrowth. Everywhere he looked, there was no sign or trace of humanity at all. There was only plants that grew healthily. Animals were in an abundance. This is... this is something that Overgrowth that did not expect to exist on this planet. 'This is paradise.', he thought to himself as he wanders into the Garden of Eden.
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Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Plants Meet [Private-Rudolf] Empty Re: Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Plants Meet [Private-Rudolf]

Post by Thistle April 13th 2014, 10:14 am

A giant red bulb sat in a cistern of chaotic plant life. No, Chaotic wasn't the right word to use. The right word to use was... free. Limitless. The plants here had no chance of being cut down, or eaten and as a result they were constantly changing. They had evolved, due to their new queen's influence. Simple flowers had become beautiful fanged monsters, which wove through the ground like an eel through water, while trees moved of their own accord, seeking out more water to drink. The things that she had caused to grow here would give the human botanists a field day, and it would give her one as well. Watching the humans try to take samples from her plants would make for great entertainment.

In the centre of this gorgeous mess, the large red bulb pulsated with glowing red veins. A highly evolved form of sap flowing through it's form, feeding it and causing it to grow stronger. It had to be strong considering the package it was protecting. When the top of the red bulb began to pull apart, red fluid clung between the petals like cobwebs and some more of it oozed from the glass like teeth jutting along the petal's rims, before eventually all 6 of the red fleshy slabs were laid out in a star shape, revealing the matriarch within. Thistle was suspended in a bed of briars, having been resting for the night. All of the plant life nearly stood to attention whenever her smooth eyelids slid open to reveal the green orbs within. The briar's curled around her wrists and waist - lifting her from the thorny resting place.

Extending her arms above her head in a half-dormant yawn, still only partially awake, she sighed. Another day in her own little lie. She liked to convince herself that this place was paradise on earth, which in all fairness, it was. But every time she looked at it she was reminded of the human's... audacity. Not all plant life was fortunate enough to be under her protection but that would all change eventually. Eventually she will sit on a forest throne and rule over the earth that was completely barren of all human life. She smiled, contented with this premonition. Before something drew her ire. She had sensed plant life that could move before, having met a goddess pretender with abilities similar to her own and she had sense her own powers but this was different. This plant life was moving without any intervention. It was... as if it were human - but not. This was irresistible. She needed to know what it was, and what it wanted.

Raising her arm, a tree behind her grew it's roots into mighty arms, which exploded under her feet and lifted her into the air. The tree itself began to move in the direction of this anomaly. Sitting down on the branch which held her above the ground she crossed over her legs, about the reach the end of her Eden. Her eyes were was 'greeted' by the sight of New York, starting be be rebuilt after it was so 'horribly' destroyed. It was no longer weak and had became a much harder target. Curses Thistle whispered under her breath before flicking her attention to the humanoid figure standing before her. She rose from her seated position and narrow her eyes suspiciously. It would fit into her garden perfectly. Infact if it had of originated from her own garden she wouldn't have noticed but it had come from elsewhere. But where...

She could be dramatic, and intimidate this strange creature in to submission despite it's plant nature. Or she could be nice to it, and welcome the creature with open arms, like the Trojans did the horse. Maybe she could do both, as it was not human and did not deserve a merciless welcome of death. The tree moved 3 of it's smaller branches to her, around her waist and ankles before raising her into the air. She held her arms out to the side, and kept her gaze fixated on this agricultural oddity. When he feet touched the grassy floor, it bloomed with roses and fly traps, which hisses and grabbed at the air. She took another step and under her foot the same happened again, only this time it was blue bells and nettles. She raised her chin to the humanoid a final time, and took another step and under her toes grew daisies and tulips. She parted her lips and spoke with a voice that sounded as if two beautiful women were speaking slightly out of synch.

"What. Are. You."

[Sorry for making you wait so long for a terrible post]
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