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Blood calls to Blood (Jordan and Hanna)

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Re: Blood calls to Blood (Jordan and Hanna)

Post by Hanna on March 29th 2014, 1:31 am

Hanna finally gave into Yancey’s need for snuggles and just wrapped her arms around him and played with the hair on the nape of his neck. She offered Silus a smile, who was munching breakfast in the kitchen before giving Yancey her undivided attention.

Katrina chuckled at Silus and Jordan disagreeing on the definitions of where their home currently resided. Then Zell stepped out and gave them all a scowl… uh oh. Someone must have woken up a little grumpy today. He did appear to be head of that the mess of a tribe. Katrina assumed she better introduce herself as he seemed to be eyeing her warily.

“I’m Katrina, an old friend of Sean’s.” She offered a hand. Katrina was very aware of the strange texture of her hand and the sensation Zell would most likely feel when touching her skin for the first time. Hanna compared it often to a “power high” so to speak; either a heightening of their abilities or feeling stronger, one of those two. “That is Hanna, daughter of Yam and Salone.”

Hanna smiled at Zell before spotting another one of the wolves and waving at them. The little dragon seemed determined to befriend all the wolves.


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Re: Blood calls to Blood (Jordan and Hanna)

Post by Humanity on March 31st 2014, 3:05 pm

So this was the woman known as Katrina. Rather interesting creature she was, but how oh how did she come upon this place? Likely it was to speak with Sean, though there was nothing that gave the direct inclination to Zell, beyond mere assumption. Jordan seemed to be watching the little dirty-blonde boy enjoy the attention from the pretty girl. Though Jordan knew that it was just the harmless boy-pup's nature to see attention and to befriend others he was also fighting off the "big-brother" instinct of "Imma eat you if you touch my sister" which was barely able to be suppressed. What made the suppression even easier though was Yancey's smelling the anger and then looking to Jordan with those innocent eyes. Jordan smirked and ran a hand through the boy's hair before turning to watch Katrina and her introductions. She extended a hand and Jordan rolled his eyes. Stupid mortals and their touching. They should just introduce themselves like Dragons. Say your name and then scan them over...if they don't rip out your throat instantly, you then know you're doing something right!
    "Ah, sorry then. I'm just so accustom to having no visitors...and the ones I do get tend to try and kill my children. It's nice to meet you Katrina, and you as well Hanna!" He said with a little bit of a dry chuckle. This woman could not fool him if she wanted to, and that is why he trusted her, thus far anyway. She offered out her hand, to which Zell smiled and went to reciprocate the greeting, but as their hands closed in a violent shock of emerald looking energy sparked out but centimeters away. Katrina would probably experience a decent amount of pain, as the energy released was scaled and adjusted itself accordingly to her own damage-capacity (lv 6 shock) The shock quite obviously had far more potential, but it seems as thought he shock was not to kill it was a warning.
    Keep your unworthy hilt away from this one, inferior construct. A voice would echo through the shock, a communion from one ancient blade to another. Katrina perhaps found the voice familiar, perhaps not. Regardless of familiarity, it's origins were untraceable and it's power immeasurable. Zell withdrew his own hand, skin blistering and sizzling off. "Ow, what was that, are you okay?" Zell asked, genuine in his concern proving that he himself was not aware of what "attack" had just transpired. If anything, it was "expected" by the disembodied voice (which only Katrina could hear) that this man was claimed by another force...another ancient artifact that apparently held itself and it's chosen wielder in a regard much higher than it held Katrina...somewhat shocking that it chose Zell who is was as nice and humble of a persona as he is.
   "Way to go dad, up and hurt the girl." Jordan said. Zell shot him a glare.
   "It was not intentional, That point aside, I know a strong woman when I meet one, and I'm more than positive she can take an accidental shock. If she needs help she will voice her concern." He snapped to the half dragon. Jordan shrugged as he always did and squatted down next to Hanna and Yancey.
    "So...Hanna... nice name." Jordan stated lamely, showcasing that he had THEIR father's (Yam's) inability to start small-talk.



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Re: Blood calls to Blood (Jordan and Hanna)

Post by Hanna on April 3rd 2014, 8:40 pm

“Katrina!” Hanna tried to break away from Yancey but he held her in a pretty tight snuggle grip. She watched as Katrina’s body flicked between her two forms, becoming sleek and shiny like a woman encased in silver before fading back to her normal form and back again.

After what seemed to be several agonizing moments, Katrina groaned and pushed herself up, eyeing Zell warily.

“Hmn. Seems that your future is being tampered with,” She stated smoothly and with a disarming smile before turning to Hanna. Katrina looked faintly amused, looking at the charred skin on her hand. The charred skin was fading back to its normal color. But what drew a tinkling laugh was the look on Hanna’s face, who had a Yancey hanging on her, and a Jordan trying to converse while she was clearly concerned about Katrina. “I believe your brother asked you a question, dear.” She stated kindly.

“Huh? Oh- right. Yeah, It’s my grandmother’s name.”
Hanna supplied, she looked like she was losing circulation from her Yancey shaped tourniquet. “Salone’s mom...not Shi’s wife…”

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