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Post by Rive on February 16th 2014, 7:35 pm


"...What God would create me?"

Basic Biography

Real Name: Ciro Gabriele Vincenti
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Apostate
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Charcoal Black
Eyes: Pale Yellow
Height: 6'3
Weight: 190lbs (Not Including Wings)
Blood type: A+

The Looks


Underneath the costume, Ciro is not what one would call handsome. While not outright ugly, he just seems to have an unhealthy quality in his appearance. He has an almost sickly pale complexion, his irises are a dull yellow, his hair is short cut and charcoal black, and all of his teeth are ever so slightly pointed, giving him a subtly unnerving smile.

The Legacy

His personality:
In short, Ciro is an amoral and selfish psychopath. To begin with, he aspires to become rich and powerful above all else. To him, a person's importance and value is based on these two things alone. Without them, the person may as well be six feet under. As far as he is willing to go to achieve a goal, there is very little he won't do. Though, if he doesn't stand to benefit from something, it probably won't keep his interest. He is somewhat stubborn, though not enough to not know when to give up and cut his losses when things turn sour.

In contrast to many other criminals who claim to have standards that separates them from the rest of the villainous ilk, Ciro has no such 'delusions'. If a man is willing to commit the greatest crime, taking a life, then it really doesn't matter who they kill or what other heinous acts they commit, because they're on the same level as every other killer. Ciro has proven to be a highly cruel and vindictive character. A confirmed sadist, brutality is second nature to him. Without hesitation, he has mangled and mutilated people for a variety of reasons, ranging from having held out information, to trying to kill him, to just having irked him. Empathy is lost on him and he is very much an antisocial. Essentially he is willing to manipulate, exploit and use pretty much anyone to get his way.

As his pseudonym suggests, Ciro is deeply against religion and the idea of a deity in general. Stemming from his own self loathing regarding his lost zealous beliefs and what he views as a hypocritical system, he despises those that worship an unseen power.


His history:
Ciro was found in Italy twenty five years ago. His true parentage is unknown, but those he would only ever know as his parents discovered the infant completely alone, abandoned and left for dead. From first glance, it was clear something was off about the child. His unusual eyes and downright sickly appearance worried the couple, but otherwise he seemed in good health. After taking him in, they were soon to learn of the boy's most prominent abnormality. Small, underdeveloped wings sprouted from his back, which would grow to be akin to those that angels are so often depicted with. The devout catholic couple took him to be a true honest to God miracle.

They named him Ciro Gabriele Vincenti. His middle name being taken from the archangel Gabriel, much to his future chagrin. Though his parents lacked much formal education, they did their best to raise him a good christian. They instilled the strong belief that he had been sent by God for some great purpose, and thus taught him to be virtuous and have an unwavering sense of justice. In doing what they thought was best, they had cut Ciro off from almost all outside contact for fear he be negatively influenced by others, and for his safety. They knew not everyone would react to their 'angel' as well as they had, but they held onto the hope that one day he'd be mature and wise enough to handle the world and make the great impact they were sure he'd make.

Ciro's childhood was, for the most part, without any problems or challenges. His wings had fully come in at age eight and he'd found he could actually retract the wings into himself and back at age ten. Things would take a drastic turn when he finally hit puberty. As any parent will tell you, teenage years can get rough. For this particular meta-human, puberty was hell. An unholy mix of unbalanced hormones, inexplicable pent up frustrations and developing superpowers led to the worst years of his parent's lives. Their perfect, angelic little boy had become aggressive and inadvertently violent teenager. One incident led to the thirteen year old Ciro breaking his father's arm. Yet, despite his obviously imperfect and downright dangerous nature, his parents still believed in their adopted son.

The largely recluse family ultimately reached their breaking point when the bubble of innocence they had worked so hard to keep Ciro in, finally burst. After coming home from church one day, the only consistent time that Ciro would spend in public, they were met with several men in suits. They argued with his father for unknown reasons for a short period before things got ugly. One of the men struck the father and another went for the teen. At this point, the world around him shifted red and the boy lashed out. In a frenzy of teeth and claw, the superhuman massacred the intruders. As if more beast than man, he lost himself in a primal rage as he ripped, chewed and crushed flesh and bone. In the wake of the carnage, blood dripping from his maw, the reality of the what he'd done had only just set in as he saw the horror in his mother's eyes. The woman's undaunting belief in her son's angelic heritage crumbled at the sight of the 'demon' before her.

Driven away by the fear his parents felt for him, he went out into the world. Confused and shaken, Ciro tried with little success to adjust to his new life. No one seemed to act...right in his eyes. Even when claiming to be good people, they systematically sinned and broke all of the rules and moral guidelines he had been taught to conduct himself with. Never mind the fact that whenever he tried to help he'd always done more harm than good. Having never leaned how to use his strength proportionally, he ended up nearly killing more than a few people for minor crimes. If being ostracized for his unnerving appearance wasn't enough, even when he was just trying to blend in, he found it impossible to connect with others on an emotional or social level.

Eventually the young Vincenti would learn about the existence of the rest of the world's superhumans and of course the sheltered adolescent with a messiah complex did not take well to the news. Already having a crises of faith, it wasn't long for him to come to the conclusion that he was not the angelic being he'd been led to believe. However painful it was for him to accept, there was no escaping it in his eyes. He was just another monster in a world of freaks. His faith in himself, in people and even God died.

Ciro would soon become the antithesis of everything he'd been raised to be. Cold and self serving, his own interests became top priority and almost all of his moral reservations were lost. He had spent a relatively brief stint working for a mob family as an enforcer, though this would end in disaster. Shortly thereafter he left the country and spent some time in Europe, effectively dropping off the grid. Years later he reemerged in the United States, smarter, stronger and no longer the naive, clueless zealot he once was.

The Powers

Power 1: Ciro's physical prowess in terms of strength, speed and durability is well into the superhuman range. He is capable of twisting steel with his bare hands, outflying even the fastest birds and even withstand tank shells with little issue.

Power 2: Flight. The wings are not just for show. He is also able to retract the wings back into his body for convenience.

Intelligence: 3
Occult: 0
Strength: 7
Speed: 6
Durability: 8
Ability: 0
Fighting Skills: 4
Magic: 0
Spells: 0
Flight: 2
Wealth: 1


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Re: Apostate

Post by Forceaus on February 16th 2014, 7:46 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


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