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The Tree of Spirits (With 16)

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The Tree of Spirits (With 16) Empty The Tree of Spirits (With 16)

Post by The Nekromonga February 15th 2014, 4:55 am

Ellie and her erstwhile partner climb into the craft’s narrow passenger area, and stepped inside some kind of sophisticated, drum shaped booth. The booth closes, and lights glowed, and making strange machine noises. Then, it opens.

Out of the booth stepped Red Scorpion, fully dressed in her distinctive camouflaged battle armor and the stylized Scorpion mask, eyes now shielded by her tactical lenses. Aside from the mask, there was little to distinguish Ellie from a modern-day special Ops soldier. With heavy yet silent boot steps, she made for the cockpit.

Once seated and buckled in, Ellie’s Special Operations Stratocraft rapidly climbed and entered sub-orbit above Japan, the horizon rapidly rising, Tokyo fading out of sight, until all that was visible was the earth’s blue outline. Terra’s blue curvature was visibly divided by the orange line of the Mesosphere, the void of space beyond it. Despite the name the Stratocraft actually accessed the next layer of atmosphere, and they were now flying horizontally. Once there in the tranquillity of sub-orbit, it was now safe to unbuckle.

Ellie had the cool equipment and gear, and she was an equally cold companion. “We’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Just follow my lead and stay out of my way.” She opened a console bringing up real-time satellite images of the West Philippine Sea, which was also known as the South China Sea... both were right, depending on which country one lived in. The computers read out atmospheric, geographical, geological and combat preparation data.

“And don’t touch anything.” She said, all the wonderful buttons and switches of the cockpit accessible. There was even a small fridge in the far wall containing luxury airliner level food and refreshment.

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The Tree of Spirits (With 16) Empty Re: The Tree of Spirits (With 16)

Post by 16 February 15th 2014, 5:29 pm

Smell of fresh gear of combat embraced himself by the use of his nose first of course. Everything from what he saw was very clean, making sure everything was safe as he stopped for a brief moment paying attention to the woman who was so called his partner – Analyzing his area was importation but he couldn’t do it for long because of the countdown before they lift off – So he took a seat silently. The air boat began to move and his eyes focused on the window as he watched them leave the area instantly, he couldn’t help but to not really care much about anyone else for the moment – When he has a job that is what he does. He places his chin on his right fist and place his right leg on top of his left knee looking like a bad ass boss ninja as he picked up on it; Making him chuckle to himself.

He ate an apple, right before he bit the apple she spoke up to stay out of his way and in almost an instant the apple still got bit and he had no kind of response back to it. The machine he was sitting on, this damn air boat it went like super hyper speed or some shit like a damn movie. Sixteen breathing and heart rate was normal, he could feel every muscle in his body and he felt completely in control. He choose not to start a conversation he didn’t feel like finishing, and knowing him he’d probably ignore her the whole mission.

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