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Schism's Summons

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Schism's Summons Empty Schism's Summons

Post by Morire February 13th 2014, 6:57 pm

Level 3 summon: Chitterlings. Stat 10 Max 3

(Limit: 10 Chitterlings)

These creatures are horrific, their arms are deceptively long, with double jointed upper appendages, capable of bending the full range of motion in any direction. Their bodies appear to be some sort of hairless baboons, but their legs are shriveled and dry, as if mummified from the waist down. Their gait, walking on their hands alone, is lurching and rapid.

[Int] 1 Chitterlings are clever and capable of group tactics.
[Str] 2 Chitterlings are each as strong as a full grown man.
[Dur] 2 Chitterlings are capable of taking large amounts of damage for small creatures.
[Spd] 2 Chitterlings are startlingly fast.
[Fs]  3 Chitterlings have great reflexes and are bestially brutal.

Level 4 summon: Copper Wisp. Stat 12 Max 4

(Limit: 8 Copper wisps)

These balls of glowing red-orange energy flicker, tiny bolts of lightning flaring out of the mass.

[Int] 2 Copper wisps are quite smart, and capable of learning
[Str] 0 Copper wisps have no real form, and cannot move objects
[Dur] 0 Copper wisps have no real form, and striking the center of the mass will cause it to be destroyed.
[Spd] 2 Copper wisps are quite quick
[Abi] 4 Copper wisps can exude a large aura of technological disruption. Lights will dim, and glow brightly, flickering and dying in the presence. Phones will emit garbled words and static, televisions will slow to a crawl or blur so fast they cannot be seen. Cars will fail to start.
[FS]  2
[Fly] 2 Copper wisps flicker and float

Level 5 summon: Ghii. Stat 14 Max 5

(Limit: 6 Ghii)

The wobbling mass uses its thick tentacles to drag itself across the smooth linoleum floor, its semitransparent gelatinous form blasts a gooey layer of sticky biomass, sealing the victim inside of an airtight chrysalis.

[Int] 0 Ghii is primitive and simple
[Str] 5 Ghii is strong enough to fling cars and trap those with its tentacles
[Dur] 4 Ghii's jellylike body is nearly impossible to damage with normal means
[Spd] 1 Ghii is strong, but cannot move its massive body easily
[Abi] 2 Ghii is sticky can propel a mass of its body in a webbing that is airtight and quite rubbery
[Fs]  3 Ghii's reflexes are not peak, but can easily capture the unwary

Level 6 summon: Scrientess. Stat 18 Max 6

(Limit: 5 Scrientess)

I see his four arms splayed, bracing himself in the corner, and after you pass him he launches his tongue to wrap around your throat to reel you in and eat your head as acid drips from his slavering jaws

[Int] 1
[Str] 4
[Dur] 4
[Spd] 4
[Abi] 1 Scrientess has a long and sticky tongue that it uses to capture its prey
[Fs]  4

Level 7 summon: Razum. Stat 22 Max 7

(Limit: 4 Razum)

A featureless face, except for triangular eyes, and has long thin limbs, its hands have three fingers equidistantly at the end of its wrist, it can read minds, but when it can touch the head of the victim it can read nearly all memories contained within the mind of the touched searching deliberately for fears.

[Occ] 7 The Razum are extremely smart, and capible of lots of planning
[Str] 1
[Dur] 2 The Razum are fragile
[Spd] 1
[Abi] 7 The Razum is capible of Mindreading, but when in contact with a person it reads memories as well
     4 The Razum can defend itself telekenetically
[Fs]  0 The Razum do not fight

Level 8 summon: Katopes. Stat 24 Max 8

(Limit: 3 Katopes)

[Int] 2
[Str] 6
[Dur] 4
[Spd] 4
[Abi] 5 The Katopes can spit gigantic spiked cannonballs
[Fs]  3

A lizard that has a pointed cobra head extending on a neck that is longer than a giraffes stares at you, waiting for you to so much as blink. the wings on the beast are ragged and torn, making it incapable of flight... it hacks a few times and then firing a bony spiked orb with cannon-like force.

Last edited by Morire on February 13th 2014, 8:20 pm; edited 1 time in total

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Schism's Summons Empty Re: Schism's Summons

Post by Forceaus February 13th 2014, 7:09 pm

For the razum. Mindreading requires permission and memory eating is just a no go.

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Schism's Summons Empty Re: Schism's Summons

Post by Zodiac February 14th 2014, 12:33 am

Mindreading requires permission

Approved until stated otherwise

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