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Finding a foothold(open)

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Finding a foothold(open)

Post by Jeisen on January 26th 2014, 7:00 pm

Amidst the ruins, Jeisen ran unhindered. Broken skyscrapers on the edge of the water line had become his urban playground, letting him move to his hearts content. Among the broken towers he was free. Putting some power into his feet, he ran across a wall and jumped to the other side, narrowly managing to grab a ledge with one hand. He pulled himself up with ease, and took off running again. This time however, the ground broke underneath his feet, sending him plunging to the ground. He pulled out a knife and stabbed it into the wall to slow his descent. Swinging himself up, Jeisen put both feet on the wall and jumped clear across to the other ledge. Without a sound, he kept on going higher till he reached the rooftop.

This was one of the last towers still standing, but only just. Half of the northern side of it had been blown off, making the tower look like some gigantic beast had taken a bite out of it. The rest of the city wasn't in much better shape either. Craters and rubble filled the land of what was once a city, a battlefield of epic proportions. still... from his spot on the roof, Jeisen could see the reconstruction taking place. It looked like they were making some progress actually, which was a pleasant surprise. But really, Jeisen just liked getting up to high places and looking out over the world. It gave him a sense of calm and clarity in troubled times.

He sat on the edge, feet dangling of the side. and looked up at the sky. It really was a beautiful day when you took time to look around

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Re: Finding a foothold(open)

Post by Chellizard on January 27th 2014, 1:32 am

"NO! NO NO NO! That is NOT the marble that I ordered!" fury rose like the temperature on a hot summer's day. An innocent worker stood underneath the orders of a furious woman. She stood at a towering five feet, eleven inches. Heels made her stand at six feet and then some. Long legs were hidden within the skirt of a gorgeous dress that hugged around her upper torso, a single strap over her left shoulder. Even in the rubble of New York, the Queen of Thrones managed to be a sight for sore eyes.

Gorgeous curls of warm auburn framed her faced as they cascaded from the lip of a hard hat. Melting amber irises were filled with anger as she yelled at the workers in front of her. She slammed her hands down on the blue prints of the new building that was being constructed in the heart of New York City's industrial area; Blanc Industries headquarters, and main factory. A gorgeous mega skyscraper. A harsh wind swept through the area, sending dust around of them.

One of the workers finally managed to speak up.

"M-Madame Takeiro... I'm sure this can be fixed..." he was nervous. And he was right to be; this woman could have his job in the blink of an eye.

"What, George?" she asked, still heavily annoyed over the whole situation. Despite her anger, she still had the decency of knowing the names of who worked for her.

"I'm sure this can be fixed. Give me a day," he said, finding more confidence in himself somewhere.

"You get half a day. But for now, take a break. This marble will just have to be the floors for the main lobby is all. I want black marble. Not sort of black marble. Understand?"

"Understood!" George got his men and gathered them for their lunch break.

Madame Takeiro, better known as Chelle Takeiro, turned herself around and walked to the small private tent that was set up for her on the construction site. Inside was Anna and two adorable babies.

"Oh, come now Chelle... I'm sure Cilian would have forgiven you if the marble wasn't black..." Anna had to hold back a soft sob when she spoke his name.

"I will NOT let them ruin this. It will be perfect. A beautiful black tower that over looks the whole city; Blanc Industries will watch over New York City."

If only that day never occurred... It was the Shade Ball. Elena Marie had organized the event, and Chelle was more than happy to attend. She brought Anna, pregnant at the time, and her husband, Cilian Blanc along with her. Cilian... Cilian was her right hand man; the Prince of Thrones. The heir to her glory if she were to die. But, no.

That night Cilian Blanc was murdered.

"Chelle? Chelle?" Anna was holding one baby, the other resting in one of the infant stroller slots. Anna shook Chelle gently, trying to get her back to reality.

"Hm.. huh? Oh... I'm all here, Anna. I just need to stretch my wings. Keep an eye on these idiots, please?" she gave Anna a soft smile and then stepped out of the tent. Only moments later, and she was carried off with the wind. A black and red streak against the blue sky.

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Re: Finding a foothold(open)

Post by Jeisen on January 27th 2014, 1:59 am

Jeisen is just munching down on a loaf of bread when he spots what appeared a woman flying in the air. Like a bird or a plane, but how ever she was doing it, it was awesome. Jeisen had always wanted to fly, but it just wasn't his gift. Jeisen stood up and started waving, but he was just a small man on top of a building. Time to get a little creative then

Jeisen converted himself into lightning and raised his arm. He braced for impact, then released an electrical discharge into the sky. It floored him on to his back, nearly knocking him off the building. He sat up, hoping that would be enough to catch her attention. His body slowly changed back into his normal form

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