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Do Androids Dream of Electric Screams (Elena Vexus)

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Screams (Elena Vexus)

Post by dantoon on December 29th 2013, 11:31 am

Somewhere, deep down under the city of Washington, DC, a machine was dreaming. Well, not so much "dreaming" as "recounting". The vivid images and sounds of it's memories resonated through it's, or rather "his", mind. Memories of unmatched brutality and violence that he committed. What exactly was he doing at that moment? He could certainly remember who he killed last time, an old man with glasses surrounded by other men in suits wearing earpieces. Who was that man? According to Elena Vexus, he was some big-shot corporate CEO that was planning on finding out the secret of Omnicillium. Though she initially dismissed him, the act of hiring mercenaries to attack a research lab was the last straw for Vexus. Because of this, she had assigned her newest creation, the robotic prototype Jaegar Model ß, who functioned as her personal assassin. He cornered the CEO and his bodyguards in his own building, cleanly taking his guards out before moving in for the kill. The Jaegar certainly enjoyed killing them, watching as their blood stained the walls and the floors. He hated them, all of them. These...organics repulsed him. Their very existence would have made him gag if he was able to do so. The memories suddenly stopped replaying when there was a sudden bright light after some static, and the Jaegar heard a familiar soft, female voice


It was the AI inside Jaegar's head, his advisor in most situations. Jaegar himself appeared to be in some sort of enclosed container. He took quite the beating during his escape after the assassination, though he managed to reach the lab in time, before his chassis collapsed from the damage. It blacked out for a moment during the mission, possibly due to some glitch, but that split second was what nearly caused his destruction. The container he was suddenly opened, revealing the room Jaegar was in. There was only a single color in the entire room, white. A clean and pure color that made the place look suitably inorganic and mechanical. Jaegar slowly turned his head, taking sight of his creator, Elena Vexus, or rather, Jessica Magic, as she was known to the world.



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Re: Do Androids Dream of Electric Screams (Elena Vexus)

Post by Elena Vexus on January 7th 2014, 7:52 pm

Vexus walked into the lap with her hair curled and pulled over to one side. Her heels clicked against the cold tile floor as she moved towards her creation. It had recently returned from a preliminary assassination mission. It was a success, though it had sustained quite a bit of damage unfortunately. 
"Tch... Got your new paint job all banged up." she said annoyed as she took a look at it, or him, behind the container he was in. There were a few cords plugged into his head as she downloaded the latest mission information from his brain. As a security feature, as it was downloaded onto her computer systems it was removed from his memory. That way incase he was compromised there would be no information for him to give. 
The location they were at was a temporary DC location. It was one from a previous form of Vexus' when she assisted the US Government with technological security. Since then of course it has been removed, and more or less downgraded. It Elena had not created it, then it more than likely could be hacked by her. Though that was besides the point, she had much more interesting plans for this location. 
Elena was now in front of her robotic creation with a touch screen tablet taking down notes while watching excerpts of his last mission. It had been completed, though not as cleanly as she would have liked.
"Sloppy. You will be undergoing more tests and upgrades before being used to your full potential. You are the prototype to an eventual mass production model. Any sort of ticks, glitches and bugs in your systems would be transferred into hundreds of others. Possibly even thousands, making a little mistake into something much larger than it needs to be..."
Vexus' Celestial Eye began to glow and Technomatter started to appear in the air. She flicked her wrist forward and it began to cloister and form on and around Jaegar. Since most of his body was composed of her element it made for easy and simple repair. And in a couple minutes he was as good as new. Her eye deactivated returning to its normal grayish blue color.
"There, all better..." At this point the bot should reactivate. She opened up the container he was in and took a couple of steps back to give him space to emerge and give a full status report. If everything registered at 100%, then she would continue forward with the tests and upgrades.

Ms. Elena Vexus
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Elena Vexus
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The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus

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