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A blossoming hatred (Rudolf)

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A blossoming hatred (Rudolf) Empty A blossoming hatred (Rudolf)

Post by Alexio Dimitrios December 8th 2013, 3:13 am

Days had gone by since this first happened to him how many days Alexio wasn't sure anymore, when it first happened he had been lucky as it had probably saved his life but now he hardly considered himself lucky. After leaving those super powered people behind Araxsas had set out how to teach Alexio to control his strength with the basics first, control was something that did not come easy because he was so strong it was like switching a child from a bike to a race car the control was just way too different. First was learning to walk without sinking his feet into the ground every time, it was not an easy task but within a day or two he managed it, after that came the jumping which was actually quite fun as he would fly so high into the air he could hardly believe it. The first time was not so much fun as he panicked at the drop and found himself hurtling through the air into the ground which caused a sizable crater in someone's yard unfortunately, luckily he managed to pick himself up and jump away before the authorities showed up. Though he had heard the people calling him a freak and a monster before he managed to spring away, his second landing not as painful but still just as graceless as he sank waist deep into the ground, luckily he was able to pull himself out easily thanks to his new found strength, he didn't even pay attention to where he was heading he just kept walking and jumping learning the proper control over this new strength as best he could with Araxsas mentioning things to him when he needed a bit of advice.

The people of course took notice wherever he landed and most of the attention was not good, while he was glad to be learning how to control himself now he also wished to return to normal because underneath the tough pitch black armor like flesh he was an average human guy. He never had dreams of being anything more than a normal person, there were no fantasies of having super powers and saving the world or winning the lottery and living however he liked for the rest of his life he just expected to continue on living everyday as well as he could. Once more he hurtled through the air flying close to a thousand feet in the air before landing with a power thud upon the asphalt cracking it's surface, over the days Araxsas had begun to form more coherent thoughts and this allowed Alexio to access his memories as the alien had done with him. From what Araxsas said and the memories he learned that Araxsas was from another making him an alien, Araxsas had no name for his people they were a simple battle hungry race that constantly fought with one another to prove who was the strongest. Alexio found it a bit amusing that he would be stuck with such a being inside of his head when he himself would rather talk something out rather than fighting, he knew the value of violence but only when it was necessary. He could hear people yelling trying to figure out what the loud noise had been when Alexio landed but before these people could draw close enough he leaped into the air once again disappearing from their sight and high into the sky his body little more than a black blur as it came down towards the ground.

It went on like this for a few more days but the more he jumped the less people he saw which was rather odd to him, finally he saw what he thought was a city but it soon became apparent that is no longer what it was. What was once a city was now nothing more than wreckage he saw from the air as he flew through it was once a great city yet not it stood as a pile of man made rock and metal, Alexio couldn't quite place his finger on it until he saw a rather melted sign that had only half the name but york was more than enough to remind him. It had been all over the news when this place was destroyed by something super powerful or maybe an organization he honestly couldn't remember because unlike everyone else he didn't really care. Alexio wasn't all that sure that he wanted to go into the ruined city seeing as he had no idea what was going on in there still, he couldn't remember how the city had been destroyed so for all he knew it was radioactive or there were still dangers within that he was not able to deal with. Thought as he looked at the edge of the city he could see that nature seemed to be retaking the places growing over the roads, the vegetation looked like there was nothing wrong with it so he figured he was safe on the outskirts of the city and decided that it was time to take a break from the jumping. He needed to just relax maybe sit down and think about where he would go from here since he wasn't exactly near home anymore, he couldn't just keep going around the country jumping from place to place he would eventually need to do something else.

(Very very boring and also short intro sorry about that.)


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A blossoming hatred (Rudolf) Empty Re: A blossoming hatred (Rudolf)

Post by Thistle December 10th 2013, 6:21 pm

Heavy breathing, hearts pounding to match. The dark blue shell of a van drove along the dirt. Eyes watered, terror wrapped around them. Desperately speeding up, to escape nature's maw behind them.

The group of humans, scavengers from the city, had crammed themselves into their van once they realised how dangerous the forest outside of their city was. One of them had had the brilliant idea of going into it in search of food and possible water sources, which were in desperate need, and now, the only thing that was desperate, was them. Their leader, the one driving, looked into the back of the van, trying to count how many he had and how many he'd lost. 6 people were clunging onto one another, trying not to roll around the back of the van. He had 8 when they left. They'd lost two... he hastily tried to recall how, when and who and at the same time, trying to drive while basically having a panic attack. Oh, oh, of course. He'd lost... Alex, almost as soon as they'd picked their first carrot from the ground. He just reached down and the ground it just... ate him, the blood went everywhere. And the other person who was messing, who was that...

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