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Post by soup on November 22nd 2013, 4:19 pm

"I'm out of red paint again.."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Syrille Dettoile
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Doodle
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Human?
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 4'5
Weight: 73 lb
Blood type: O

The Looks


Doodle lives day to day on the streets and doesn't do a very good job of taking care of herself. She doesn't take much care in eating. Rather then buying or stealing proper food, she prefers to transform any food she finds into something good but her powers don't effect it for too long. Shes a short and scrawny for her age, and often falls ill due to her habits. She always dresses colourfully and makes use of her powers to alter and create what she can't find.

The Legacy

Doodle is a gloomy and distrusting girl. She believes most people to be inherently deceptive and two-faced. The only people she respects and trusts to some modular degree are those that reveal themselves to be monsters instead of hiding it like all the other fakers in the world. Doodle reacts violently toward acts of kindness and often goes to vicious lengths to reveal the true face of anyone she regards as a phony. Doodle often puts on a Monstrous front, going out of her way to hurt and terrify others. While the face she outs on isn't far off from her true range of malevolence, she tends exaggerate it, overcompensating to hide certain things from others and herself. Doodle is desperately lonely, she'll never recognize it though, instead blaming the hollowness she feels on other things and using it to excite her cruelty further.

When she was just Syrille Dettoile, Doodle grew up in a rural and isolated spot in eastern Quebec. She doesn't know for certain of that was where she was born. She lived in a small house with a man and a woman that claimed to be her parents, and in her earliest years, she believed them. life was quiet back then and she would remember feeling a sense of warmth and security completely foreign to her now. Her memories from back then are hazy but she could clearly recall the point in time that the man and woman began looking at her different, she remembered she was doodling with crayons that day. In the days that followed the man and woman talked in panicked tones, sometimes on the phone, sometimes with each other. Not too long afterward a man in a uniform was invited inside her house. The military man sat down with Syrille and would talk with her. He asked her little questions, about her drawings, what she was thinking about, and always if she was feeling well. He would smile the time but she couldn't remember if that smile ever touched his eyes.

As time passed more people came and went through the house. With the man and woman's permission, the military man had set up a portable facility nearby the house. The house itself also was remodeled, with extensions added on. Men also came in to install things in the ceiling corners of some of the rooms, including Syrille's own, although when they were done she couldn't see anything different. The house was different now, bigger, better, the food was good too at first. The man and woman rarely approached or spoke to her unless she sought them out first. Everyday she was made to preform tests, there were so many they seemed to blend together. Over time they narrowed down how her abilities manifested and so the military man brought in teachers and experts to give her lessons in painting and artistry. She threw herself into the lessons eagerly, it was the closest she was to feeling happy for a while. She couldn't stand seeing the eyes of the man and woman, how different they were from before. She hated the military man who would sit her in a cold sterile room, smile and reassure her, all while having her poked and prodded, putting her head in a machine. She eagerly absorbed everything the nervous artists taught her, begging the military man to extend the lesson times. Not long after, Syrille was made to take part in another series of tests, these ones designed to see how her improved artistry would effect her abilities. gradually the man and woman began to warm up to her again, they would smile and play games with her, read stories together and on the surface, it seemed like they were her parents again.

One day the man and woman came to her, suggesting a trip to the city. The idea excited Syrille, ever since she had first gotten her powers her parents had turned down the idea of her going to school, the military man had of course provided tutors but not once in her life had she left home. She agreed and so it was decided that they would go the next day. Syrille was hopeful that this was the start of a new and happy life with the man and woman, but she couldn't help but feel the nagging doubts in the back of her head. She had to know for sure, she had to know that everything was alright, even so she felt a twinge of guilt when she drew the little ear under her parents bed. That night the man and woman were speaking in hushed tones as they got ready for bed, that night she heard everything. The family trip as of course a lie. The renewed show of love her Parents showed was also a lie, they were prompted by the military man. He was offering them a handsome price for them to play along and keep Syrille happy until they could cart her to a larger facility. A place that would meet all her needs and the security to handle the latest reassessment of her power potential. Syrille couldn't stop herself from listening to the man and woman talk she heard the ugliness in their words when they referred to her, they had long since stopped seeing her as their daughter, the sooner she was gone the better.

The next morning the an and woman woke up at the usual time, they went through their daily routines as if it were any other day. After a time, one of the two finally noticed something strange. It was past 7:00 and there was no daylight to be seen. Pulling the curtains aside from one of the windows, they saw nothing but brick wall beyond the sill. They were stunned into silence, shortly after one hurried to Syrille's room while the other checked the other doors and windows. The room was of course empty and the whole house was effectively sealed off. The phone line and satellite feed were dead much to their dismay and with nothing better to do, the two fell into a circular argument, each blaming the other for being unable to get them out of this situation. They stopped cold out the sound of shoes crunching leaves outside. They listened to the footsteps weaving a circuit around the house. The person didn't call out and neither did the man and woman, they could almost imagine the person was carefully inspecting the house. making sure there were no gaps to be found. Abruptly the footsteps drew closer and stopped entirely by the side of the house. One of the two mustered enough courage to speak. "..Syrup, honey is that you?" The one outside didn't venture a response, instead was rustling up a pile of leaves outside. "Alright you've had your fun now, Sweety. We've got a trip today d-don't we? You don't want to spoil the day do you?" Silence. "Syrup, this isn't funny now! Y-you have to let us out!" The one outside stepped back from the wall and took a deep breath before heading over to another side of the house, the two inside didn't miss the crackling sound of burning leaves outside. The man and woman rushed quickly over to the next spot. "Syrille! You Let us out RIGHT NOW!" She ignored this and other protests from the two as she moved on to the next spot. "YOU! YOU FUCKING MONSTER! YOU CAN'T DO THIS! LET US GO!!!" Syrille wrapped her sleeves around her face to stifle her chocking tears as they continued to rail at her from beyond the wall. She had promised herself she wasn't going to let them get to her. Killing everyone in the research site was so much easier, she had hoped to finish this up while they still sleeping. Hoping that three fires would be enough, Syrille stood up and ran away without looking back at the place she had called home.

The Powers

Power 1: Reality Painting (8 points)
Doodle, to some effect, can impose her imagination on the world around her. To make the ideas in her head a reality, Doodle needs tools and supplies to make a seed that represents what she's making. It can be anything: a paint stroke, a crude doll made of rags, a handful of chalk powder, the molded content of a dinner plate! Doodle takes these small things and uses them to make changes in the world, a simple swipe of a paint brush might make a tree branch, a knotted cloth doll covered in ketchup becomes a fake corpse. She can make any mundane thing up to objects with level 7 durability but those things have to make sense, ie: she can not make a bulletproof plywood board. There are limitations to her powers though. She can not alter things at a distance and the things she makes or change revert back to normal within a few hours if she doesn't renew it. She can also alter nonliving things as well, such as making doors through plain walls, or extending a line of fence. However, she can't effect certain specialized alloys or highly advanced electronics, nor can she effect things with magical properties (basically, she can't mess with characters or their special items).

Power 2: Restoration (5 points)
Doodle can restore both people and objects to previous states. she can't make things younger or bring people back to life but she can remove wounds, cure recently contracted poisons, repair clothing and equipment and such. Having all the pieces helps make the process quicker but it's not absolutely necessary. She can't use this ability in the heat of battle

Power 3: Living art (6 points)
Doodle can create living, thinking creatures with her power. They obey her unconditionally, although they're rarely mindless drones. The creatures Doodle makes vary greatly. By the rules of the summoning system she can only make creatures with power up to level 6 summons, she can only make so many of each tier in the amounts permitted within the summoning system. Any "powers" her creations display have to make sense in context to what they are. Ghosts could have an intangibility power, a flying saucer could have limited telepathy in the form of a tractor beam, a ninja can teleport, etc.

Additionally Doodle can bring mundane things to life by painting on a face and other features. They require legs or arms to move on their own and points need to be alloted to an ability to operate inbuilt features such as with a car, to let it propel itself. The rules on this are similar to her above ability, she cannot meddle with the nature of items made of specialized super alloys or highly advanced electronics, nor can she effect things with magical properties.

Power 4: Genius Artist
Doodle is a genius when it comes to visual arts. Be it painting, drawing, sculpting, folding, carving, crafting, sewing, spaying, or printing, she can make it. Doodle can utilize all manner of tools and materials to complete her works. She has excellent vision and has a good eye for details. She's very dexterous, able to paint with her feet almost as easily as with either hand.

Intelligence: n/a
Occult: 4
Strength: 1
Speed: 1
Durability: 1
Ability: 8/6/5
Fighting Skills: 4
Magic: n/a
Spells: n/a
Flight: n/a
Wealth: 0

You Should Be Reading Worm.

This is my Character. Her name is Bs. It may also be Blinda, She is here.

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Re: Doodle

Post by Sim on November 26th 2013, 1:37 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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