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Zedekiah Bishop

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Zedekiah Bishop Empty Zedekiah Bishop

Post by Zedekiah on November 4th 2013, 12:27 pm

The Voidwalker

Basic Biography

Real Name: Zedekiah  Bishop
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: n/a
Title: The Voidwalker, The Stranger
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6‘2‘’
Weight: 230
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Zedekiah Bishop 01_by_mineworker-d419qn7

The Legacy


Zedekiah is a serious man. Few have seen his dry, humorless smile, and a laugh from him is as rare as it gets. Empathy and generosity are foreign concepts to him, and though he isn’t necessarily cruel, he could never be mistaken for “nice”. Fiercely determined, he pursues his studies with unmatched vigor. Whether he is poring over alchemical lore or training his body in hand-to-hand combat, his iron resolve is inspiring to behold. The countless hours spent devoted to his studies has left Zedekiah ill-equipped to deal with other people, a practice he usually considers to be a chore. Any time he is forced to come into contact with other people he invariably says something unintentionally rude. While his mind and body have been toughened beyond normal human capability as a result of his frequent trips into the Void, his excursions have not been without cost. Zedekiah suffers from occasional hallucinations and visions of horrific monstrosities. These visions become more frequent with stress, and the combined stresses can make Zedekiah even less sociable than normal.


Born in 1984 to a pair of Wiccans, Zedekiah spent the majority of his early life constantly exposed to the ideas of witchcraft and spiritual magic. As a child he enjoyed these subjects, happily reading book after book on witchcraft, magic, and alchemy. By the time his reached high school, Zedekiah was already more or less an expert in those fields. In his teenage years, however, he rejected these ideas, embracing the rigid consistency of science. At 18 he denounced his parents and moved from his hometown to Boston Massachusetts, taking a scholarship to MIT majoring in chemical engineering.

During his studies, Zedekiah began to see parallels between his scientific findings and the magical ideas of his youth. At 25 years old, studying for his PhD, he decided that there was too much correlation between magic and science to just be coincidence, and he resolved to study the link further. He reasoned that the best way to do this would be to visit Salem, the old American colony famous for it’s connection to witchcraft. It was here that he made his first contact with the Void.

After a few weeks investigating Salem with no results, Zedekiah was becoming increasingly doubtful of his previous hypothesis. Prepared to admit that his goal was just a silly imagining brought about by childish memories, Zedekiah resolved to spend one more day searching for evidence before heading back to MIT. He spent hours wandering around in the woods outside of Salem before finally calling it quits.

On his way back to his hotel, Zedekiah was inexplicably drawn to a dilapidated antique shop, run by an old crone of a woman. Inside, he discovered an ancient lens, carved with strange runes. Looking through the lens yielded no results until the old shopkeeper whispered an incomprehensible phrase into his ear. Once uttered, the phrase could be heard echoing through Zedekiah’s head, getting progressively louder. The lens that he was looking through suddenly revealed a terrible scene of grotesque creatures and brutal violence,  horrifying yet curiously beautiful at the same time. Zedekiah didn’t know how long he had stood there experiencing the vision, but he woke up about a year later in egypt, with no memory of how he had gotten there or where he had been.

Over the next decade Zedekiah dedicated himself to unearthing the secrets of magic, witchcraft, and alchemy. By using his runic lens at places of high magical resonance, he was able to travel to different planes, gathering more and more knowledge of the forbidden arts. In all of his travels, one goal was becoming more and more clear to him. He had to create the Philosophers Stone, the legendary alchemical substance that holds the secret to eternal life.

The Powers

Power 1: Planeswalking: Zedekiah can use his runic lens to travel between the physical world and the Void, a plane of constant pain and grotesque horrors that whisper the secrets of magic to those strong enough to hold them. (rp mechanic)

Power 2: Eldritch Knowledge: Zedekiah is well versed in the ways of the occult, and has paid for this knowledge with suffering. Physical pain means little to him, and he has grown accustom to magical and mental pain through his trips to the void. He can call upon the powers of the void through the use of runes and rituals.

Power 3:

Power 4:

Intelligence: 4
Occult: 8
Strength: 3
Speed: 2
Durability: 5
Fighting Skills: 8
Wealth: 1


Status :

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Age : 26
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Zedekiah Bishop Empty Re: Zedekiah Bishop

Post by Arcana on November 4th 2013, 1:50 pm

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Site Moderator

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