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Reiko Sakura Li

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Reiko Sakura Li Empty Reiko Sakura Li

Post by Brass on October 15th 2013, 12:31 am

"PUNCH BUGGY! Yeah, I still play that game. Sue me?"

Basic Biography

Real Name: Reiko Sakura Li
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Brass
Title: Teddy Girl
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 120 Lbs.
Blood type: O-

The Looks


The Legacy

Reiko's personality is a bit complicated. She is crazy. No, really, she is absolutely out of her mind and that is why so many consider her to be dangerous. She talks to herself. She walks around in circles for no reason, bites her finger nails to the nubs, picks fights with people all of the time and has been in trouble with the law more than once. The reason why Reiko is dangerous is because dealing with a crazy person is one thing but dealing with someone who is crazy AND has competed in multiple international martial arts tournaments is a bit much.

Her fighting styles, or at least the ones that she has mastered, does make her quite a foe. However, Reiko has a bit of a problem. She has a multiple personality disorder and holy crap does she have some serious amounts of personalities to switch to. Normally, her personalities don't come out very often. She'll get a new one once every couple of days. Her personalities won't typically cause her to hurt anyone unless said person is trying to harm her, harm an innocent person or do something that Reiko doesn't agree with. Or at least what her current personality doesn't agree with.

Womanzilla on the Rag!
Her power fluctuates in strength level based off her emotions. If she's angry she goes into a mode she calls Womazilla on the Rag. This is where her powers force her to fight as if she's a raging lunatic. Her fighting style also changes depending on what mode she's in. Her bodily energy is manipulated into strength. Her mind forces her to ignore pain even though she's no more durable than what she normally is. However, once she gets pissed off enough and ends up in this mode, the basic idea is Reiko being a berserker. The style of fighting she picks up while in this mood will be either her very basic knowledge of kick boxing or her minimal set of krav magra skills. She wants to fight like an angry woman. She'll yell, scream and even pull on her own hair from her rage.

Dance to the Music YEAH!
This mode would be when she wants to fight but have a great time while doing it. Caporeira is a style she has been studying for most of her life. She's quite good at it. For the most part she doesn't really need to use her powers. Her fighting skills already make her a tough opponent as it is and she doesn't need super human ability to have that kind of physical prowess. However, her powers of body energy manipulation only comes into play when she actually strikes an opponent. She will channel her energy into the striking points of her body where she would normally hit someone which will range from her forehead, both of her feet, knees, elbows and hands. By pushing more energy into those body parts her strikes will be double the power found in the average human punch or kick.

You make my HEAD hurt!
When someone is being an annoyance to Reiko they'll normally get this mental mode. This is where the only focus of her bodily energy is to make her run faster, her reflexes quicker and her strikes harder. There is a minimal focus on the actual physical exchange of fighting if someone is actually good enough to go blow to blow with her. The idea is to deliver single strikes that have more impact versus trading shots. Count on a lot of elbow and knee attacks that are meant to end the fight in one, two or three moves. The head is the major target of interest and especially on the top of the head.

Drinking makes the WORLD go 'round!
When she's drunk she is actually more dangerous than any other mode of thinking. Reiko has won more fights in this mindset than any other. When she's drunk she actually goes to drunken fist which is Kung Fu. Drunken fist allows her the unpredictability of a drunken person fighting along with the disorienting moves that come with fighting someone who is intoxicated. Most people around the world wouldn't know how to deal with someone utilizing drunken fist which is a fighting style made to confuse. Even if she's just a little tipsy Reiko will still act like a full on drunk woman just to make this style work the way it is supposed to work.

That's no way to treat a LADY!
This is by far her weakest mindset and that is because Reiko doesn't know much about Wing Chun. She has tried to master the style. She has watched movies, instructional videos and even tried googling the internet to learn about her mistakes in picking up this martial art. However, Wing Chun was created by a woman and requires a womanly touch in some ways in order to master. That isn't to say that men who study Wing Chun are soft and woman-like. If it was a female who made this martial art and if half of the moves are made after tasks that a lot of women were expected to do in the old Chinese days then thinking like a woman in those days certainly helps. Reiko is very much a tomboy. Therefore, her ever mastering this style or using this mental mindset isn't very likely.

K.O. ! ! !
This mindset mode is supposed to be her strongest form yet. However, drunken fist has won her most of her bouts. That doesn't mean it is necessarily the best style she has. It just means she has won more fights by acting like she's wasted. Reiko's best mindset is K.O. It's a martial arts style that she created herself by combining Brazillian Ji Jitsu, Caporeira, Tai boxing and Tae Kwon Do. Reiko's strategy with this fighting mindset is to get the win in a fight no matter the circumstances. She'll bombard her opponent with so many moves from four different styles that she has mastered. This is the only mindset where she uses her focused energy blast.
While most children grow up to be relatively good kids that simply was never the case for Reiko. Then again, she had her reasons to be a horrible child or at least in her opinion. Since she saw chaos between her mother and father Reiko figured that unrest was the way she could get attention. While in elementary school she was said to have a multiple personality disorder by a child psychiatrist. She was acting out intentionally while at the same time she had a mental situation. Her parents both found out that this combination was a recipe for disaster.

Reiko never accepted that fact that she was Asian. She hated her Asian background. Her mother decided to try to occupy her with something to do other than causing trouble while at the same time help Reiko appreciate her Asian heritage. Martial arts was definitely a good place to start due to the fact that a lot of martial arts styles originated in Asia. While the Li family were Chinese Reiko attended martial arts classes studying styles and techniques that did not all originate in China. Reiko didn't like the classes at first and only attended them because her mother made her. However, over time, she began to love martial arts. That love created another problem. Reiko loved her classes so much to the point where she almost completely ignored her school studies. Her mother removed her from most of her martial arts classes but by the time that happened Reiko learned enough from each class to continue her life's passion without being in any class.

Those mischievous ways didn't change. She started hanging out with the wrong crowd. Reiko began using controlled substances, smoking and drinking alcohol. Her mother tried to curve the child's new found habits but Reiko was beginning to be too much. This rebellious behavior would eventually land the girl in deep trouble. Reiko spent four years locked up in a juvenile detention center starting at the age of thirteen. Her offenses were armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. Her crimes were committed because of her love for drugs. She robbed a drug dealer for a fix. Reiko got caught.

It was clear that Reiko needed to be in a mental institution versus a juvenile detention center. However, the only reason why she ended up in detention was simply because of the fact that her crimes were pre-meditated and too organized for the average crazy person. That didn't mean she did not have mental issues going on. The record bore witness to the fact that she was diagnosed with a mental disorder. However, the judge didn't believe she had a mental problem because, as aforementioned, her crimes were organized in a way that a person with such a disorder would not have likely initiated. That judge was wrong. Reiko had issues. She would prove it.

Both Reiko's mother and father visited her while she was locked up. Sometimes visitation would be cancelled because Reiko didn't know how to behave while in the juvenile justice system. She got into fights all of the time. Reiko became famous for beating up juvenile counselors, social workers, juvenile correctional officers, and other juveniles in detention with her. Reiko would have to be physically restrained by two or more grown men just to keep her under control.

Reiko attempted to escape detention. She would have succeeded had she not flipped out and changed personalities. In her mind she was a sweet and innocent girl who just wanted to do her time and get out. So, midway through her escape, she actually turned around and walked back to her room. Nobody could explain what happened to her to make her actually act civilized. The detention center had a school. Reiko's grades went through the roof. She was actually smarter than what her teachers who worked for the detention center thought she was. Most of the time she was either fighting, causing a disruption in the classroom or talking about martial arts. To see Reiko trying to be a good student was a shock to everyone.

For a whole year she remained in this same frame of thought. Because she was serving juvenile time a year was good enough for her to earn her pre-release. Reiko was placed on a two year probationary period at the age of seventeen. The conditions of the pre-release organized by a council of social workers were that Reiko had to finish her high school education and show up to self control classes. During her pre-release hearing Reiko's cunning mind appeared. She changed personalities yet again and this time she was a fox. She asked for martial arts classes to be put in for self control classes. Her idea made sense. Marital arts was supposed to, for the most part, teach self control. The council agreed.

Reiko's mother gladly welcomed the teenager back home. Old habit died hard. Reiko brought back habits from the detention center. However, not all of the habits were bad. Most juveniles in the center were clean individuals who didn't like messy rooms. Her mother welcomed the constant cleaning and the love of personal hygiene that was so deep to the point where Reiko took three to four showers a day.

She didn't began to go to national martial arts tournaments until she returned to a lot of her classes. Reiko's skills had improved drastically. All that fighting she did while she was in detention turned out to make her one hell of a fighter. If she could beat up kids that were everything from murderer's to rapists and could even fight and hurt a grown man Reiko was definitely ready to go to a competition.

Unfortunately, she would never make it that far. She broke her ankle during practice. Her heart was broken as well. Just when she was about to make a change in her life something just had to go wrong to give her the breeze. Reiko missed her chance to make it to the big times of martial arts. While there would be other competitions once her ankle healed Reiko could never forgive herself for getting injured in the first place. She reverted back to her old ways.

Brass, as a character more so than a villain, came about when Reiko discovered that her fighting ability could be used to get what she wanted. The current reigning champion in the competition that she was supposed to fight in. Reiko was jealous. So, she needed a way to prove that she could beat that other girl but not reveal herself. That was when she discovered the idea of a costume. She brought one from a nearby hobby store, purchased some goggles and beauty supplies and dawned her new persona in Brass.

Reiko was successful in assaulting a woman who didn't see said beat down coming. This caused Brass to become a wanted criminal. That was fine with her. She could do her dirty deeds whenever she wanted to as long as she was Brass and yet nobody would know she was Reiko Li unless her identify was revealed. Not to mention that living with her parents would assist in money.

The Powers

Power 1:
Body Energy Manipulation
The technical term for her power is body energy manipulation. Reiko is able to channel her energy into certain points of her body in order to make those body parts more durable and allows her to hit something particularly hard. With her martial arts skill she could break bricks with her bare hands and that is without any super human abilities. However, the physical isn't her only ability. She is also able to expel her powers into a focused energy blast that isn't powerful enough to kill but strong enough to equal the same force and power as one of her head on punches. The damage inflicted by this focus blast totally depends on where the victim is struck.

Her power doesn't make her invincible. Her power does make her particularly difficult to deal with. Reiko's ability just takes her martial arts skills to the next level. It isn't as if she needed help though. She was already good enough to fight a lot of people and stand a chance, if not, seriously injure someone. Now she has the power to manipulate her bodily energy which was plentiful from a life of training and exercising and turn said energy into a weapon. The limitation to this power is limited to her physical stamina. While she has a crap ton of energy she isn't super human enough to stand long periods of using her power without collapsing due to severe energy loss. In terms of usage, she could use her power for about two hours which isn't saying much for someone who could jog for hours. Once her energy depletes she'll completely black out until her energy is restored.

Another interesting aspect to her power is that she does require a lot of liquids and a lot of food. She can eat someone out of a house and a home without much problem. She doesn't seem to have a bottom to that bottomless pit she calls a stomach. There has actually been a restaurant that has banned her because said restaurant was an all you can eat buffet. Reiko ate so much to the point where other customers complained. But onwards to the point. She needs a lot of food and a lot of liquids. By liquids the meaning is water, juice, soda, or just something that can sustain a human body.

Power 2:
Energy Blast
This area is to explain her energy ball in more detail. Reiko's energy level is very high therefore this fact coupled with the fact that she can manipulate her own bodily energy gives her the ability to launch a ball of energy. This energy ball is nothing more than a concussion wave meant to knock out an opponent versus killing them. She can make the ball stronger but she just doesn't have the power necessary to do that. This ball of energy doesn't always successful knock a person out provided that the target avoids the energy ball or has the necessary endurance to withstand such a blast. The energy ball has different effects of non-living objects. She can move objects or even launch herself into the air by blasting the ground. It's literally just a blast of force. It's a wind version of a concussion beam.

Power 3:
Fighting Skill
Reiko is trained in multiple fighting styles. She hasn't mastered all of them but Muay Thai boxing and Drunken Fist Kung Fu she has mastered. Many will find her to be a very difficult person to fight simply because of her height which gives her a low center of gravity and the fact that she knows her two mastered styles so well. Reiko is the type to go for the kill shot everytime. She doesn't beat around the bush. She doesn't do toying. If somebody fights her she goes for a hit that would either put them down or make them think twice before continuing a fight with her. That strategy doesn't work everytime but it has worked before.

Power 4:
Focused Energy Strike
She has the ability to channel her energy into her fists, head, feet, knees, elbows and back in order to throw more effective blows. Her strength doesn't come into play until she does this. Her energy level and manipulation of such makes this power as effective as they can. Reiko, when using this ability, throws punches that are far harder than any normal punch she can throw. It's not just the punches. The most deadly version of this ability is when she uses her elbows and her knees because it naturally corresponds to her Muay Thai which is her favorite style of fighting.

Intelligence: 3
Occult: 0
Strength: 7
Speed: 3
Durability: 5
Ability: 5
Fighting Skills: 7
Magic: 0
Spells: 0
Flight: 0
Wealth: 1

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