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Bonfire Empty Bonfire

Post by Bonfire on October 9th 2013, 4:41 pm


"I burn stuff."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Nathan Gaines
Villain Name: Bonfire
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'0
Weight: 155lbs
Blood type: A-

The Looks

Nathan is a tall young man with brown eyes and short, unkempt, dark brown hair. His facial features are sharp and often he bears an even stubble. Living as rough he has have added years to his face, making him appear slightly older than he actually is and small scars mark his right eyebrow, chin and left cheek. Physically, he's very well built, having put effort into keeping his body in top shape for years.

Bonfire's Costume:

Bonfire Bfne1010

The Legacy

A highly amoral person, Nate will do whatever it takes to get ahead in life. Like many other villains, his motivations are completely monetary and his crimes are never malicious by nature, merely a means to an end. His 'Everybody for themselves' beliefs are enough to justify whatever crimes he commits and at times he can seem totally without conscience or empathy. To him, the concept of good and evil doesn't really hold much significance. If threatened, he will not hesitate to roast whoever and whatever poses a danger to him. Yet, he does have some sense of common decency and politeness, granted he doesn't show it much when being 'Bonfire'. During his free time when not out playing the villain, Nathan may not even seem like that much of a bad guy. So long as you don't stand between him and his goal, he can be a fairly pleasant person to be around.

Even with his twisted morals there are lines he won't cross. He'll avoid unnecessary violence unless especially angered by an opponent and will refrain from killing children. Although he was born in London and his father was English, he has mainly taken after his American mother in terms of mannerisms and accent. Albeit, having lived in the United States most of his life probably had a great deal to do with this.

Nathan Gaines was born twenty two years ago to Noah and Lauren Gaines in London. To those who knew them, they seemed just like any other nice normal family. Nate played with the other kids, Lauren was friends with everyone in the neighborhood and Noah was the nicest guy you could hope to meet. Yet, Nathan's father led a secret lifestyle. While not as well known as many of the famous superhumans around today, his father had been a notorious super villain in his time. He had used his ill-gotten wealth to keep his family in luxury and had managed to keep his true identity secret right up until the day of his death. Even Noah's family had no idea of his illegal activities. All was well for Nathan and his family who went lived in peaceful ignorance until just after his ninth birthday, when the life he knew was taken from him. On that day, the young child watched in horror as his father was brutally defeated, unmasked and finally killed by a superhero, live on the news. To all who watched, it was clearly a case of self defense, a hero defending himself against a villain. That is, all save for the one small boy who would only remember it as the unjustified murder of his father.

With Noah's identity no longer a secret, his assets were seized and his wife and child were left ostracized and practically destitute. With little other choice, they left the country and moved in with Lauren's sister in the United States. For the next eight years, Nathan struggled to adjust to his new home and would constantly get into fights with others his age. He built up a reputation amongst locals as a trouble maker and often butted heads with the authorities, having been arrested for a number of misdemeanors, including minor theft, assault and vandalism. It was the death of his mother though, that finally drove him to commit his first murder. In a scene that had been burned into his memory just as much as his father's death, Nathan had come home to find his mother in a pool of blood on the ground and an unknown man standing over her. In the resulting scuffle, the intruder had been made the first victim of Nathan's, until then, untapped superhuman abilities. The unsuspecting man roasted alive and the apartment went up in flames. With the loss of his mother, his home torched and his newly discovered powers, the teenager was understandably frightened and confused. Fleeing the state, he went to Chicago.

On his own and with few options, Nathan did whatever he could to make a living, including boosting cars, burglary and performing other less than legal odd jobs. It was during this time that he'd started training himself, both physically and with his new-found powers. However, due to the volatile and unstable nature of his fire, mastering them to where he wouldn't endanger everything around him proved to be a great task. It took just over five years of blood, sweat and tears before he felt confident that he wouldn't burn down everything and everyone in his line of sight when so much as trying to light a candle. Upon finishing his self assigned training, Nathan followed in his father's footsteps and invented his own super-villain identity. Calling himself Bonfire, he began a new criminal career.

The Powers

Power 1:
Fire Manipulation
Bonfire's foremost ability is the power to control fire. He is capable of generating flames from anywhere on his body, which may then be shaped, shifted and directed in a multitude of ways. Though he isn't limited to manipulating fire which he himself has created. Some of the ways in which he can utilize this power include throwing fireballs, forming streams of flame and crafting basic fire constructs. He also is able to drastically increase the temperature of any part of his body to a searing degree. Along with these offensive abilities, Bonfire has an immunity to fire in all its natural forms (Remaining possibly vulnerable to unnatural/magical flames), and to extreme heat.

Power 2:
Smoke Manipulation
Much more subtle a threat than when wielding flames, Bonfire has complete control over smoke. As well as being able to generate smoke as he does with fire, he can also manipulate plumes of smoke to change their shape and density. Smoke, however, lacks the destructive force that fire possesses and is mostly useful for smokescreens, though it can suffocate those caught in it for too long.

Power 3:
Smoke Mimicry
His greatest form of defense is his smoke mimicry, letting him shift his entire body, or individual body parts, into smoke and back. Naturally, once made of smoke it becomes impossible for him to physically interact with objects with any real degree of force. In turn though, this also means he is invulnerable to most attacks. He can only remain in his smoke form for a limited time in combat situations (Two posts). Once returning to physical form, Bonfire is incapable of becoming smoke right away again (Two post cooldown).

Ability 1:8 (Fire Control)
Ability 2:5 (Smoke Control)
Ability 3:2 (Smoke Mimicry)
Fighting Skills:4


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Bonfire Empty Re: Bonfire

Post by Arcana on October 9th 2013, 4:52 pm

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