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Everyone Makes Mistakes! [Redux]

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Re: Everyone Makes Mistakes! [Redux]

Post by Sim on November 26th 2013, 3:07 pm

The toll watched the woman don the bird mask impassively, jotting a few scribbles down into his notepad before waving her along.  "Next in line!" He called out flatly while attending to some additional scribbling. He looked up to Helia and the sound of his pencil lead snapping penetrated the still air. His eyes first went wide with surprise, then focused into an apathetic look of contempt on the masked girl. He continued to stare at her wordless as he inserted the broken pencil into a groove in his teeth and rotated it several times before removing a resharpened pencil and jotting down something very brief. "hmph. Very poor taste, very poor taste indeed child. I suppose you lot are too young to remember the dream-eater, still very poor taste. Quite offensive. The greatest tragedy known to the world, best never to mention it much less wear it...haaarumph!" The toll poured all the indignation one possibly could into a single sound. "Still, it's a change nonetheless so go on." He waved the young girl on. "Hurry, and take that awful face with you. Next in line!"

The toll was much more pleased with the change he got from Brandon. "There's a good lad, better to change into something handsome I think." He said, waving him through and attending to the last two in line. He waved them through as well, seemingly unfazed by their theatrics. "Yes, everything seems in order." He told Miracle boy as he scribbled furiously. "A good proper day to the lot of you." he said before disappearing back into his hut to do god-knows-what. Aurora greeted them all with a smile, the masks disappearing as soon as they were no longer necessary. Aurora breathed a sigh of relief as they did, as if the mask's continued existence put a physical strain on her. "Well now that that's over with, we can-" Aurora's voice cut off as she looked at another person, a stranger, crossing the bridge they had just stood on. In contrast to everything else here, he seemed very much to be a normal man dressed in a large grey trench coat and matching dark grey fedora. He walked with his hands in his pockets onto the bridge.

"Run." Aurora said quietly, her gaze fixed on the man. "We have to go!" She said abruptly, turning and flying across the ground the opposite direction from the bridge not looking to see if her comrades were following. "Just follow me, c'mon!"


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Re: Everyone Makes Mistakes! [Redux]

Post by The Nekromonga on December 5th 2013, 7:51 pm

Shauna followed Aurora, keeping pace with her as she crossed the bridge. She suddenly freaked out at the sight of a figure in a coat and fedora some distance back. Shauna kept up, and asked, "...And, who might that be?" While Aurora would come up with an answer, Shauna looked back at the figure herself, using her enhanced vision to zoom in and get a closer look at him- and underneath the clothes too if need be.

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Re: Everyone Makes Mistakes! [Redux]

Post by creator on January 17th 2014, 9:08 pm

Helia wasted no time in keeping up with the princess. Her fog slipped behind her like a snake blending in a field of grass. She looked behind her at the weird man. It was weird but she couldn't look away from him. However then she hit a tree and came back to face the princess. She shook her head and ran to the princesses side.




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