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Megareus Character App

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Megareus Character App

Post by Count Solar on September 23rd 2013, 6:05 am

Whoever came up with the phrase ‘You only live once’ obviously never met me

Basic Biography

Real Name: Megareus
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: N/A
Title: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 1,912
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Malakovian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue-Grey
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 215 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks




The Legacy

Whie he could have originally been described as Lawful Neutral, he has lost less and less of his humanity over the years. And with each death, even more is lost. Now he is closer to a Neutral Evil, as it is all about him. Only his interests matter to him, and he’ll be damned if others try and step over him. However, he has learned that having a hot head gets you killed, and so he tends to keep his feelings on such matters to himself, waiting for the right time to strike back.

In a realm far away from ours, there lived three races: the Lyrican, the Malkav and the Marol. The Lyrican were akin to Angels, with their extreme power and morality. The Marol were humans, and had all of the vices and virtues of humanity. The Malkav, however, were not like Demons, as one would expect. There were good and bad, moral and immoral. They had powers that tended to be the opposite of the Lyricans; While the Lyricans had the manipulation of light, the Malkav controlled darkness.

There was a leader for each of the races; Heralin, Queen of the Lyrican, Marethil. Queen of the Marol, and Nir’Al, King of the Malkav. There existed a certain harmony between the groups, and they supported each other economically and in times of crisis. That all changed with the rise of Lirrath. Lirrath was a Malkav, but he was far stronger than any of his brethren. He led an army of evil Malkav, and overthrew Nir’Al.
Lirrath conquered neighboring lands, invading the kingdoms of Marethil and Heralin.

He declared that he would control all, and any who stood in his way would perish. He took both Heralin and Marethil’s kingdoms by force, and subjected their people to his will. Heralin died in the fight against Lirrath, but Marethil survived. She was taken by Lirrath as his unwilling wife. They spawned one child, and she died during childbirth.

That child did not have the powers of a normal Malkav, as he was half Marol. However, he was still half Malkav, and had their physical abilities, and his were far more advanced than normal. He had the longevity of a Malkav, but, like his physical prowess, it was improved upon. While he could still die, it appeared he could not remain dead.

His father named him Eldrin, which meant ‘The Destruction of Light’. He raised him to be the perfect heir, and hoped to have him replace him one day. However, it became apparent by Eldrin’s twenty-seventh birthday that, unlike every other Malkav, he could not  manipulate the energy manifested within darkness. That infuriated Lirrith; he was the ruler of all life, and yet his son was a freak! It was horribly ironic.
To spare himself the shame of having to admit his son was inferior to the rest of the species, he planned to have him killed. The assassination was carried out by slipping an untraceable poison without a cure into Elrdin’s meal.

Eldrin died, and life carried on for the next several months. Lirrath took another wife, a Malkav this time, to ensure that his heir had all of his power. However, there was a flaw in Lirrath’s plan, one hat he could not have foreseen. Eldrin lacked the power to control darkness, but there was a good reason for that. The energy that provided the power to manipulate the shadows was  deep within him, far deeper than it should have been. It was imbibed within his essence itself, part of his “soul”. So while his human body was destroyed, his essence was not destroyed, and his body was slowly reformed. Except this time, he had slightly less Marol within him.

Eldrin returned to the kingdom, stronger this time. For when he lost more of his Marolity, he  lost some of their weaknesses. and a small amount of his morality. He would have fought Lirrath right then, but he knew that he was not yet strong enough to take him on alone. So he bided his time, forming alliances with the enemies of Lirrath, of which there was never any shortage He slowly raised up a rebellion, and then he declared war on his father.
The war was pretty even, until Lirrath began to recruit help. Ancient monstrosities that had been hidden away for millennia. Eldrin’s army was quickly defeated, and Eldrin himstelf died in the line of duty.

This time it took only a few months for him to return, and he was amazed. While it had been a shock to resurrect once, twice was almost incomprehensible. After a few hours, he came to acknowledge that he had been gifted with another chance at freeing his people, and that it was a chance he must take.
Most of his army had lived, taken as slaves by Lirrath. Eldrin freed most of them, and built up a larger army than before, siding with several small rebel groups, and a few renegade armies. Normally he would not have trusted the renegades, but he was desperate, and any enemy of Lirrath’s was an ally to him.

It was a long and desperate war, with both sides suffering severe casualties. After almost a year of fighting, Lirrath’s army had been defeated (for the most part) and all that remained was to take the evil king’s castle, and defeat him personally.

However, upon arrival to the castle it was discovered that Lirrath had fled. This greatly disappointed Eldrin, as he had hoped to watch his father die, but it was still a victory nonetheless. He returned the lands to their rightful owners, and appointed one of his lieutenants as the king of the Malkav. Afterwards, he left the castle discreetly. He was not made to lead, preferring to stay on the sidelines, and do things his way.

While traveling away from the castle, he was captured by a rogue band of Malkav, who had served directly under Lirrath. They outnumbered him by a few dozen, and he was easily overtaken. They tortured him ruthlessly  for a few days, before he died.

This time it took him approximately two months to be reborn, and like each previous rebirth he was stronger than the he was before. He hunted down what was left of  his assailants, and, as the group had appeared to have disbanded, killed them off one by one.

Eldrin was extremely tired of being killed, so he disappeared. Changing his name to Megareus, he became a bounty hunter of sorts, doing whatever needed to be done in the darker sides of the three kingdoms. These “jobs” led him to meet several “interesting” people, one of whom told him a way to escape this realm, and to start anew somewhere else. Megareus scoffed at this; there were no realms beside the one they resided in.

She spoke of places so magnificent, however,  that he had to at least see if it was true. With a doubtful mindset, he traveled to the place she had instructed him to, and was both elated and worried. There in a cave underground was a large black “thing”, which could best be described as a portal. It appeared to be a tunnel with no end, and a slight humming sound could be heard from within it.

Megareus approached it cautiously, until he stood within a few feet of the portal. He examined it for a few minutes. debating on whether or not to go inside of it. Once he had made up his mind to do so, and took a step forward, a blinding orange light filled the room, and then disappeared as quickly as it came, taking Megareus with it.

A few seconds later, but dimensions apart, Megareus walked out of a cave onto the side of Mount Etna. He glanced around, taking in the sights around him. Apparently the old woman spoke the truth. He was surrounded by what appeared to be Marol, though their skin was slightly darker, and they spoke a strange language.

He has blended in with humanity for almost two millennia now. Moving from Rome, to England, to Spain, to Central America, and finally to America. He performs tasks that others would shirk from, so long as they pay well.

The Powers

Power 1: Heightened senses

Intelligence: N/A
Occult: 8
Strength: 5
Speed: 5
Durability: 5
Ability: 1
Fighting Skills: 6
Magic: N/A
Spells: N/A
Flight: N/A
Wealth: 1





Links are in that nifty little character thing, next to mah Skype Kitty Face

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Re: Megareus Character App

Post by Arcana on September 23rd 2013, 5:08 pm

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