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A Small California Town with a Psychiatric Hospital

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Re: A Small California Town with a Psychiatric Hospital

Post by Ani on October 30th 2013, 10:29 pm

Charlie gave Zell the stink eye, "Ok, I am not THAT impaired.” She understood that he wasn’t being mean, just being concerned for her well being. The walk back to the hospital was nice; Charlie pointed things out to her new friend. Waving to several people who greeted her and offering a quick smile. That was the thing Charlie had to get used to every day. Every living thing seemed to know her, which she felt, was quite odd.

Upon reaching the cafeteria, Charlie demonstrated how one scanned their wrist band in order to get food and drink. Carefully she balanced her tray and made her way over to her seat. A cookie clutched between her teeth as well as chocolate milk in the left hand. During the process Charlie had showed him what foods he could have and what ones he couldn’t. Then she veered him away from the medication.

“See, that wasn’t too hard.” Charlie praised, taking a bite of her sandwich.


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Re: A Small California Town with a Psychiatric Hospital

Post by Zell on November 7th 2013, 7:43 pm

"Nah I guess not huh?" he said with an innocent little toothy grin before he started to look around and soak in his surroundings. He started to hum a little melody as he began to nom, and literally nom the sandwich. As in he went all cookie monster on this thing. Granted he had never really eaten for some berry's. With his food gone he looked around and began to take in little things, one of them being a poster that said "Do what's right". Granted it said to recycle, but Ouro didn't really notice that. His eyebrows scrunched and he looked to his plate.

      "Do what's right huh? Well what is right?" HE thought to himself. Maybe his memory impaired friend might be able to help him understand this little phrase or concept.


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Re: A Small California Town with a Psychiatric Hospital

Post by Ani on November 7th 2013, 8:49 pm

Charlie flashed him a dimpled smile, “As long as they don’t try and chalk you up on meds you should be okay.”

She half laughed at Zell swallowing the food with gusto. “A little hungry?”
She asked him before starting on her sandwich. Tuna Fish was her personal favorite, especially toasted tuna. Yum. Then she noticed his eyes were fixed on a poster and Charlie looked over, intently staring at it too until she couldn’t understand what he found so fascinating with an very old recycle paper.

“Whatcha lookin at Motzart?” She inquired, taking another bite of sandwich. “Or rather thinking about?”
It seemed to be causing the poor guy physical pain.

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