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Titan Lore {WIP}

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Titan Lore {WIP} Empty Titan Lore {WIP}

Post by Arcana September 6th 2013, 12:38 am

Basic Titan information
First of all, the race's name is pronounced Ti'taen. The Titans are beings that reside within a dark plane of existence that they refer to as The Abyss. These beings hold a close tie to both death and the concept of darkness, and as such have been known to feed off the energy produced by the death of  sentient beings They hold a powerful connection with a substance within their own realm, one that seems to come in abundance from there, as well as when death occurs. They call this substence Nether, since it resembles the element itself so closely. Their dominance over either Nether or shadows is unparalleled, and their physiology is also strange, considering that they are capable of making their body become a fine mist of nether, one with the shadows around them and sometimes even move through the shadows themselves. Their affiliation with this dark energy is strange and seems to stretch farther than any known sentient being. They base rank upon a Titan's true form, which can rank from bestial to humanoid, with the latter being the highest of ranking. Some are even known to be tall, making their name as Titan a true title, and all full Titans are covered in strange black markings. These markings seeming to signify a pact of sorts with darkness itself.

Titan  Diet
Titans rarely eat, and what they do eat is unknown. From what can be surmised, they feed off of pure Nether, and as such seem to grow stronger around scenes of death and carnage. Which explains why they do not eat in their home realm,since it is so ripe with nether that they need not even kill in order to feed, but that is not the case for beings such as Half-Titans, who are only half, and not fully composed of Nether. However, it has been noted that Titans are capable of eating human food, but that it provides no nutrients to them, the opposite being true for their half kin. Half Titans can consume both nether and solid food, gaining nutrition from both.

Titan Physiology
Titans are composed of pure nether given a physical form, as such they are capable of dispersing into a mist composed of Nether, and avoid physical harm, though when corporeal they can be harmed by normal means. They are capable of many things, including superhuman strength, speed, durability, umbrakinesis, nether manipulation, necromancy or anything of that nature. Their range is nearly limitless when it comes to powers, and they naturally hold a sway over Titans and beings of lower ranking than their own. All Titans are also attuned to Nether and as such, they can feel death around them, whether that be from beings that are slowly dying to heavy concentrations of Nether. Life energies also taking a heavy toll on them. Aether the very energy of the gods and life energies resonate with them, and can be seen as a sort of drug.

Titan Hierarchy

Lesser beings: There are many beings that are set within this category, but the foremost of them is humanity. Titan's view lesser beings as animals, and usually use them as servants, and occasionally a food source, usually feeding off of the Nether that their deaths create. Lesser Beings have no rights within The Abyss, and unless their owners look upon them favorably, they are likely to face abuse. Humans, lesser metahumans, animals and the meager creatures that lurk under the rocks of the Abyss are put into this category.

Shades: They are the lowest of the rankings that are actually recognized within The Abyss, and are usually composed of Metahumans of medium power, vampires, creatures of the night and The Weakest Titans. They hold menial position within the court of power at the center of the realm, and usually are the grunts of the Titan army. Titans of this rank have a true form that is animalistic in nature, and usually with the least amount of intelligence. What puts them above Lesser Beings is their heritage and power.

Thrall: These are the third lowest of the rankings within The Abyss. Usually Metahumans with large amounts of power, as well as those chosen by the highest rank are set within this rank. They have control over Lesser beings as well as a few Shades. This is also where Titans with more humanoid forms find themselves, and they make up most of the Lieutenants of the Abyssal army. Their intelligence ranges from average to genius and this is also where all Titan hybrids are in ranking.

The Acursed:These are the third highest within the hierarchy and perhaps one of the more deadly of the hierarchy. At this stage is where power is key, and perhaps mandatory. Most of the armies generals are this rank, as well as the Titans that are closest to being humanoid, and perhaps some that are fully humanoid. They hold sway over all of the Shades, Lesser beings as well as a few of The Thralls. These are permitted to see the monarch without going through a lengthy process, though they are not allowed weapons on their persons.

The Dark Gods: This is a name for those that are chosen to be in The highest ranks personal counsil. They hold large amounts of authority, and perhaps absolute authority over anyone of a lower rank than themselves, All of them have a humanoid form, and as such seem to look down upon those who do not. Usually those of this rank are highly intelligent and have a powerful sway over Nether, shadows or whatever element it is that they use.

The Abyssal One: This is the rank that is held by the ruler over The Abyss, and they hold the most power both politically as well as power wise. Usually this right is only for those of the regal blood, and they are able to control everyone within The Abyss with a word. The one that currently holds this title is a Titan older than the Earth itself, though he is nearing his end and as such it will pass onto Sean.

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