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Dragons, Demons and cat kicking (closed to Dantoon)

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Dragons, Demons and cat kicking (closed to Dantoon) Empty Dragons, Demons and cat kicking (closed to Dantoon)

Post by Zell September 1st 2013, 12:42 am

     I always wondered what it meant when they said that Chaos was the beginning of understanding. Was it supposed to be profound, and explain how Chaos was the only reason that anyone would seek to understand it? Or was it simply the fact that chaos did offer explanations for events. It’s a conundrum, a total Charlie foxtrot. That’s why I love it I suppose…. I really need to stop letting Salone leave me alone. It gives me too much time to think. I need a better hobby…ah!

     While Salone is away, the Yam shall play! I scurried about her house, peeking up over corners, expecting Penny to somehow appear out of nowhere, as she apparently loved to do to me. I swear to Fate, the woman really has teleportation powers and just didn’t share them with us! I hopped up onto the counter, crouched down like spider-man as I scanned the area in my swimsuit. I sniffed the air, trying to pick up a scent…any scent that would lead me towards the secret Salone didn’t want me to know about. With a wry smirk I lay to the ground, stuck my nose on it and sniffed the carpet. My arms we’re down at my sides and I arched up a little and began ‘walking’ forwards to discover the source of the smell.

     I found myself propelled to the threshold of her bedroom. I sat at it like a dog and my eyes narrowed with an annoyed sense of dejection. They WOULD have to be behind the chamber doors. So bad did I just want to break those weak wooden things down and find out the source of the pleasant odor…wait a tick! I can’t find out what it is because the door is closed…but her window is open! Haha! Jake one, life zero!

     I made my way out into the yard and made my way over to the side of the house, where Salone’s bedroom window was. I rubbed my hands together and let out a little laugh as I plotted to get up there and learn the secret identity of the smell. Using m soul-armor claws I scaled the tree, and went to the branch that was so cliché as to almost out reach for her bedroom.  Once there I peered in, almost curious as to the wonders I might behold in the ever elusive habitat of the rare Salone Newton. Needless enough to say as I peered in, I saw absolutely nothing, but instead hit my head off the window and fell into the thorny rose bush at the base of the house. I yelped and hollered as I leapt from the rose bush, picking thorns from my skin and my swimsuit. You win this time Salone…

     I would spend the rest of my day in L.A, mostly just trying to find more clothing, because, as always I seem to have a lack of it. I can’t tell you how many times some random person came up wanting me to do odd things…like being their body guard, or dancing. With my new outfit on, I laughed at how similar it was to the last one I wore. Black jean jacket and black jeans, black biker goggles and black gloves with no shirt and a strange desire to kick a kitten through a field goal….wait, what? It took me a second to realize that that feeling stemmed from a great deal of mental chaos and conflict... Time to get this party started!

Dragons, Demons and cat kicking (closed to Dantoon) Samhai10

"Gone from light, lead astray. Soul turned to darkness in a single day. Lead me back to the light. Killing me...the only way to set things right."
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Dragons, Demons and cat kicking (closed to Dantoon) Empty Re: Dragons, Demons and cat kicking (closed to Dantoon)

Post by dantoon September 1st 2013, 1:48 am

Micky was all alone in the corner of some stinking alley. But wasn't he always alone? Was the fact that he was alone really worth mentioning? Well he wasn't completely alone. This thing, this abomination that lived in his head, whispered to him every night. It was slowly driving him insane. A whole year spent on finding someone who knew something about his condition, with no sign of progress. He had been to all sorts of people for information about the monster in him, but none of them had any answers. He needed to get rid of it somehow, it was the only he really wanted. He was losing hope at this point, but he still needed to give it a shot, he needed to give it his all.

The voice in his head once again whispered to him. It was talking to him again, it's cold voice tempting him.RELEASE ME. UNLEASH YOUR PAIN ON THESE LESSER BEINGS. Micky forced himself to suppress the voice that spoke to him, causing him great pain. His resistance did nothing more than garble the beast's message. As Micky's head felt like it was going to burst, he stumbled around the alleyway, fighting a battle in his mind. His legs gave away, and he felt his body changing. Micky fought against it with all his willpower, his mind still fighting when his body all but relented.

His body kept on changing, but with one final burst of will, the pain stopped. Micky was completely drained, the effort caused his body to give away, and a fell on face, simply relieved that he didn't lose control. He wasn't going to give up, he just couldn't.

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