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Misaki Mae

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Misaki Mae

Post by Nine Tails on August 25th 2013, 5:17 am

Misaki Mae
The Nine Tailed Fox

Basic Biography

Real Name: Misaki Mae
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Villain
Title: The Kitsune
Alignment: Foxy
Age: 934
Gender: Female
Race: Kitsune
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 107
Blood type: Very Foxy

The Looks


The Legacy


Misaki Mae whispers lies into the ears of those powerful enough to garner her attention.  Little is known as to her exact origins and less is divulged through her flattery and poisoned words.  The greatest of plans unfoil before her gaze and the coffers of empires empty to her whims.  

Hidden inside of her methods lie her intentions of avarice.  Raveled out of sight like the nine tails she keeps hidden through magical guise.  Anyone discerning truth from her lies can spot her true identity when she goes invisible, but only the truly keep and astute know of what they should be trying to look for.  

Her greed has grown into an all consuming lust for power.  Subtlety keeps her motives and public image away from anyone wishing to pry into her life.  When the fox wishes to hunt, it does so at night, and the best fox makes it so the farmer never knows he lost a chicken.  


Time makes mountains of dirt mounds and gods of insects.  So does it grant intelligence to the sly.  While the beginnings of the tales of the nameless fox would revolve around the basic instincts of creatures without self awareness acting out of their own interest, sometimes a soul finds its way into the being of such a creature.  It began to incubate for years, growing in stature and culminating power.  

Living in the darkness of the forest for hundreds of years, Misaki finally came to give herself a name.  Embracing her magics and newly formed body, Misaki Mae entered the fiefdoms surrounding feudal Japan.  Greed and callous honor soaked through blood of the wretched and called for the primal instinct of the newly sentient Misaki.  

The wills of men follow their own delusions and succumb quickly when others supplant their aspiration by hanging unachievable goals over the chasms of defeat.  One by one Misaki whispered into the ears of those who found her appealing and those who tried to see through her found themselves in dire straights.  Everyone partakes in such magnificent ways of laying out their own destruction and take such pride in walking the path without hesitation.

Centuries past.  Misaki accumulated a trove of riches, a collection of ears, and an understanding for magic.  With her tails wrapping around different fronts to keep the true factors hidden, Misaki garnered means of taking more of what she sought to take.  But, it began to come at a price.  All the ill gotten gains and misguided leaders only satisfied her so much.  She began to wish to understand what the limits to power in this world could be-- and how she could lay claim to them.

The Powers

Power 1:

Nigh Invincible - Misaki has gained an uncanny immunity to most damage and aging.  She brushes off all but the greatest of attacks and adversaries.

Power 2:

Occult knowledge - Misaki accumulated a mastery knowledge of other worldy sciences and has devised ways of addressing her knowledge into her means of operating.

Power 1:

Not Alone- Misaki fills the surrounding area with the natural ambient noise of the forest for 2 turns.

Power 2:

Keen Senses-  Misaki sharpens her senses and hones in on a target.  While active, Misaki can see through natural darkness and clouds of gas for 1 post, 2 if invisible or target is marked, 3 if both.

Power 3:

Slick- Misaki conjures an oil slick on the ground.  It starts at a five foot puddle and grows by five feet for two more turns, maxing at 3 turns in total.  Anyone slipping on the oil will glow with the same mark from Fox Fire.

Power 4:

Invisibility- Misaki can disappear from sight.  Her steps leave no trace, but her footsteps, however light, can still be heard.  2 post duration

Power 5:

Fox Fire- Sends a burning bolt to a target.  Even if the bolt misses in its full capacity, any contact with the heat will cause the target to glow for 2 posts.

Power 6:

Shadow Bind- Can ensnare a medium sized person for a total of 2 posts.  If Misaki is invisible or the target is under the condition of fox fire, the duration is increased to 3, 4 if both are present.

Power 7

Spirit Claws- A set of retractable claws able to penetrate very hard surfaces and armors. Any contact with the blades will allow the flow of the Fox Fire mark to paint over the target.

Power 8

Perfume Cloud- A cloud of pleasant smelling aromas within a perfume bag.  Anyone making physical contact with the cloud will gain the same mark as her Fox Fire and will knockout susceptible targets who remain in the gas and allow her to enter their dream state in her fox form.  Can fill a small area after 1 post, a medium area after 2, and a large area after 3.

Power 9/b]

Misaki uses her ring to channel kitsune spirits into a mechanical device, overloading it and damaging anyone connected or using the device.

[b]Weakness 1:

Other World Power- If cut off from Chukashudo Misaki loses her powers

Weakness 2:

Planner- Misaki sets up intricate plans and will not directly attack heroes if her plans are foiled

Weakness 3

Underlings- Misaki acts through underlings and minions with far less power than herself who will give away her plans

Weakness 4

Silver Weakness- Silver will get around her nigh invincibility

Weakness 5

Fire disruption- Fire disrupts the flow between her and the realm of Chukashudo

Weakness 6

Hatred for Shapeshifters- She will go out of her way to harm any shapeshifter

Weakness 7

Hatred for Hunters- Misaki will enact revenge for being hunted as a fox

Weakness 8

Over Thinking- Misaki assumes dumb people are just playing it down and must make overly complicated plans to dispose of them

Weakness 9

Day Walker- Powers decline in intensity during the day

Weakness 10

Dragon Hatred- Misaki will go out of her carefully calculated plans to destroy dragons.

RP Mechanic(s):

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Reaction 1
Endurance 2
Agility 3
Strength 4

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Re: Misaki Mae

Post by Samael Christensen on August 26th 2013, 1:47 am

Approved until stated otherwise

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