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Ethereal Withdrawals [Arte]

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Re: Ethereal Withdrawals [Arte]

Post by Arcana on September 12th 2013, 8:15 pm

So his name was weird, was it? ”Once again, it addiction, not addition, though I doubt you know what addition is either.” He reaction to his expelling more of his Nether annoyed him, perhaps since she acted like someone would react to another person expelling waste in front of them. ”As I said, addiction is a terrible thing. Its like.... a hunger that will never be satisfied, no matter how much you consume. In fact, the more you consume, the more you need to until you end up destroying yourself, but you do it because fulfilling that hunger is the most blissful thing you will ever feel.” If she understood what he said or not, did not matter. ”And I cannot stop it, like you cannot stop pissing when your bladder is full.” he added with a wry smirk. ”Now I have other places to be, and someone i'm expecting. So unless you have something else you want to...ask.” Part of him found the inquiries entertaining, and at the same time annoying.

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Re: Ethereal Withdrawals [Arte]

Post by Artemis on September 12th 2013, 8:41 pm

Artemis listened to Sean's explanation. It kinda maybe made sense. Either way the kid was weird. He asked if she had anymore questions and Artemis shook her head. "Nope." She shifted into a bird and took off. This boy interested her, and she wanted to see what he would do once she was 'gone'. It's not like she had anywhere to be.

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Re: Ethereal Withdrawals [Arte]

Post by Arcana on September 17th 2013, 10:37 pm

Sean raised an eyebrow, perhaps a little confused that the fount of questions that was the woman had simply relented and left. It was a small distraction from his daily suffering, but then again he was sure that would end soon enough, when he met that man once again. Sean stepped from the alleyway, letting off more of the excess Nether running its course through his body, his markings seeming to pulse with a certain stinging sensation. ”Now then, I have places to go, and I can't keep him waiting.” With that he would be on his way through the city, until the found him something substantial to consume. While he could gain nourishment from Nether, being a half breed made food a necessity still.
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