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A Purrfect Reveal

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A Purrfect Reveal Empty A Purrfect Reveal

Post by Samify August 14th 2013, 3:42 pm

Another day had passed and Sam was returning home after defeating a local gang and letting the police force handle putting them into their jail cells. Sam climbed to the roof of his apartment complex with ease; he looked down onto the street as passers by continued with their lives as if everything was ok. Sam’s life was far from ok though, sure he lives in a much better place than he did, but he had already been tested on by a group of crazy scientist people who took who knows what from him, scars still covered his back from it all, his social life was not doing so well either, he kissed a girl he liked and she didn’t like him back in the same way, always a painful moment but Sam was still trying to look past it, for the moment though he just wanted to return home and be back in a normal, relaxing space, he dropped down off of the roof and caught a glimpse of his apartment as he passed it, and suddenly he was inside, teleportation had great perks, he could not have wished for a better power. He reached into his pocket of his fancy new suit that was given to him by Abraxis for his co-operation, he loved the new suit as it was much more durable than his old one, this one made him look like a real hero and not someone who just dresses up and acts like one, he looked pretty badass. Amber shot up when she saw him enter the apartment, she probably did not understand why he could just appear and disappear whenever he wanted, she probably thought all humans could do it. She walked over to him and rubbed by his legs as he checked his phone and saw he had no messages or calls from anyone, he didn’t expect much either, he only had two friends in the whole country, one of them being a cat. He threw his phone onto his hallway table and it slammed down onto the floor, he looked around to see that there was not actually a table there at all. “But… I swear that is where my table used to be… Was I burgled?...” No he was not, the table had just been moved to the opposite side of the hallway, “Why is it over there?... Did someone break in and just move the table?” Sam was extremely confused as most people could probably tell from the look on his face, he grabbed the table and moved it back to where it originally was, he picked up the phone off the ground and checked to see if it still worked, after that he placed the phone carefully onto the table and moved further into his house. All of his furniture had been moved!... He had everything where he wanted it to be, but it was as if he had just walked into a whole new apartment, it was not as if it had been tossed around though, it had been placed into a whole new formation, his couch now faced the window with the TV placed in front of it, his tables and lamps had been moved around and not to mention all of the food in his cupboards have been sorted into a specific order.

Sam stepped back out of the kitchen with the same expression he had when he first entered the apartment, there was no sign of anyone breaking in or breaking their way back out again, he looked to Amber as if she was going to give an explanation, but she simply yawned, a yawn that was so contagious that Sam caught it too, it was getting late and he would have to deal with it all later, but he felt very uneasy as he entered his bed, all kinds of names and faces ran through his mind, the most obvious culprit was Salone, she had a key and she could enter and exit as she wished, and she has the right sense of humour to do something like this. Sam was about to drift off to sleep, happy that he had figured out who was messing with him, when he shot up after hearing some plates knocking together in his kitchen. Had the person behind this returned? Seeds of doubt slipped into Sam’s mind as he wondered if it was actually Salone. He slowly and quietly opened the door to his bedroom and began walking towards the kitchen area, the noise continued; reassuring Sam that whoever it was is still there. He leaned around the corner and peered through the door, the lights were off and he could not see a thing, he reached around the doorway and felt around for the light switch, when he found it, he flipped it and was met by someone he did not expect.

An 18 year old girl turned to look at him with the same expression he had on his face, shock. She had blonde, almost white hair with two big, beautiful different colour eyes, a rare thing to find with people, and even after the first time he had seen her, he thought he recognised her. “Erm… Who are you?...” he asked, still cautious of why she was here.

Do you not recognise me Sam?” she asked, with a smile on her face, whoever this was had been waiting for this moment for some time and she appeared to be enjoying herself.

How do you know my name?… A better question is why are you in my house at this time of night, I think you need to leave” Sam replied, still not trusting her, and this riddle she came up with made him even more confused, he searched through his brain, trying to match the face to a name, he still wasn't quite sure who she was.

Why should I leave, I live here” This was beyond a joke now, she must be some kind of escaped mental patient who thought she lived here or something, but then she continued with “It’s me… Amber” she put her hands behind her back playfully, the look on Sam’s face made her giggle, if she had a camera, she probably would have taken a picture of it. Sam shook his head slightly as he tried to make sense of everything that was happening “So let me get this straight, you are my cat...


You are my cat… in a human form…

Yes” she continued to laugh as she couldn’t understand why it was so difficult for Sam to understand. But it did begin to make more sense as he thought about it, Amber had been more interactive with him lately, she was answering his questions with actions and had different opinions on different people, maybe it was her, but Sam had a way of knowing for sure. “Ok then, I have a friend who comes round from time to time, what is her name?” he had everything riding on this question, if she did not know, she was not Amber, easy.

Well that would be Salone silly” she answered, she was sure of herself aswell because she knew she was right. “Holy moly you are my cat in a human form…” Sam said, finally believing what the mysterious girl had been saying all this time, he put his hand on his forehead as he continued trying to make sense of it “Wh-… Bu-… Why didn’t you tell me before?” he asked, barely getting out his question because he was shaking so much. She stepped towards him and replied “Even I did not know Sam! It was only the past few days when I have been able to do it, and technically you have known the whole time; when the pancakes disappeared, the table in the hall not being where it should be and all of the furniture being moved around, that was me! I thought it would make our apartment look a bit better, I even found some flowers and made this place look a little bit more girly” The mystery of the moving furniture had been solved and it was his cat all along, who knew. Sam admitted to himself that the apartment did look slightly better than it did, but he was not a huge fan of the flowers, he turned his back to her as he said “So now I have a cat who has the ability to also look like a human being… What choices did I make in life to get me to this point?” he asked rhetorically, he turned back around to see Amber as a cat, sitting in front of him and looking up at him, she then leaped up onto his shoulder and began to lick the side of his face playfully. As of that point, there was no longer any places in his life that he could deem as “normal”, after getting over everything that they discussed, the two of them had a chat on Sam’s couch, neither of them realized how long they had been talking and laughing until they noticed the sun rising from the window, that was the cue to go to sleep, as strange as it was, they both said goodnight to each other, Amber returned to her cat form to sleep, and Sam returned to his bed to try his best to sleep, he doubted he would be able to get any though.
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