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Meteo's Experience

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Meteo's Experience Empty Meteo's Experience

Post by 404NameNotFound August 12th 2013, 8:52 am

Name: Meteo, Fire Reignited

Power Point Gain (2/8)

Wealth Point Gain (1/4)

Experience Used:

Purchase 2 power points. 1 for DUR, 1 for SPD; cost = 25 EXP.
Purchase 1 wealth point; cost = 10 EXP.

35 Spent of 46 XP
11 XP left over.

Experience Calculations:

Salvaged Experience from previous account:
Xyron, Fallen Angel - 10173 Words = 20 Xp with 173 Remainder:

Chainer Ixid, The Black Katana - 932 Words = 1XP and 432 Remainder:

Entrance to the Arena - 447 Words
The Arena - 485 Words

Meteo, The Fiery Stray - 8414 Words = 16 XP and 414 Remainer:

The following threads were accidentally deleted from the forum. My posts have been provided, for Word Count purposes.
An Angel Possessed - 1006 Words = 2 XP and 6 Remainder:
Xyron was sitting at his desk, pieces of technology scattered across the room. His normal robes hung on only half his body, displaying his right arm and wing to the air. A few feathers were missing from his outstretched wing, but not enough to limit his movement if he was required to fly anytime soon. A large magnifying glass with a light in the rim hung from the wall, bending over to illuminate what he was working on. As Shamgarel walked in, Xyron looked up. He mumbled something, but the screwdriver in his mouth muffled the sound. He replaced the solder and iron he had in his hands, and then removed the other utinsel.

"My apologies. I have my hands full at the moment. I have been trying to find the key to Tenshi's disappearing act, as you requested." Xyron paused and waved a hand. A book flew off the shelf and floated right up to Sham's hand. "There's my notes so far. I've tried a few different approaches, but no luck. I've tried to hide them chemically, magically, and technologically, but to no avail. The fields reqiure too much energy to mantain long enough to be any use. My equations are yielding no possible solutions, and even the magical chants and such have failed. I am nearing wits end, to be entirely truthful. I am starting to believe her unique ability may in fact be directly tied to the origin of her powers." Xyron stretched his wing out before he folded onto his back, shifting his robes to cover it again. "I have been trying to find out a little bit more about her, but i havent really had the chance to catch up with her. And my time here has not yet warranted me the privilige of perusing the profile documents." Xyron used one hand to push away fro the desk, using his chair to roll across the cold tile floor. The room itself was sparcely decorated, as he still had to real possesions to add. He reached the other side of the room and used his powers to snag a dry erase marker. He was about to write something, but then stopped. He turned back to Sham inquisitively. "You seem to know her fairly well, perhaps you could shed some light on the topic?"
Xyron blinked a few times as Tenshi entered the room. He immediately stood and walked over, extending his hand. "You must be the infamous Tenshi. I do apologize for not being able to meet you earlier, but I have been busy attending to all the affairs of a newly initiated GUN member. I also apologize if this seems a little strange. As the only member of the Hand of Justice capable of perfectly hiding your wings, your ability comes at great interest to the rest of us. Being able to walk among the crowds of the humans without drawing stares or solliciting rude comments. Or even going undercover for that matter." Xyron motioned to the bed and to a chair in the corner, offering them both a place to sit. He then walked back to his desk and retrieved a small plate-like device. He turned back to Tenshi and Shamgarel, turning it on. Within moments his entire left arm vanished. "I have devised numerous ways to disguise the wings, but not make them disappear altogether. So, Tenshi, now that we are graced with your presence perhaps you could share some insight into our plight?" The device whirred, and slowly ceased working. His arm faded back into view and Xyron removed the plate from his arm with a sigh. He mumbled a few "Stunted battery life" and such to himself before he tossed the object to the side.
At first, Xyron wondered to himself what Tenshi was thinking about. She seemed distant, like she had something important on her mind. Just as he was about to inquire, Tenshi spoke up. He was about to thank her for the compliment, but then he heard THAT name. His face blanched and his fists balled up, breaking the pencil in his hand. He paused for a moment as his head started ringing and spots danced in front of his eyes. HE was the reason Xyron had been banished. HE was the reason Xyron couldn't return home. HE was the sole antagonist of Xyron's life. He turned to Shamgarel without opening his eyes. "I would ask you, dearest friend, to never again speak that name in my prescence. I know it was likely a simple slip, but just the mere mention brings undesirable memories." Eventually, his pulse returned to normal and he could open his eyes. "But I suppose if it is of relevance, we must hear of this visit. How is it that you became acquainted with my nemesis, Tenshi?"

Xyron looked up at her, momentarily distracted from his own memories. He appeared ready to say something, but just nodded instead. "I will, thank you Tenshi. I...need to research something on my own for a while. If you need me for any reason, you all know how to contact me. Good luck out there!" Xyron balled a fist and placed it over his chest. "Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart."

Xyron looked on, intrigued by the fact that Travis also could hide his wings. Why didnt he notice that before? Perhaps this 'Thunder Storm' also required a little research. But first, Xyron needed to focus. There were too many similarities between what Tenshi said and...well...what Xyron knew. Deep into the far recesses of his mind, Xyron could remember events very similar to Tenshi's story. If there was any chance that Tenshi's powers stemmed from that event, then there was a slight chance that Xyron could replicate it. There was a slight snag though. To prove his many theories correct, there was someone Xy needed to find. Someone very dangerous. Yes, Xyron needed to speak with Death himself - Azrael.

And he didn't plan on it being a happy reunion.
The Hand Fights Back - 2650 Words = 5 XP and 150 Remainder:
A field of blue energy materialized between Jophiel's body and the Demon's fist, blocking the attack. Xyron stepped into view, his wings folded. The energies clashing caused a breeze to drift by, which in turn caused his robes to flutter gently. He glanced quickly at the other angels, making sure that none of them were injured.

"You have the audacity to walk in to our home and assault one of our own? For a demon of your stature, I'd assumed you to be more intelligent. Surely you didnt expect to succeed..." He turned to Raide, hands and eyes glowing with holy light as his wings flared out behind him. "...against the entire Hand of Justice!"
Xyron also reacted to the threat, focusing his energy. He created a barrier that stretched from Tenshi to Cassiel. No one would fall to this demon while Xyron still drew breath. He could still feel the dark energies lingering from Raide's previous attack. If the demon was as powerful as it seemed, Xyron's barrier wouldnt be able to stop the blast completely. But it would definately slow it down enough to let the other angels escape.

"Do not be too noble, Cassiel. We can take this demon without a fatality if we just band together."
Xyron shook his head. They could not lose here, not if humanity had a chance at survival. And once he witnessed Shamgarel fly into a wall, he knew that it was falling apart at the seams. Xyron flew at Cassiel, with speed as the primary concern.

"Cassiel, quick. Turn your scope to me!" Xyron flew as fast as he could, focusing all of his energies. He used to be the angel of Miracles, and they really need one now. Perhaps if he focused all the energy manipulation at his disposal and funneled it through the glass amplifyer, he could create a barrier more powerful than even Raide's Ultimate form. It wasnt much, but it was a shot. If the barrier surrounded Raide long enough to stop his movements, perhaps the other angels' combined attacks could bring him down.

"Its now or never! We cant give up now!" He mentally added a prayer for Jophiel to hold on a little longer...
Xyron's eyes were glowing with energy. The entire fight since he called to Cassiel, he had been charging his energy. Now, with Raide distracted and Cassiel in position, everything was in order. Xyron fueled all of his powers into two separate attacks; a barrier surrounding Raide (empowered by Cassiel's scope), and a burst of holy energy that would fill the room. He released the first attack with his left hand, pointing it directly into the scope. The second attack came from his right hand, which was pointed upward. As the holy energy filled the room, it funneled downward into the angels' wounds.

An attack of this magnitude would take most of his energy, but (if successful) would temporarily bind Raide in place, and heal his allies from even the brink of Death.
As the fireballs peppered the air, Xyron began to feel the strain. His attack on Raide failed miserably, only allotting him enough time to heal his companions. And now they were severely outnumbered. His attention was wrenched from Raide as the fire demon advanced on him, screaming at him to die. Xyron expertly conserved energy, only forming barriers at angles to deflect the fireballs off course. Since he wasnt actually stopping the attack, he didnt need to invest as much energy in each deflection. His other hand was still raised up in a healing aura. It was draining him quickly, but he wouldnt give in. As long as he stood, he would make sure the others remained alive. It was his job, his duty. He was created by God to save lives. Who better to save than the heroes destined to save others?

The fireballs veered off course, blasting the wall behind him. Lucky they were reinforced from years of Heroes coming and going. Stephen had surely thought to protect them from random powers. Still, the fire was born from the depths of Hell itself. Xyron shook his head, redoubling his efforts. He was fighting in a losing battle... something needed to change fast...
Xyron continued to deflect the bullets dashing towards him like hail. Sweat began to coalesce on his forehead in little beads, revealing just how straining the two-sided energy consumption was. This fight was becoming a little too one-sided. But then he noticed Zophiel approaching from the side. This might even the odds. Continuing his quick scan of the area, Xyron noticed that everything was going to hell... and for Tenshi, it was literal! But as a whole, the Angels seemed to be fully healed. In that case, it was time to start fighting back.

"It is not I who will perish this day, Demon. Our kind have fought and defeated your ilk since eternity first began. Do not let your foolish arrogance lead to believe that the outcome will be any different today." Xyron brought his healing hand in front of him, meeting his other hand directly in front of his chest. As they clapped together, a vortex of energy formed, spiraling around his hands like a cone. Xyron spread his wings out and launched towards the demon's chest. The cone served two purposes: to deflect the remaining fireballs, and to hopefully drive a blast of energy into the demons heart (if it had one). And if nothing else, it would certainly distract it from Xyron's angelic ally approaching from behind....
Xyron flapped his wings harder to push against the stream of fire, but the two seemed to be evenly matched. He thrust forward once more, and released the cone like a bullet. With the energy and strength behind it, it tore up through the middle of the fire, resuming it's inevitable path towards the demon. But as it did so, it scattered fire in all directions.

Hmm, this might get tricky... Xyron shook his head to clear out the thoughts. he mustnt lose faith. As he poured energy into the cone-turned-drill, Xyron could feel the strain. It had been a long while since he had used his powers so much. Still, if he could thwart Death to save an innocent, he could stop a demon to save his friends. The energy reserves inside doubled as he refound his reason for fighting. He wasnt going down... not here and not now.

Small pockets of energy started to form around Xyron. If the drill failed, he could always use the Demon's own tactics against him. See if the Hellspawn could think on his feet as well as an Angel could...
Xyron was a little confused about why Stephen was shouting like that, but if he was helping, Xyron couldnt care less. He redoubled his own efforts, trying to hit the Demon before it released the oncoming Nova. Between Faith, Stephen, and Xyron's combined attacks, the Demon was in for a lot of pain.

As he focused on the attack, he mentally reserved a small amount of energy. If the Nova came before the Demon fell, Xyron would need to be prepared. With a small amount of energy saved up, he could probably manage a thin shield to help protect the others.

As the fire demon fell, Xyron felt a brief wave of exhilaration wash over him. It dissipated immediately as he heard Raide’s words and witnessed Cass’s fall. As the lesser demons swarmed, Xyron flung them aside as rapidly as he could. Stephen’s blast helped clear the way as he finally made it to Cassiel’s side.

“Worry not, old friend. A demon’s words are as trustworthy as a thief in a vault. Give them no merit.” Xyron’s healing energy flowed downward into the other angel. With the energy concentrated in one individual, instead of the entire team, it was less taxing and more potent. By now, Cassiel’s wings could already be seen regrowing, and his wounds sealing. But Xyron could sense the dejection on the other’s face. “Do not think for a second that you are forsaken. You are a warrior of God, and are instrument to His will. You are needed here, with your friends. And do not be so quick to give up on Tenshi, especially while Shamgarel yet draws breath.” As Xyron kneeled, he looked over at Stephen.

“Speaking of our angelic compatriot, perhaps you should rush to his aid, Stephen. That dragon seems to be almost more than he can handle. Cassiel and I will catch up shortly.” A demon ran up to Xyron’s side, ready to attack. Xyron’s head never moved, though his eyes flashed blue temporarily. The demon immediately reversed direction and became airborne, letting out an almost comical screech. Xyron resumed healing as if nothing had happened. “I will defend Cassiel and myself in the interim, so go!”
Xyron shook his head. "You say you left God to help us, but he sent YOU to help us. Will you refuse His command? Would you forsake God and abandon us? I'm stuck here on this Earth for breaking His will and saving an innocent. What then would He do to you for breaking His will only to give up on others?" Cassiel's wounds were healed, even if his spirit remained in pieces. "I was an angel of miracles, the harbringer of Peace and a healer. Yet even here I have been forced to fight villains, crooks, scoundrels, and demons. Do not presume to think that I of all people was made for fighting. I feel the pain of everything around me, yet I am standing here in the midst of Armeggeddon. The least you can do is can back to your feet and help!"

Xyron glanced over at the scope at Shamgarel's feet and shook his head. "We dont need you for your scope, or even for your powers. We need you because you are our ally... our friend. And Tenshi needs you now as well. She needs YOU, and me, and Sham, and everyone. Will you forsake her too?"
Xyron smiled. "Ah, there's the Cassiel we know!" Xyron flung his hands outward, blasting at a few of the demons approaching the barrier. The less the demons beat on the barrier, the less energy Stephen would be forced to expend. Another came from behind, but Xyron shot a thin beam of energy and pierced the demon's skull {Headshot, Running Riot, lol}.

"What exactly did you have in mind?"
Xyron smiled. It was good to have Cass back, even if he had been gone for sucha small amount of time. At the word 'Go,' Xyron burst off the ground. Sure enough, the demons each reacted just as Cassiel had predicted. So with a sure hand and steady wing, Xyron managed to avoid getting hit as he raced towards Shamgarel. He shot upwards, narrowly avoiding a swipe from a demon's claw. He blasted a beam of energy, clearing the path for a few more seconds. Another attack came, but Xyron tucked in his wings and narrowly ducked underneath the assaillant's arm. As he regained altitude, he found himself between the Dragon and Shamgarel, heading right for the fireball! Cassiel's instructions worked perfectly!

Xyron tensed his wings, preparing to shoot like an arrow into the side of the fireball. Just before collision, he formed a barrier around himself like a set of armor. He dove into it at max speed, at least skewing the path enough to make it miss Shamgarel.

"Shamgarel, now's your chance!"
Xyron was lucky. Far luckier than he had ever credited himself for. After coating himself with his energy armor, he was already prepared for the Dragon's attack... even if he never saw it coming. He was slammed into the floor with a grunt, struggling to keep his shield up and avoid being crushed. After a few seconds, he heard the dragon roar, and the pressure let up just ever so slightly, as the dragon shot a fireball. Xyron pressed upwards, and a small sliver of light came into view. Doubling his efforts, Xyron managed to widen the crack and slip his hand through. Almost immediately, he felt Cassiel's hand close around his and lift him from his dark prison. The crack was slim, however, and Xyron had to drop his shield to fit through. Even so, he ended up cutting his arm on the jagged tile marking the edge of the crater. By the time they reached the Dragon's back, the wound had already sealed and had began to heal.

"We need to take this guy down, quick. Otherwise, there will be nothing left of our home by the time it leaves!"
After getting slammed by the dragon's tail, Xyron had flown sideways into a wall. As he was getting up, lesser demons has started to swarm again, capturing his immediate attention. Holding them off had kept him from reentering the fray, which was apparently a good thing since he was already out of Stephen's blast radius. Still, his wounds took a while to heal from a hit like that. He could feel his ribs cracking back into place as he flung the invaders all over the room. A few moments later, he painfully managed to regain his place in the air, still keeping out of Stephen's way. He closed his eyes for a moment in prayer.

"Please, let this work..."
Xyron opened his eyes to see Sham stumbling to his feet. He looked too battered to keep fighting, and he was in direct line to Stephen's ball of energy! Xyron grimaced as the light from the energy disappeared into Cassiel's scope, emerging three times more powerful from the other side. At this rate, Sham would likely be swallowed whole by the attack, along with the Dragon!

Xyron jumped into action, flinging out his wings. He pumped them once, jetting forward at break-neck speeds. Keeping one eye out for any of the dragon's tricks, Xyron swooped down to grab Sham, the healing energies that laid at the core of Xyron powers already hard at work patching up his angelic ally. He just hoped he had enough time to escape Stephen's attack...
Xyron grimaced, watching as if in slow motion as the Dragon's claw came down towards him. He had guessed something like this might happen. Prepared for the dragon's advance, Xyron rolled to the right, grabbing Shamgarel as he descended. Pushing himself harder than he ever had before, Xyron bolted towards the crater still present from when the dragon had crushed him into the ground. The energies from both his healing aura and Stephen's massive assault crackled like lightning as they counteracted each other. The Dragon’s claws slowly closed around him, too fast for the Angel of Miracles… even at his best. Xyron threw his friend towards the crater, hoping that the deep hole would be enough to shield him from the blast. Time itself seemed to slow down as the world became nothing but light and pain. It was as if they had all been transported to the surface of the sun. Xyron couldn’t tell where he was, or what had happened. All he knew was that every last iota of energy was being funneled through his body. If a single ounce of his life remained, he would try to save Shamgarel. The healing aura vanished, finally spent. The force fields that he had set up around himself (and hopefully Shamgarel) cracked and eventually crumbled under the might of the blast. The world faded into nothingness as Xyron lost consciousness.

Later, he would learn that the Dragon’s claws partially shielded him from the attack. That, coupled with his dwindling shields, barely allowed his body to avoid complete obliteration. Still, his crumpled and charred form would emerge from the blast almost completely bereft of life and all but unrecognizable. It was a miracle he survived at all.

Totals: 44 XP and 1175 Remainder

46 XP and 175 Remainder

AKA T͓̞̦̠͍͉͞h̶̼̼̝̹̯e̯̕ ̝̩̰̳G̷̼l̮͓̭͖̗͎̣i͇͍̮̘̱t̛c̷h̫̺̥̳̻͕ͅ

Vaga, The Eternal Youth
Meteo, The Fire Reignited

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