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Don't fear the Reaper [closed to pat]

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Don't fear the Reaper [closed to pat] Empty Don't fear the Reaper [closed to pat]

Post by Guest August 4th 2013, 12:09 am

Espada stalked the streets of Chicago, looking for someone, anyone causing trouble. It was the same route he normally took. He never left the shadow, in case he was to get surprised by unwanted company. He turned down
48th avenue
, and then went to West Wilhelm. Things had changed in Chicago, a lot. He ended up settling on the college there, in fact he ended up sharing a dorm room with Zell, replacing the old Braden, the one with the funny spelling. Apparently he just vanished going after some vampire or something. He was never seen again, presumed dead.
Since then Braden has been having to double-time his getting dressed and how he sneaks about at night. There were dozens of time he’s come back and Zell wasn’t even in the dorm room yet, or he was in the shower or whatever he did. There were a few nights even where while Braden was all dressed up as Espada, that he ran into Ancestor Dragon, who he knew really as his undercover dorm mate. Tonight the streets were all but quiet. There was a metahuman gang out there and this guy was on the move. He shifted through the shadows until he approached the alley where there was a trash bin with fire inside it. Same stuff different night. Espada walked across the street and placed his hands on his hips.
”So…who’s ready to die?” He asked, his voice sounded like a grisly bear making love to a German sheppard. It was like the dark knight kind of changing his voice. He wasn’t the most creative guy. He was creative in killing them though. They all moved a step and all their heads came off. Espada had silently used his shadow power and wrapped a very strong and sharp hair thin line around all their necks and when they all moved he just pulled on it and the blood flew. Once again, another group of metahumans dead, no proof of Braden having been there at all. He just turned and walked away, headed back to the dorm room, maybe if he was lucky he could slip back in while Zell was still out wherever he was.

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Don't fear the Reaper [closed to pat] Empty Re: Don't fear the Reaper [closed to pat]

Post by The Bolt August 4th 2013, 12:42 am

It was nighttime in Chicago, and reaper was sent there with a singular mission in mind. Dominus had given her the file in advance, and she had been reading it on the chopper ride over there. A potent umbrakinetic with what seemed like the ability to meld with the shadows, and that was what only added danger to him. How this power worked, what its  limitations were however were not defined, so she would have to use a little imagination on that part. It was short admittedly, the report on this Espada but enough for Reaper to get a good feel of what to expect when confronting him.

The location for the drop off would be near the usual prowling location of a small, almost harmless metahuman gang, one that had likely formed only to ensure the protection of its members. If they killed anyone, Reaper was likely to be sent to clean them up anyway, but this was not for them. Two soldiers in their special white armor sat across from Reaper, as back up if she needed it. The engine could be heard over her thoughts, but with a few moments of concentration she could tune it out.

A single armored foot tapped against the floor, letting out a rhythm that seemed to struggle in rising against the rotor blades. ”This will be a clean mission. I want both of you to stick back while I deal with the subject, and if they begin to react violently, then you may assist me.” She said calibrating the energy processing systems of the wires, as well as her various weapons. This was of course not meant to be a confrontation, but know these meta humans there would be one. With all of them checked out, the scantily clad albino warrior stood to her feet, metallic weapons seeming to jingle.

“Approaching the drop zone. Agents prepare to be let off.”

The helicoptor was around twenty feet away from the top of the nearest building, and the agents let themselves down, before the transport went off to a safe location. Reaper knew that the location was a good block or two away, and with a swiftness challenged by few she made her way. The targets Mo seemed to be large, semi violent but otherwise harmless gangs, one of which gathered near by, though she saw that she was a little late. There was a pile of corpses and a man walking away from it. 'Cute.” She kicked one of the heads up and held it within her hand, looking at it for a moment. ”Nice work you've done here.” She walked through the carnage, an angel in the midst of hell.
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Don't fear the Reaper [closed to pat] Empty Re: Don't fear the Reaper [closed to pat]

Post by Guest August 4th 2013, 10:29 pm

Witnesses, for Espada that was like saying shadow wasn’t sneaky enough. Then again, it’s not like she had seen the murder. Ane while she wasn’t very ‘law enforcement’ looking hr friends in the armor looked tough as nails. Now if she did see it was unfortunate, because that would mean fight or flight. He was outnumbered, but it was only three to one. He’d been through similar situations, maybe even worse. Then again, Braden did just kill six guys before they could take a second step. He looked over his shoulder to see a very pale lady with her two friends. She skillfully kicked a head up and latched onto it. Apparently it was nice work.
”Sorry, no clue what you mean.” Braden said. There was no proof he did it and he wasn’t about to give anything solid now. He started to walk when a flying man came down dressed in tights and spandex. He looked like he just came out of some really weird Halloween store.
”So you gotta be the one killin all my recruits!” The rather large man said. His voice was really loud, and it gave Braden an earache. He sighed, having thought he was in the clear. Silly Braden, thinking life could be easy and other fantasy stuff like that.
[color-lightsteelblue]”Shut yo big ass up and listen. I’m saying this once. We all got a gift, and if you’re gonna go around using it acting like you’re better than anyone else, then I’m comin’ to put you in your place. Superhuman or not, right is right and wrong is wrong. This is the game we’re playin’ boi. If you wanna kill, you’re gonna get killed. Don’t like it, I don’t really care…now get out of my way.”[/color] Braden said partially trying to show off for the audience behind him. He loved audiences for every event, gave him a chance to show off and look good.
”Not gonna happen shrimp!” The large man laughed as he went to throw a massive fist at Braden. A large Shadow Hand came out of Espada’s shadow and caught the hand The fist was the size of Braden’s chest, but that didn’t change anything. This was just another number to the body count.
”So you’re responsible eh? Nice…I got a friend whop wants to meet ya…but real quick I gotta ask…are you afraid of the dark?” Braden asked he asked it being all morbid. Suddenly the arm came farther out and soon there was a large scary tentacle blobish shadow creature that opened wide. The large man was engulfed and the shadow creature disappeared into the ground, leaving no trace of the man that was there just a second ago. ”A new friend in the shadow realm.” Braden said to himself and he looked at the other three around. Well Braden knew that they saw that.

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Don't fear the Reaper [closed to pat] Empty Re: Don't fear the Reaper [closed to pat]

Post by Sponsored content

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