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Post by Sim on July 22nd 2013, 5:57 pm

The Valkyrie

Basic Biography

Real Name: Eir

Title: The Ripper
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Newborn
Gender:Female; technically genderless
Race: Construct
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'0''
Weight: 140 lbs

The Looks

Eir is physically a carbon copy of Victoria Steyr, though she does not share her "sister's" passion for fashion. Because of her masochistic habits, she often has objects such as large sailmaker's needles embedded in her skin.

The Legacy

Personality: Eir's most dominant personality traits are arrogance and sadism. Born feeling constant pain, she is now addicted to both receiving and inflicting it. Despite being extremely psychotic, she is still very much intelligent and capable of acting however she needs to to accomplish her goals. She views herself as superior to biological organisms, and as such she has the right to do what she pleases with them.  

History: Originally constructed to be a better version of the project that resulted in Victoria's construction back in WWII, She is mostly similar to Victoria in composition. Eir's human appearance is purely cosmetic. Beneath a layer of synthetic skin and hair, lies a metal frame filled with gears and wires. She is powered by the still-beating heart of a human child that lies in her chest encased in an extremely durable protective shell. She was intended to be an improvement on the original design and has magnokinetic generators in both arms and her torso that allow her to control magnetic fields. she was also constructed with all five human senses. Unfortunately due to a miscalculation her nerve endings sent constant signals of agonizing pain, and Eir's first experience upon entering the world was pain. She was sealed away until she was freed by Victoria, but was stabbed through the heart by the prince of Thrones in the struggle that ensued, and her short life ended.   She was eventually resurrected by Victoria, who she immediately turned on once again and this time escaped and began a career as a serial killer in London, the grizzly nature of her crimes has caused the media to dub the mysterious killer "The Ripper."  She has secured a small base in England which she uses to make weapons and repairs with materials and money stolen from wherever is convenient.  Her ultimate goal is the eradication of all biological organisms from the world, but since she is unaffected by age she is in no rush and for the time being enjoys inflicting pain both physical and emotional on Earth's pathetic inhabitants.

The Powers

Power 1: Magnokinesis- Magnetic Generators located In Eir's arms and torso allow her limited manipulation of magnetic fields, giving her a limited form of telekinesis (She can only affect magnetic matter.) She can also sense magnetic fields and disrupt nearby electronics such as cell phones or monitors. If the generators are damaged this power is impaired.

Power 2: Flight- Made out of metal, Eir can use her Magnokinesis to levitate freely

Intelligence: 8
Strength: 2
Speed: 2
Durability: 6
Ability: 6
Fighting Skills: 4
Flight: 2
Wealth: 1

Roleplay Sample::
Shawn was crying, but he was no longer making noise. He had been crying for hours. He had run out of tears and his vomiting turned to dry heaves, but he was still crying. He was sitting at his dining room table, a lavish spread of food in front of him. It was finer than any meal he had ever had. His wife hadn't cooked it. She had. She had tied him and his wife to the chairs they picked out when they bought this house, and spent hours cooking them dinner. Now his hands were untied so he could eat, but he was still trapped in the chair.

"You're not eating!" The blonde woman protested as she exerted an invisible force on the metal wire wrapped around his arms and forced him to lift a fork to his mouth. The food was delicious, but he had no desire to chew. His limbs were no longer his to control though, and they continued to shovel food into his mouth. Meanwhile the blonde woman knelt over his sweet Emaline with a wicked looking knife in her hands. Emaline was still making noise when she cried. She cried out in anguish as the blonde woman played her muscle fibers like a violin with the blade. She plucked each red string one by one as he watched. He tried to look away, but the blonde woman had made that impossible too. She kept screaming, all night. "Someone will hear" he kept thinking, but no one came. Even as the blonde woman peeled back more and more of Emaline's skin and spread his beloved wife across their new wood flooring.  

Emaline finally stopped breathing as the sun roze and began tos hine through a large bay window. By now she was strewn about the floor, most of her organs removed from her body but still connected to her. Eir walked over to the husband who sat motionless quietly sobbing at the table, part of his wife's brain still on the plate in front of him. He had complained so much about the food Eir took so long to cook for him, so she prepared another delicacy for him. She waved a hand in front of his face but got no response. " boring. You humans are so very fragile." She lifted her right arm and a look of pleasure washed over her face as a black spot under her skin began to move. A large sewing needle erupted from her arm's skin, and she pressed it against the man's open eye, magnetically pushing it through into his head in one stroke. the needle rattle around violently in his brain and erupted from his opposite eye, returning to Eir's hand. The man slumped over as Eir ran her tongue across the wet needle. "Your inferior race has nearly outlived its entertainment value. You will all perish..." The bay window behind Eir snapped open as if possessed, the smell of morning rushed in and was quickly smothered by the smell of death in the room.

"In due time.." Eir's departing words hung in the air as she floated out the window into the rays of the morning sun.

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Re: Eir

Post by Forceaus on July 22nd 2013, 6:09 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


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