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Xero Empty Xero

Post by Count Solar on July 17th 2013, 3:54 pm

Real Name: Xavier Xero
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Neutral
Age: 117; looks to be in mid-late thirties.
Race: Elrenian-Caucasian
Hair: Jet black
Eyes: Grey
Height: 6'6
Weight: 260 lbs
Blood type: Depends on whose body it is in

Character Image/Character Costume Image (Or Description):
Yes, he has pupils:
Xero Moridi10

Personality: Xero is the true neutral character. He will fight if he feels he has to, but not a moment sooner. However, he relishes the chance to battle, both physically and intellectually. He will usually stop when the opponent is near death, unless he feels that they deserve to die. Believes that humans are corrupt and malevolent, and can not be trusted to govern themselves. But he truly doesn't care about that, and is more concerned with the damage they are wrecking upon the Earth

Unbeknownst to Venatorus, when he was teleported there was more than just one alteration to his molecular structure. His entire DNA was duplicated, and formed an Identical clone to him, possessing all of his physical attributes, including the ability to control energy. This clone landed in Antarctica when it was teleported to Earth. After crash landing into the ice, he remained frozen there for two years, until an exploration team unearthed his body. After they freed him from the ice, they attacked him, forcing him to kill them all one by one. That was the beginning of his belief that humans are incapable of peace . After two years in the ice, his hair had turned black and his eyes grey. He hijacked the late explorers' boat and arrived in the tip of South America. Once there, he tracked down a rather wealthy man named Erik Avon, the founder of Avon corp. After revealing to Avon that he was an alien,(and proved it with the use of his power) Xero told him that he would give him one million dollars cash, along with the next ten years of stock records from the future. Of course he didn't posses either of these, but Avon had no way of knowing that. The only catch was, Avon had to give up his youngest son for painful probing and death by dissection. When Avon didn't even hesitate to say yes, Xero killed him on the spot.

That had solidified his opinion of humans as malevolent species impossible of governing themselves, or taking care of their planet. He believed that it was not their fault however, they were like rabid dogs, always looking for their next meal. He took the passwords from Avon's computer and his fingerprints, and used them to drain all of the money in Avon corp. He has since invested and formed his own company, Xero Enterprises, which manufactures everything from computer chips to high grade missiles.After faking his death twice, he is now believed to be Xavier Xero III, his own grandson. He then used his position as a respected and wealthy business man to further his goal of helping protect the Earth from humanity.

After a few years, he was approached by CORE, a sentient robot with the goal of bringing back a lost alien civilization. Intrigued, and seduced by the idea of using this to further his goals of saving the Earth, he gladly joined the organization known as Abraxis Corp, which masqueraded as a major pharmaceutical company. He quickly rose in rank, and eventually became the 2nd in command, taking orders from no one other than CORE. He usually spends his time recruiting new members, and contemplating how to further protect the Earth.

Power(s): Energy Absorption/Manipulation. Xero can absorb any form of nuclear, electrical, thermal or minor cosmic energy, and can also produce his own energy for use. This energy is then converted into Armonolin, a highly powerful and volatile energy that is the main source of power on his home planet. However, this energy is then converted into Armonolin, a powerful and volatile form of energy on his home planet. The Armonolin that comes from his body is much more powerful than that on Elrenia, and can be manipulated in an aura-like manor. Xero can use this in battle, whether it's in defense, forming it into a shield-like structure, or offense, by imbibing it within objects to make them into (or into better) weapons, or by simply throwing or striking out with the Armonolin (in a whip or lightning bolt-like form). When imbibed within an object, that item becomes not only more powerful, but extremely more durable (i.e all of his suits, as they seem to never stain or tear, even when an attack were to damage his body).

Intelligence: 8
Strength: 3
Speed: 3
Durability: 4
Ability: 8
Fighting Skills: 2
Magic: 0
Spells: 0
Flight: 0

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Count Solar
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Xero Empty Re: Xero

Post by Sim on July 19th 2013, 3:49 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.
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