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Bring it wait...I'm ready now

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Bring it wait...I'm ready now

Post by C-art on July 10th 2013, 11:00 pm

Drake looked out the window of the bus as he was heading home from the movies he had just ditched his mate and it was a normal night in Los Angeles and Drake was glad for that. Sometimes fighting crime could be quite tiring.
'Lets just hope the peace will hold out' Drake thought to himself.
Just as he thought that the doors to the bank turned to smithereens.
"Oh,crap" Drake muttered as a what looked like to be a black horse with a sapphire gem at the top of her head leaped out of the building with a it's mouth all bloodied.
It reared back and started running down a back alley to the side of the bank. People were screaming in terror and running as far as the could from the bank. Drake calmed his mind and whoosh his body came alight. There were gasps from inside the bus. Fate smashed through the roof in hot pursuit of the mad beast.

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Re: Bring it wait...I'm ready now

Post by Zell on July 10th 2013, 11:37 pm

Los Angeles, the most beloved vacation spot of spring break students. Zell Atterrius, as always, was drug here by the few friends he actually had and was at this moment haviung a conference call with the human-platform of his trusty A.I Niall. He also needed to have a quick video chat with his eloved Shara before he went out for the night. The boring repitition of these business calls were really starting to wear on the boy genius. His mind was ever ready, but the sheer annoyance that this company was taking up his time and preventing him form having a normal childhood was more inconvenient than one would think. This call had concluded and Zell rubbed his eyes while wresteling to get his white fie-beater on hm before he called his girlfriend cross the border.
    "Hey love." Zell said into the computer, quinting. Apparently Shara had fallen asleep waiting for him. He looked outside and notice an orange line on the horizon, only a peice of twine thick. He then looked to the clock and saw that it was 9:45 pm. His friends would come for him at any minute, so he closed out the call and left her a personal message. Closing his laptop, slowly and reluctantly, just hoping that she would have woken up and saw that he had called, only to call him back. He would aswear by any god that his girlfriend was a narcotic, the way she just made him gocrazy without her, the way that he wanted to tear people apart when they looked at her funny. He groaned as he set the laptop on the hotel bed and got dressed. He wore black jeans, his fire beater and his favorite black leather jacket with the Draconian Ouroboros on the back. He slipped his feet into the black boots and he went to meet his friends in the lobby.
   Zell smiled when he was greeted by the two people he had come with and he eagerly took off from the hotel, headed to the beech for a bonfire and a night to hopfully remember. The question was, could this be the one night that Zell didn't need to play hero?


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Re: Bring it wait...I'm ready now

Post by Hanna on July 10th 2013, 11:55 pm

Anya had been poisoned and she was mad. Her body was quickly re-calibrating itself because she couldn't be killed that easily and slowly it was mending. The big black unicorn dashed towards the beach, cutting across a busy road in front of a bus. A cop yelled at her at the beach side trying to get her to stop, she nickered and reared, spraying bloody mouth foam everywhere. Fire spewed out of her mouth causing people to scream and the cop's hat to catch on fire. He yelled and ran in the opposite direction, he obviously had not been expecting that.
Then she hit the sea water and she reared again in frustration, it would be hours until she would be human again. Her hooves came down with a crash and the fire in a nearby bonfire where everyone seemed to be partying shot up into the air and formed a fiery ball in the air before dissipating. With that she took off, thundering down the seaside. Unfortunately she did not see the familiar face of Zell whom she had seen at least a month ago.

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