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Growing Pains (Sim and Chelle)

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Growing Pains (Sim and Chelle) Empty Growing Pains (Sim and Chelle)

Post by Travis Traxler on July 7th 2013, 1:07 am

The wind was brutal. It whipped around the tall buildings at an alarming rate and made something of a whistling noise the whole while. People scurrying to where they were needed as they clung to whatever might get caught by the breeze. All Travis could do was sit and watch for the time being. He was in the windy city of Chicago because he had yet another appointment with some rising star scientist that wanted to take a crack at fixing him. Travis could not help but feel the man was only interested in him because he wanted some level of fame and fortune.

It was at times like these that Travis felt like nothing more than a science experiment to these people that claimed they wanted what was best for him. It was all very disconcerting. So, for the time being he just sat on a bench next to a fountain, wearing his hooded shirt low to hide his inhuman features, and waited for it to be time for his appointment. For the most part, people ignored or did not care about him being there although some did make it a point to walk around and away from where he sat.

Then a scream broke out shattering the chorus of noise from before. Travis, like everyone in the area, looked for the source of the scream but no one seemed to know where it had come from. It did not take long however for someone to find the source. A woman was hanging from a window. How she had gotten there was anyone’s guess but how she would get down had a much more narrow selection. Travis felt almost completely helpless.

What could he do to help?

Sirens broke out, the fire department was already there but the people in the street and cars halted kept them from getting any closer. The woman would not be able to rely on them. The woman was still screaming, begging for anyone to help her she did not care who human, super or God. It made no difference. Then she dropped falling faster than anyone had truly imagined.

Running as fast as he could, Travis made his way through the crowd of people. With every step he could feel himself growing in size soon ripping the clothing that he had once been using as camouflage from those around him. It did not take him long to reach his maximum height and for him the people that had gathered parted like the red sea. Once the woman was within his reach he put his hand under her and dropped it at a rate that would reduce the force of impact. He tried to give the woman a softer landing than if he had just caught her in his hand. Putting the girl down, Travis looked to the people around him who returned his look with a combination of fear and awe.

The echo of a gunshot rang out and Travis fell back. The bullet had done little to him but it had shocked him enough to recoil into the building, crashing into glass and concrete. Screaming broke out in greater volume than before as debris rained down to the crowded street below.

“He’s one of those supers that destroyed New York!” someone far below screamed out.

“Run for your life,” others yelled.

“Open fire,” was the last thing that Travis heard the police officers yell before he began his desperate departure. He jumped over some cars and he tried to be as careful as possible to not step on anybody but it was harder than expected with all the commotion. As he ran only one thing came to mind; he could not stop asking himself how this happened to him.

((627 Words))

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Travis Traxler
Travis Traxler
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Growing Pains (Sim and Chelle) Empty Re: Growing Pains (Sim and Chelle)

Post by Chellizard on July 7th 2013, 4:38 am

"Do not forget your coat this time. You've been late for dinner this whole week. I assume you have reason for going out and staying out until late."

"I do." I wait for him.

"Dinner will be done by five. If you want food, be here by four, no later or you go to bed without supper."

"Yes madame."

It pained Mirshann to be so polite, yet she was lying through her teeth to her 'caretaker.' The woman in charge of overseeing Mirshann was rude, and nasty. But only when in the lab in the basement. Only when they were in private. Swallowing back her lies, Mirshann bowed to the woman and stepped away, making her way to find Ryzo. She would leave every day, as soon as her tests were done, to wait for Oliver. It had been a few weeks since she had last saw him, but she knew he was thinking of her while she thought of him.

Peeling out of her casual, human clothes, she pulled into her battle armor. Oliver had helped her get the bracelet off. She was no longer bound, and useless. She was able to use her bow, Thir'ku Mal'rak. Holding the simple yew bow in her hand, she felt the power of her true weapon surge through her palm. Smiling to herself, she slipped the weapon around of her, and rushed through the house and out the door. Where they stayed was not far from the big fountain Miri used as a landmark, so she was there in no time flat.

Riding in on Ryzo, she clutching his massive neck fur and slowed him with a simple command. The wolf skidded to a halt, and Miri could not believe her eyes. A giant moving statue. But, was it a man? Perhaps his soul was being tormented, just like Ryzo's was. There was no time to question the people. Police sirens were blaring, and it sent her into a state of panic. She could not let someone get harmed by those annoying soldiers. But, she was taught not to kill. To prevent the giant from being stalked, she took aim to take out their tires.

Her bow came to life, iridescent energy enveloping her hands before the bow arched and curved into a different shape. A thin, nearly invisible string was now tied to the bow. Pulling back, she notched an arrow made out of the same iridescent energy. All of this power manifested from her bow. Letting the arrow go, she muttered a simple command.

"Guide my shot," and so the arrow was guided.

Against all odds, the shot was made and the police car in front went spinning out of control. The driver regained composure, but with his car fish tailed into the road, the other vehicles were halted. The giant statue, or man, was free to run. But now Mirshann had to catch up. Ryzo bolted forward, carrying him and his charge across the hoods of the police cars, and darted after the giant man.

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Growing Pains (Sim and Chelle) Empty Re: Growing Pains (Sim and Chelle)

Post by Ryo on July 8th 2013, 3:04 pm

"I thought this was how everyone in Chicago dressed."

The heavily accented voice belonged to an Asian man speaking with a young blonde. He wore a black suit and white dress shirt, with a thin black tie falling neatly down. His eyes were hidden behind sunglasses, and his long straight black hair fell from underneath a black trilby hat. Interestingly, rather than a pair of wingtips the man wore black kung fu shoes. The man happily chatted the girl up, who assumed he was an odd tourist. Just before he was able to "seal the deal" The woman ran off screaming through no fault of Ryo's. Rather it had been the strange quakes and the sound of sirens. Indeed, everyone seemed to be either running as fast as they could or frozen in place. Since everyone was running one direction, Ryo looked to see what was in the other. What he saw was a man who's choice in apparel made him stand out even more than Ryo. The fact that he was giant also did little to help him blend in. The creature would surely make a mighty warrior with its size alone, though it certainly didn't carry itself like one. It looked more like it was running, the destruction and terror it caused simply an unfortunate side effect of being much larger a man than the city had been built to accommodate.

Ryo was honorbound to protect the civilians in danger, however he did not want to rashly end the mysterious humanoid's life. He wished to ascertain its motives first but its size presented a few... complications. It was running down the street directly towards Ryo, and he could he see from here that he could not keep pace with it. Though he had no lack of stamina, as he had just been telling the young blonde, he simply could not move his legs fast enough to keep up with the giant's mighty stride. Luckily he could think quicker than he could run. Ryo reached behind him and fiddled with something under his black suit jacket that caused his black-sheathed sword to fall down to it's normal position at his waist. He ran into a nearby alley, and jumped towards a wall. He kicked off of it, sending him towards the opposite wall. He kicked off of it in midair to send him towards the other wall, and managed to scale the entire building this way. He ran across the rooftops to a suitably high point. If nothing could move as quickly as a giant, then Ryo had to ride a giant. As the gargantuan man passed by he jumped, attempting to land on his shoulder. He shouted as he flew through the air. "Do you speak, creature? Why do you terrorize this poor city?"


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