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Malcom McAlester

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Malcom McAlester

Post by Melchom on June 30th 2013, 12:58 pm

Real Name: Melchom
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Malcom McAlester
Title: Father of Lies
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 4,346
Gender: Male
Race: Devil
Hair: long, brown
Eyes:Light blue, almost colorless
Height: 6'2"
Weight:240 lbs
Blood type: ???

Character Image/Character Costume Image (Or Description):

Personality: Malcom is a devil. He has come from another dimension with the simple goal of becoming a very powerful force upon earth, which he had to attain through fear and exploitation. While he is fair when it comes to one on one combat, Malcom is also unforgiving to those who fall. He will kill an opponent while there down. At the same time, should his enemy drop there weapon, he will allow them to pick it up. He follows a code of honor. He also fights at half-capacity on most occasions(in his human form) only breaking this rule on the account that he feels he is going to die, in which case he will thrust his sword into his stomach and be transformed into his demonic form, which is extremely more adept at combat than his human form.

History: Melchom means the pay-master in the Demon tongue. Malcom is a simple adaptation of that name to suit human living. Melchom was not born, but created as all demons are, in another dimension, in a lengthy, disgusting ritual. He rose to the top of all his fellow demons shortly after creation, he was on a whole different level of evil. Soon enough, as hierarchy goes, Melchom was initiated in as a devil. Devil is the highest rank of evil entities, and as a devil, you have completely undeniable access to the human world. He used this to his advantage and has come to have a monumental sway on the lives of people in the world. He has build a foundation of wealth upon lies, extortions, bribery and murder.  The meta-human crisis has gained his attention as of late, he has been funding Dominus , but now has set his eyes on the bigger image. He desires now to buy out Dominus and wipe it from the map, enabling him to create his own foundation and increase his stranglehold on the world, by earning the favor of the metahumans of course. And any metahuman who objects will meet his fury, until he achieves supreme rule over the human world.

Power(s): Devilish: Being a super-natural entity from another dimension has its benefits. Malcom has above human reflexes and extreme knowledge of the occult.

True Form: When Malcom decides to fight at full capacity he will typically change into a more intimidating winged-demon form. While he remains constant as far as ability, he does grow horns and a plethora of demonic features.

Fighting Skills:6


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Re: Malcom McAlester

Post by Archer Roland on June 30th 2013, 1:25 pm


Archer Roland

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