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Mr. Strange

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Mr. Strange

Post by Mr. Strange on June 27th 2013, 5:00 am

Real Name: He'll run with many legal identities but the real name is both a mystery and pointless to know.
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Mr. Strange
Title: The curious fellow
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: Presumably somewhere in his 30's
Gender: Male
Race: Human?
Hair: Slick backed and black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2
Weight: 170 lbs
Blood type: ???

Character Image/Character Costume Image (Or Description): His jet black hair is slicked back and trimmed neatly. His eyes are as green as emeralds and can be very deep and captivating. His complexion falls a bit on the pale side and looking at the man you'd assume he's never done a bit of hard labor himself. He keeps his hands covered in black gloves that matches his gentlemanly looking suit. He almost looks to be of nobility with the way he stands and looks at things and at people. You can almost see your face with how bright and shiny his shoes are. His appearance is sharp but not to impress other people but rather just himself.

Personality: To people he has no interest in, he's a rather quiet bloke. Very calm, very collective, and very observant. Careful in his movement and with doctors precision, he calculates each step he takes along with next twenty or so. The man isn't right in the head. It'll be far too late for someone to understand that once he has an interest in you.

History: Little is actually known about Mr. Strange. More rumors then anything else and even those rumors are hard to come by. He's careful in covering those tracks but that doesn't mean he doesn't like his theatrics. He isn't known to be a man who wants to leave his mark in the history books, he lives in the now just as he always has been. For that reason, there isn't much of a history at all for people to dig into because it's hard to tell what he's done and what other people have took credit for. Only thing that is certain is that the man has an unyielding thirst for knowledge and all things he finds interesting.

In the past few years he's been responsible for the disappearance of quite a few meta humans and even a few special people following the archane arts. The sudden rise in these special people in the past few years has unfortunately nabbed his attention I like was never his to begin with. The color people dancing with the flaring outfits and the dangerous abilities would dance before him in his mind like a carnival act. They are all special, unique, and have brought about his interest in collecting them, and examining them. From their personalities, their unusual growths, blood samples, eyes, mind, and etc, all would be processed, scanned, examined, tested, dissected, bottled, and put on display. His research goes on and on, pulling new things from it as he goes, always digging, always cutting, so many wonderful expressions, so many wonderful reactions, so very very much to do. As he is, his research comes to a crawl. Now he has his sights set on larger corporations that make meta finding so much more easier and efficient. With choices nonetheless!

None: to be decided when/if the remaining points are ever allocated to fit a plot.

Intelligence: 8
Occult: 0
Strength: 2
Speed: 2
Durability: 2
Ability: 0
Fighting Skills: 4
Magic: 0
Spells: 0
Flight: 0
Wealth: 5 (1 freebie)
As I accumulate wealth points, I can allocate the four points spent to something else later, correct?

Points remaining: 8
I want him to be an intelligent human feared more for his mind and ideas then his strength so for now, I'll leave these 8 points untouched till later date when I decide fisticuffs should be involved.

Mr. Strange

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Re: Mr. Strange

Post by Danger on June 29th 2013, 2:28 am


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