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Koi, the Shaman King's familiar (NPC)

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Koi, the Shaman King's familiar (NPC) Empty Koi, the Shaman King's familiar (NPC)

Post by Tengri on June 16th 2013, 9:24 am


Koi, the Shaman King's familiar (NPC) SDL__Water_Spirit_by_tooaya
Tengri's little Apprentice

Basic Biography

Real Name: Li'ha Ultari
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Koi
Title: The Little Ghost, Water sprite or Rascal
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: physically 13/Actually 234
Gender: Female
Race: Mongolian Spirit
Hair: Midnight Blue
Eyes: Blue
Height: 4"9'
Weight: N/A
Blood type: N/A

The Looks
Li'Ha is a dainty little creature, pale shimmering skin topped with hair the color of the deepest ocean. The only color that crosses her youthful supple skin is the rosy tinge that touches her cheeks. She is trapped in one outfit, a traditional oriental robe that is very much part of her ethereal makeup. A cool silver-blue glow emanates off her skin, shimmering like the moon against the water. Her movements are slight, flickering limbs disappearing into the air whenever she moves. Her shoulder length hair has constant wet sheen, as if it were still moist from a swim. 

The Legacy

Personality:The spirit of Tengri's elder sister forever trapped in the body of a thirteen year old girl, Li'ha is a being whose rather unique state of existance has shaped her personality. She has a sharp tongue and a stubborn mind, speaking out when she wants to and never allowing anyone else to dictate her thoughts. She is incredibly stubborn, using her words as weapons to defend her actions and make anyone criticising her look like mere fools for doing so. By utilising her rather sassy nature and sharp mind Li'ha is easily capable of escaping danger as much as she is starting it, often provoking people for the fun of it. She takes delight in her ghostly abilities, never missing an opportunity to show them off in situations against her enemies and friends. This can be clearly linked to her upbringing as a simple farm girl, where she had never known the immense joy of possessing otherworldly powers like her little brother. 

However, in return for her less sympathetic personality traits, she is quick witted, outgoing and compassionate. She is exceedingly sympathetic with people, often forgiving those who have wronged her for the mere fact that not forgiving them would make her a hypocrite. Her troubled upbringing has shaped her perspective on people and their actions and she will often empathise with the actions of those who cause harm to her and her surroundings..believing that there is always a justifiable reason as to why they behave that way. She is a free spirit at heart and one who loves her brother and respects his dreams for peace and stability. 

History:Li'Ha was born three years before Tengri, she was his third eldest sister and his favourite sibling. The two shared a simple innocent love for one another, brother and sister playing in the fields and getting into all kinda of mischief. Tengri adored Li'Ha, so much so that leaving her for his years of shamanistic training truly was a heartbreaking experience. However Li'Ha, who was famous for her fishing, encouraged her little brother to pursue his dreams and make their family proud. So he did.

At the age of seventeen the young Tengri's supernatural powers had begun to manifest, his link to the fragments of life and death gradually becoming more potent every day that passed. Li'Ha often wrote to her little brother, encouraging him and keeping him updated on the oh-so exciting news from the village. This went on for several years, although they could not be together as a family they were still very much together in spirit. 

However, the letters soon became a much rarer occurance and by the time Li'Ha was twenty three she had fallen gravely ill, the new fever brought in from the western world setting the Mongolian villages into a disturbed panic. Never before had they witnessed such sickness and even some of the most talented healers could not comprehend the sheer foreign nature of the European diseases. Li'Ha was just one of many victims, an innocent village girl caught in Death's talons. 

Knowing his beloved sister would not last another month the young, and still learning, Tengri rushed back home, desperate to save his loved ones. The disease had already taken the lives of two of his siblings and he was not going to allow the same to happen to his favourite sister, the one who coddled and encouraged him in his adolescent years. By the time he had arrived Li'Ha had fallen into a deep slumber, the sheer stress of the sickness eroding away at her body as her mind and spirit slowly slipped from existence. Knowing his powers were still relatively immature Tengri could only do one thing and one thing only, attempt to resurrect his comatose sister into another spirit, a stand-in body so that she would not pass away. 

Endless days and tireless nights of searching for the fragment of Li'ha's consciousness was a greatly challenging task for the young shaman. He could not risk resurrecting her for fear she would come back as a brain dead shell of her former self. Tengri tirelessly searched for the spark of his sister when finally, after four days of sitting by her bedside Li'ha's soul finally separated from her body, entering a momentary limbo as the fledgling shaman desperately attempted to keep it in the living world. His emotions were a mess, the fear of losing his sister and failing everything he had ever learnt would surely haunt him if this did not succeed. 

But it did.

Li'ha returned, not as a twenty three year old woman but in the form of a thirteen year old girl, a ghost that lingered on the edge of existence. Whislt his beloved sibling no longer looked the same she was very much the same person, bossy, exuberant and loving. This new form was intimately tied to the element of water, Tengri's own theory believing his sister had ascended to be a spiritual embodiment of water itself. He had succeeded and although it took several months to understand her new powers and state of being Li'Ha ultimately chose to stay by her brothers side. A lingering spirit, always there to encourage and tease, the last 'living' relative that he had left. Although their roles have slowly switched over time, Tengri now taking the role as 'elder sibling' his ebullient sibling always reminds him to retain his humility and the love for the planet that made him such a beautiful child. 

Ever since her resurrection Li'Ha has stayed by her brother's side, keeping him informed about the happenings of the land and often assisting him with the business sides of the Hope Organisation. 

The Powers

Water Spirit - Li'Ha now has the physiology of a spirit and this no longer needs oxygen, sleep or food to survive. She has an immense affinity with the element of water and can submerge herself in any liquid without requiring air or goggles to see. She is disconnected from the physical plane as much as she embodies it and her powers are simple examples to her unique state of being.

  • Intangibility (8 Abi) - being a spirit Li'Ha is very much an ethereal creature and as such cannot be touched. She can phase through barriers, confines and thick walls and does not require the oxygen to survive within the masses she can effortlessly pass through.
  • Koi Fish (4 Abi) - little blue spirits that act exactly like their real world counterparts. They are agile and 'swim' in the air surrounding Li'Ha, nipping at anything tasty looking. She can create the koi fish from the vapour in the air and use them as speedy little projectiles. They burst upon impact like very fast and furious water balloons.
  • Water affinity (RP mechanic) - Due to her state as a water spirit Li'Ha can walk on water and shrug off many water based attacks.

Occult: 3
Strength: 1
Speed: 3
Durability: 3
Ability: 8 (Intangibility)
Ability: 4 (Koi Fish)
Fighting Skills: 3
Flight: 1



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Koi, the Shaman King's familiar (NPC) Empty Re: Koi, the Shaman King's familiar (NPC)

Post by Forceaus on June 18th 2013, 9:52 pm

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