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Tengri Ultari, the Shaman King

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tengri - Tengri Ultari, the Shaman King  Empty Tengri Ultari, the Shaman King

Post by Tengri on June 12th 2013, 5:19 am

Tengri Ultari

tengri - Tengri Ultari, the Shaman King  Shaman10
I will conquer everything that seeks to destroy this world. I will be the protector of the weak and the leader for the lost and that I swear until my last breath escapes these lungs

Basic Biography

Real Name: Tengri Ultari 
Hero Name: The Shaman King
Title: The Provider, Humanitarian of the Year, He who speaks to the Dead or Father Sky
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Biologically 46/Actual Age 231/Spiritually 1263 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Mongolian Metahuman (Possible ties to the soul stream)
Hair: Black/Silver/Deep blue depending on the occasion 
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 lbs
Blood type: A -

The Looks

Tengri is a willowy man, graceful with his movements all the while retaining a raw gruffness to his appearance. His skin is blessed with a dark tan, tested from the years of toiling away under the sun in various villages and farms. For a middle aged man he is relatively fit, constantly seen with a warm grin and a little hop in his lengthy strides, always taking a chance to exercise when he has it. Tengri's hair, which is often left down, is a billowing stream of black, white and blue as has an almost ethereal sheen to it. His jawline is square and his brow is strong, thin lips often pursed into a thoughtful line or a content grin. The facial hair is neatly trimmed, framing the lower half of his face. Healthy eating has allowed the man to retain much of his youth and it is only through his rather old fashioned, and very traditional, choices of clothing that give away his age.

By most accounts Tengri is a strangely handsome fellow, his dark Asiatic features tied into his refined manliness standing out amongst the billowing white robes he chooses to adorn himself with. Tengri is almost always seen with a collection of oriental jewellery, beads adorn his hair and ancient rings cling to his earthy fingers. When not in his traditional gear the man will opt for a more modern suit and tie, knowing it best to dress like so when addressing a western audience. His posture is always straight yet languid, the casual grandiose air that clings to him often making this admittedly strange fellow exceedingly alluring. 

The Legacy

Personality: Disciplined. Selfless. Wily. Culinary Master. Tengri is a humanitarian with a heart of gold and the determination of a warlord. He is quite literally the physical embodiment of fierce righteousness and a man who will go to whatever lengths to ensure the well being of the planet and its people. Having grown up in a impoverished and underprivileged environment Tengri intimately knows the value of generosity and kindness, that mankind is so dependant on acts of goodness to the point that he vowed to forever and always protect those in poverty and assist those in need. He is a man who ignores racial/class boundaries and extends his helping hand to those who require his assistance, always hoping to make the lives of those he blesses all the more easy. 

Whilst his powers are great, and truthfully they are, he does not rely on them to make the world that bit more healthier or happier. Tengri utilises his leadership skills, bountiful wisdom and quiet yet firm assertiveness when bringing charity to those who need it, often finding that the simplest gestures always leave the biggest impact. Villages without rain shall be granted torrents, crops that are weak shall flourish and the lingering darkness that desperately digs its talons into the earth will be vanquished to the very corners of existence, that is the man's oath and one he has held onto ever since his early teenage years. He is a ferocious guardian of the lost, protector of all that is good and pure and will stand form even in the face of adversity, no matter how daunting such a task may be. 

Aside from his passion for relief work and assisting others Tengri is quite a laid back individual, slow to anger and wise with his words, always available for a meaningful conversation or witty banter. Whilst he may present himself as a graceful almost ethereal man he is quite a clumsy individual, although he does try his best to hide it. His good natured air of humility and generosity are at the forefront of who he is as a person, never will he overstate his accomplishments or his powers and he is very well knowledgable of his weaknesses and shortcomings. When in battle he will always hold a semblance of respect for an opponent, never utilising his full power unless they force him to or the lives of innocents are at risk. It is often that he rarely ever chooses the violent road, for violence leads to pain and destruction and that is the last thing he wants to impart, regardless of how villainous his enemies are. This does not constitute for naivety however and he will not underestimate a situation without properly assessing what it is that he is tackling. 

Tengri is a man who represents the modest nobility and kindness of eras forgotten, possessing a bottomless pit of wisdom for those who should ever seek it. His life is in service of the earth and its goodness, a firm believer that hope still exists in this broken age and one who practices what he preaches. He is very much a man of the people and won't allow social or cultural bias to cloud his vision, for that would be unkind and bring dishonour to his lineage. He seeks to bring peace where his ancestors brought war and if that involves sharing a bowl of rice or helping a farmer shovel away mounds of soil then it will be done. 

Oh, and he loves his noodles. 


"I've conquered for you, a large empire. But my life was too short to leave the whole world to you." uttered Genghis Khan with his dying breath, passing on his legacy to his children and his children's children. One of the most feared conquerers to have ever lived died never seeing his ultimate wish fulfilled, the world as his own and within his reach. It is not to say that there was no prophetic importance to his last utterance, far from it in fact because several centuries later in a small Mongolian village a child was born, with direct lineage to the infamous warlord of old.

Tengri Ultari was born amidst the mountainous rice paddies of Mongolia, a child amongst 7 and the youngest of the group. He was a beloved son, diligent in his work and faithful to his family, always doing what was best for the wellbeing of his village and it's people. Whilst his childhood involved a most blissful appreciation for nature and all it's beauty the threat of hunger and disease lurked the corners of the lives of his loved ones. The family was completely dependant on the rain to nourish their crops and provide a source of hydration, if the summer storms were to pass by then there was little chance of a great harvest. Life was hard like that, the wheels of industrialisation had only begun to churn in the western world and Tengri was still living in relative squalor, surviving off measly portions of rice and fruit for much of his childhood. 

Knowing that their children would not survive the summer solstice Tengri's parents sold them to a travelling shaman, not only to gain an education but to also provide some form of wealth to the impoverished family. Whilst all the siblings were diligent in their study none were quite as gifted as the young Tengri, who at the fresh age of 12 thought it best to take the spiritual road of enlightenment for the rest of his life, a personal quest which somehow alienated the boy but provide him with some comfort during times of turmoil. He stayed with the Shaman well past the contract his parents made with the magical figure, and when his elder siblings returned to toil in the farms he was travelling the countryside, widening the girth of his knowledge and the powers that lay dormant within his body.

Years of hard study and providing money and medicine for his village eventually paid off during one night of isolation. The night was warm and the moon was nowhere to be seen, the constellations twinkled across the pitch black sky, staring down at the young Tengri who was out memorising his zodiacs. It was then, during a moment of absolute silence that he heard a voice manifest within his mind. A kind voice, a gruff voice. It was not speaking to him, not even about him ; the voice was a battle cry, an impassioned plea to an empire long gone. The voice of Genghis Khan. 

Completely stunned with this startling new development the boy pleaded with his teacher to explain what was happening. The explanation was a simple one, his spirit was tied to the spirits of his ancestors and the very earth itself. If he were to train this ability he would hear the songs of the dead and the embers of life that were scattered across the land. Tengri was the fabled child that his warlord ancestor had prayed for, a Mongolian to change the world. Unlike his fearsome deceased relative Tengri knew his responsibility was to uphold the safety and well being of the earth and its people, never would he seek to destroy like so many before him.

Decades past and Tengri's powers had only become more potent, his link to the fibres of death and life so powerful that he would have conversations with those who were part of his lineage. This was a particularly comforting experience when his family passed away from natural causes, he lived on a young man whilst they were taken by the grip of a comforting death. Tengri would converse with his parents and siblings, show them the world through his eyes and promise them that he was going to make the Ulari family proud. 

By the turn of the twenty first century Tengri had quickly established himself as a master of the occult, an exceedingly gifted metahuman with abilities like none other. He stayed true to his promise to his family and himself and eventually created a non-profit organisation known as the 'Hope organisation', a humanitarian group which assisted the poor and provided relief work for war torn or other devastated areas. Tengri was the figurehead, although he left much of the legal and marketing aspects to more gifted individuals, he preferred to practise in the field firsthand. He blesses people with joy and comfort, providing them with food and clothes and other necessities, never forgetting how humility and kindness were the keys to his success. 

To this day Tengri has fed the hungry and defended the poor, always ensuring that the earth is a shred happier than it last was. His powers are for the people and the environment, and he will defend and protect at all costs. 

The Powers and Abilities


Nigh Ascension - Tengri has reached a stage of enlightenment which essentially grants him access to a higher plane of existence, even though he is still tied to the physical realm. His powers are the culmination of thousands of generations and thus he is capable of not only merging his conscious with that of his ancestors but manipulate the very fibres of life and death itself, he can summon the dead and heal the living. The souls of the departed resonate within Tengri, his spirit sensitive to the bonds and links that cannot be seen, regardless of whether they be from deceased humans, animals or plants. His sensitivity to the unknown surpasses many and as such his powers are equally frightening as they are wondrous. 

  • Resurrection Field (10 ABI) - A power that can bring hope as easily as it can bring horror, Tengri's resurrection field spans an area of 100 metres and can completely transform the very earth he stands on. His link to the fragments of life that lay dormant within the fibres of existence is so potent that he is capable of resurrecting the dead, whether they be human, animal or plant. However, for this to work on a deceased human they must not pass the maximum of 3 days being dead, if they have surpassed this limit then he is incapable of resurrecting them...only reanimating them as undead corpses. That is where his power can be utilised for beautifully horrifying displays of superhuman feats. By activating his resurrection field Tengri can revert a dead or decaying environment into one that is flourishing and full of life. He cannot manipulate the plants, only boost their growth. Unlike the flourishing plant life, Tengri can reanimate the corpses of undead humans and animals, creatures that are completely subject to his will. Tengri has full control of the undead horde and most often than not manipulates them into a collective monstrosity, capable of swarming an opponent like a nightmarish tidal wave of supernaturally enhanced bone and flesh. He can will the mass of corpses to become his limbs and strike with the fluidity of water and the ravenousness of a pack of zombies. He can separate the corpses to fight on their own, and whilst doing this is rare, they do have their own grid. 

Singular corpse - Beast (lvl 6 summon):

Fighting Skills:3

Singular corpse - Human (lvl 8 summon):

Fighting Skills:4

Undead Horde - His most used (lvl 10 summon):

Fighting Skills:6

  • Healing Winds (6 ABI) - A power which is blessing to those whom he uses this power on, and one which grants life in a much more passive and less horrific way than his corpse army. It is how it sounds, Tengri's healing winds are supernaturally powered gusts of wind that can sweep across the land rejuvenating sickness and disease. If one were to fall under this enchanted wind all of their ailments will rapidly heal, as if the wind is blowing them out. He is easily capable of healing multiple people at once and can even select who and what the winds heal. 
  • Ancestral merging (2 ABI - Grid Transformation) - Tengri's connection to his ancestors, spanning from Genghis Khan to the original 'Tengri', is so intertwined within his being that he can merge their powers and experience within his body, resulting in a grid shift. He can evoke their experiences and ask for knowledge, summoning the wisdom of those who have passed on and using that to both guide himself and others to peace. 
  • Pseudo Immortality (RP Mechanic) - Whilst this isn't technically a power it is heavily linked to his connection to the higher plane of existence. Years of healthy eating and positive thinking have naturally granted Tengri a youthful appearance, this is only made all the more obvious due to his heavily decreased ageing. He can summon the endless supply of life from his ancestors and impart it into his own body, slowing down his ageing and giving him a constant boost in vitality. He can still be killed by normal means however, although that is quite a challenge.  
  • Flight (2) - It is quite simple, the Mongolian Shaman can fly. Years of practise and patience have pulled off allowing Tengri to manoeuvre through the sky like a bird, twirling through the clouds and soaring across the land, always keeping an eye out for those in need. 

Nigh Ascension (Ancestral form) - with the combined powers of those who have gone before him Tengri can supernaturally shift his powers to reflect a more pure state. The collective experience, intelligence and power of his ancestors get siphoned into his body and behave like a hive mind, till the point that he says 'we' instead of 'I'. His powers are reflective of the first of his line, the original Tengri, Lord of the sky. In this form the shaman has complete control of water and air and as such can create rain clouds and other natural phenomena. 

  • Water manipulation (8 ABI) - Tengri is granted control over the element of water, allowing him to mould, control and devastate with the liquid of life. A power that can be used for renewal as easily as it can be used for destruction, often taking the forms of constantly shifting and contorting weaponry. He can summon the vapour within the air to be used as a weapon or manipulate large bodies of water without much fuss. Combined with his air manipulation he can create heavy rain, floods and monsoons. 
  • Air manipulation (8 ABI) - Similarly, Tengri has been granted control over the element of air, the power that the orginal Lord of the sky possessed. He can manipulate air molecules thus allowing him to create the most gentlest breeze to large and overwhelming tornadoes. Combined with his water manipulation the shaman king can create vicious storms and hurricanes, only utilising such dangerous tactics if he has no other option. 
  • Flight (2) - similar to his standard form Tengri has the gift of flight, his body completely in tune with the motions and movement of the sky. 

Shamanism (10 OCC) - Even before going into to who Tengri is and does, one has to understand his shamanistic worldview, which is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces and spirits which affect the lives of the living, the elements and nature in general. Everything has potential to gain awareness and/or consciousness. 

A shaman is someone who has both ability and training/knowledge to both perceive the spirits and their effects andhow to contact and manipulate them, either by bargaining, tricking, or forcing them to abide by the shaman's will. Thus Tengri's main ability is contacting the spirits and sending their spirit outside to roam the world or enter other levels of existence. By manipulating the spirit-world, he can direct the spirits use of their abilities and powers for his behalf in a vast variety of ways. Such power often takes the form of items or trinkets and Tengri has quite a collection.

Abilities (RP mechanics!)

  • Omnilingual - Years of patient study, hard work and diligence have allowed Tengri the rare ability to speak in other tongues. The width of his knowledge of language is so broad that he is capable of conversing in even the most ancient of languages; this made possible by utilising the knowledge of his ancestors.
  • Master Strategist - Whilst the Shaman King is very much a man of peace and pacifism he is no fool either. His intellect in the battlefield is almost second to none and he is easily capable of conjuring wily plans to smite an opposing force. He has the keen ruthlessness of Genghis Khan and the mercy of a priest so attempting to fight him often proves to be a grand challenge. 
  • Culinary master - Tengri loves his food. Two hundred plus years of living and he still marvels at human ingenuity when it comes to the creation of tasty morsels and yummy treats. He is well versed in the flavours of the world and has a keen taste for almost anything. Noodles being his number 1.


Powerpoint transferral :
Points transferred from Cilian, Cornelius and Dr Krähe

Standard Grid
Ability:10 (Resurrection field)
Ability:6 (Healing winds)
Ability:2 (Ancestral merging)
Fighting Skills:2
Wealth: 1

The Ancestors Grid
Ability: 8 (Air Manipulation)
Ability: 8 (Water Manipulation)
Ability:2 (Human Form)
Fighting Skills: 2
Wealth: 1



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tengri - Tengri Ultari, the Shaman King  Empty Re: Tengri Ultari, the Shaman King

Post by Forceaus on June 15th 2013, 8:14 pm

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