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Samhain Exp. Sheet

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Samhain Exp. Sheet Empty Samhain Exp. Sheet

Post by Zell June 4th 2013, 11:24 pm


Experience Sheet

Experience Spent/Gained



5 EXP: True Freedom
10 EXP: Minion: Blood Tithe
15 EXP: Minion: Memento Mori
20 EXP:
25 EXP:
30 EXP:
35 EXP:
40 EXP:
45 EXP:

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- Fool me Once... (6741 W.C)
-Looking for Innocence (Dead) (4887 W.C)
-Devoid (4280 W.C)
 -College ROCKS! (7420 W.C)
-For the greater good...I guess? (2894 W.C)
-It All Comes Down To This (2847 W.C)
- Battle for Glory (Dead) (3838 W.C)
- The First Step (5189 W.C)
-Beach Party (dead) (2563 W.C)
- I love this bar  * 25 Xp Max 
- Darkness Everlasting (8161 W.C)
- Contained Chaos  * 25 Xp Max
- Welcome Home 25 Xp max 
- Near the River (1993 W.C)
- When worlds collide (10372 W.C)
- Black as Death  *25 XP Max
- Dance with the Devil (6670 W.C)
- Sowing the Seeds (4552 W.C)
-Let's go to prison (4483 W.C)
-Final destination, A final plea (6790 W.C)
- Fall from Grace (19031 W.C) *25 XP Max
- Crowns cast Aside *25 XP Max
-Gateway to another Dimension (2418 W.C)
-Escape the Fate *25 max.
-What doesn't kill you... (12,005 W.C)
-Take away this ball and chain (3541 W.C)
- The Spirit and the Scientist *Dead* (5203 W.C)
-Welcome to the Abyss *Quest* (6110 W.C)
-The beginning of a new era (5557 W.C)
- Archon to Ashes (7719 W.C)
- White Silence (20832 W.C)
-Armageddon (4075 W.C)
-Bad Blood (13241 W.C)
- It's the great pumpkin! (2xXP) (10362*2= 20724 W.C) - 41XP  Bonus: +50 XP 91XP total.  


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Family and Friends


Lucifer ~ Object of Obsession
Orpheus Reinhardt ~ Creation
Dante Amuri ~ Caretaker
Nihilus ~ Creation/Master
The Automatron ~ Saviour


Lucius Alba ~ The leader of Rise
Travis Masters ~ The subject of distain
Zak Megaton ~ The subject of betrayal
Queen Rochelle Takiero ~ The reluctant ally


Michael Atterrius ~ The object of hatred, sworn venegnce.
The Archon ~ The greatest threat.
Sean Collins ~ The hub of danger
Niall ~ The remnant of Ragnarox
Raziel ~ The source of my woes

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Samhain Exp. Sheet Samhai10

Samhain Exp. Sheet Untitl10

"Gone from light, lead astray. Soul turned to darkness in a single day. Lead me back to the light. Killing me...the only way to set things right."
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The Once and Future King

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Samhain Exp. Sheet Empty Re: Samhain Exp. Sheet

Post by Silus March 10th 2015, 3:03 am

Character Purchased.
  The Seraph (300 XP)

Samhain Exp. Sheet Lucife10
Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Status :

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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Samhain Exp. Sheet Empty Re: Samhain Exp. Sheet

Post by Zell July 27th 2015, 8:42 pm

Advancement I: True Freedom!:
True Freedom
Advancement Description: Samhain's time in this realm has further been solidified, allowing him to actually further make use of his eldritch phsyiology in more interesting ways. This being the ability to stand apart from known concepts.
Advancement Abilities: Allows Samhain to take actions that have absolutely no consequence in any form of conventional concepts. Concepts being things such as aging, (time), or natural order. Please read the examples below for a more thorough overview.

(An example is given for each application of this power)
Example 1:  Red Tide is in the hospital. Samhain would be able to utilize his intangibility to reach through and put Red Tide's brain into his chest cavity and then put his heart in his cranium. Despite doing this, Lucius still lives, defying conventional logic. Or he could throw an apple in the air and it would freeze in air, or float away unaffected by gravity.

Example 1 (part 2): He could step through a portal and not be transported through the portal to the other side, he could literally just step through it, entirely uneffectd. This is explained through a unique use of his intangibility.

Example 2: Samhain takes one step, yet ends up all the way across the world. This of course only takes place off screen and has no influence on combat other to escape. Usage in combat is just an RP exlanation for his teleportation ability.

Example 3: Samhain doesn't age, and if something would normally cause him to age he will not age.

Advancement Weaknesses:
  - In case of example one (the heart thing) it obviously requires other player's permission
  - The very nature of this power is quite literally a massive RP mechanic to explain powers he already has and to allow nonsensical things to happen.

Advancement/Item Cost: 5 XP

Advancement II: The Blood Tithe!:
Minion: The Blood Tithe
Advancement/Item Description: A minion that was acquired by Samhain in the thread "You should have killed me when you had the chance". Blood Tithe is the relentless evil within Red Tide, and is quite honestly one of the main contributions to Samhains' cause in holding this world hostage and gaining a victory for villains everywhere.
Advancement/Item Abilities:
The Blood Tithe app:

Blood Tithe
"Well... Hello...I will be your nightmare for this tell me. What are your fears?"

Basic Biography

Real Name: Lucius Alba
Villain Name: Blood Tithe
Title: "The Nightmare"
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: ???
Occupation(s): Evil Genius, Homocidal Maniac, babysitter
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair:  ????
Eyes: Red Cybernetic
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Blood type: Red Energy, traces of O+

The Looks

The man looked to be hardly a man anymore with monstrous clawed gauntlets with a rather unnerving grey-silver armoring with blood that continually danced and swirled about in reaction to the moisture in the air, a unique kind of appearance for every encounter to be sure. He wore a frayed hood with half his mask missing, the right half and a cybernetic eye that seemed to glow blood red to match the sickly blue-purple scar that seemed to be claw marks across that side of his face. His voice modulator made his voice deep, bellowing with an inhuman growl to it as the dark incarnation drew it's first breath, upon it's exhale was a mist of shimmering red energy spackled with a dark miasma as it filtered through the mask. The mask itself was visibly drilled and punctured INTO his skull, proof of it being the mark in the upper right area of his face where a bolt still persisted. Over the mouth was a guard like device that wrapped around his jaws was literally turned into a monster like maw of fangs with a metallic base, each fang made of the red and black energy while the mask then remained scratched, chipped and jagged remaining left side of the upper mask remained in tact.

His suit was a combination of the horror genre and a sci-fi convention. His entire body seemed to be encased in a clad power suit, a secondary skin really as tubes and vials of growing red and black energy. His chest plate was adorned with a central filtration unit that appeared to be a sphere with blood inside it while his right arm seemed to have little holes all throughout the armor for no apparent reason. His metallic coated torso led down to metallic looking legs with each area of the outer thighs covered in what appeared to be vials of this energy wrapped around the legs similar to a cowboy's bandoleer. Farther down the leggings revealed diamond like protectors over the knees and black ribbed armor beneath that appeared to have a lustrous sheen. His lower legs were equipped with regular shin plates that covered the entirety of the calf with two large box's by the ankle areas. Finally his feet were jointed together, each "boot" different. The left boot had a human skull and it's upper jaw, the teeth curling around where the toes should have been. Behind that there were bones working their way back to the base of the superior side before it joined at the shin. The right foot was not even human at all. It was a three pronged foot, two toes pointed forward and one in the back, giving the indication of a capitol Y, each one having glowing ferocious talons that seemed to be made of the energy. Formed over him was a straight jacket, a straight jacket that was literally painted black with leather staps behind it. The black straight jacket was frayed and torn open, though it highly reflected that of a priest's arrangement. Just outside of the trench coat on the left shoulder were some small protrusions. Further examination would reveal that there were several tesla coils, some small some of them a little bigger, but finally there was ont large tesla coil about a foot tall dug into his back that was alight with the energy. On the left shoulder it could be seen that there was quite literally five chambers along the shoulder and inside each of them was a heart that looked black as sin with a faintly glowing red in them.

The Legacy

   Pure, unadulterated evil.

Lucius mostly keeps his past to himself, and for good reason. Ironically he was once human like anybody else, only through his intellect did he manage to 'evolve' as he says. The path to becoming who he is now was filled with tragedy, self loathing, and guilt. He had a loving family, a fiancé, and all the money he needed to have a happy and up scale life. Science was his income, and boy was it lucrative. Though, he wasn't in it for the paycheck. He loved science and still does, perhaps more then anyone. He had a great mind for it even then, creating technology years beyond his time. Still though, it wasn't enough. He saw what people with the meta gene could do, what they could create. All he did was for nothing if these people could achieve it with vastly less effort. Rather then doing what most did when they had this revelation and try to get rid of meta humans he decided to do the opposite. He would evolve with the world, he would help it progress into this new age rather then inhibit it. Change was coming, and when it did he and his family would be ready.

Of course, some things don't go as planned. The attack on New York was swift and unexpected, utter chaos erupted. Like any sane person he tried to get out of the city, but not before gathering everyone he cared for. He wasn't about to leave them in a crumbling city. They evacuated together as fast as they could, but it wasn't fast enough. They hit a road block, traffic blocked their path and explosions were going off all around them. With much hesitation they decided to leave their vehicle and continue on foot, this choice Lucius would regret for years to come. Staying in the car may not have prevented what happened next, but Lucius beat himself up for it anyway. They ran through the alleyways of New York, and at one point had to go through a building. As they did though, it went up in flames rapidly, the source unknown. In seconds the building came down, bringing death to most of them. Lucius and his fiancé survived the collapse but she was mortally wounded. Holding her in his arms they had a final conversation. She told him to get away, to live for the both of them, and he promised he would.

In moments she was gone along with the rest of his loved ones, all in one stroke they were removed from existence. He was devastated, he grieved over the body of his love as long as he could, only stopping to fulfill his promise to live. Somehow with multiple broken bones he managed to get himself and his soon to be wife's body out of the alley. Eventually getting himself to a vehicle he got out of the city successfully. He drove distraught for hundreds of miles, finally stopping at a rather sentimental place to bury his lost love. He could have given her a normal funeral, but she would have wanted it the way he did it. He slept on the grass next to her grave with severe injuries for hours, why did this happen? The people he had lost were the only reason he ever got out of bed, and now they were gone. He contemplated suicide, but he had made a promise. He was going to live his life as best as he could.

That night changed him, thinking over his philosophies and his reasons for living while looking into the night sky brought him to many conclusions. His previous goal had been twisted and warped by grief and despair, this was the moment he says his old self died. Finally getting treatment he fully recovered, they told him he was lucky, he didn't see it that way at all. He had nothing anymore except science, he had no motivation but evolution. Humans were weak, he was weak. If he had finished his research in time his loved ones would still be alive, he failed them. Yet their death was inevitable, so was his, he had accepted that fact long ago. Humans would lose to the meta gene eventually, it was survival of the fittest. However, the ape-like ancestor of humans did not have the fire power humans had today. They were nearly a match for meta humans as far as weaponry went, but they were still inferior.

Meta humans needed to unite as a race to take their rightful place, no longer would the strong hide from the weak. Outnumbered as they were they would overcome this and win their rightful place as the dominant race. Lucius just wanted to improve the world at this point, but first he had to improve himself. He continued his research, finding the scientific properties he needed in a common algal bloom of all places. He artificially gave himself the meta gene which made him exceptionally powerful and further enhanced his intellect, but also warped his morality even further. With new self given powers he got to work, gathering followers, resources, and allies all for one help the world and give him a meaningful legacy.

The Powers

Red Energy (Blood): in opposition to Lucius, rather than being translucent it is filled with blackness and an inky corruption like essence that seems to be both liquid and vapor. The energy is literally infused with his blood, making his primary energy source his own physiological blood. Like Red Energy, this essence not only erodes and decays at things with a poisonous factor (causing lung pain, breathing difficulty, etc.) but because of it's unique nature it can be force fed to someone to bring out their darkest and most evil desires. Constructs can be formed though he has total control over the Red Energy and can use the energy in a way that give absolutely no harmful effect if he desired.

Superhuman Endurance: Blood Tithe is able to take the most powerful of metahuman's on for size and survive. he has the stamina and durability to take on nuclear warheads and survive (in conjunction with his regeneration)

Superhuman Intellect: Blood tithe is superhumanly intelligent. As such he's expert hacker blah blah blah you know what comes with this type of power.

Red Dead Regen: Blood tithe's power is literally the usage and the pooling of his blood. As such his regeneration has evolved (with the assistance of Blessed DNA) to accommodate the biological changes of Blood Tithe. His regeneration is more powerful that Lucius, however the Red Energy being inside his body slows that regeneration to more feasible rates. He is able to regenerate from scratches and minor wounds instantly, moderate wounds could take up to a minute, higher level wounds could take several minutes but fatal wounds would take no longer than five minutes. His regeneration will reform him if there is even a trace amount of his blood or energy in the area to prevent his untimely death.

Enhanced Fighting Skills: As his body is his own element, he is able to use his advanced processing times in conjunction with his mental manipulation of his energy, which is in his blood which is also subsequently within his tissues and muscles. He has ungodly reflexes and martial prowess.

Nightmare Physiology: Look at his body. He's a fucking nightmare. That being said it should be noted that while he appears to be mostly mechanical, an EMP will be ineffective in doing anything other than making his technology flicker.  He has superhuman strength due to the fact his body is literally infused to it's very core with this substance he manipulates.

The Items

Red-Dead-Redemption Damnation: appears to be a strange looking gun
Item Abilities: Fires out red energy bullets that splatter and stick like that of a goo, or a paste. Has the ability to transform into a mini Arc-projector that fires ut electrical energy at all hostile targets.
Item Weaknesses: Can only fire a maximum of one shot per post. After five shots it requires a two post cooldown. The gun's targeting is based upon the cybernetic eye (meaning if he cannot see the enemy with the eye he cannot have the Arc projector target it). This item does not benefit from 360 vision. If covered in water, it can short out.

Rot Ceh live: A silent and calculating A.I that settled inside Blood Tithe's head. Manifests as an eye
Item Abilities: Allows Blood Tithe the ability to hack into any mechanical thing he sees with his cybernetic eye. Also allows him to render holographic items and replicate items previously scanned.
Item Weaknesses: Must have unobstructed sight of the object/item/weapon. The eye is only able to replicate or re-create items that were scanned. Hacking takes time depending upon the skill of his opposition. While hacking, he must maintain sight with the device until it has been hacked, anything that removes his vision or interrupts his staring will cut off his hacing atempt and he will have to start all over.

My Mechaical Hearts: The chambers on his right shoulder with the five hearts.
Item Abilities: Activates an "Overdrive" mode where Blood Tithe has the ability to access his full 300 times greater Regeneration, however focused solely on the regeneration of blood. This allows him to eneter a state of total concentration and produce incredible amounts of his own energy while not endangering himself.
Item Weaknesses: Can only be used once per topic, Electrical currents that manage to hit the right shoulder delay the ability to use it by one post (when he goes to use it it won't trigger immediately, and he is forced to wait a post before it can activate). Blood tithe cannot use his other items while using this item, he is unable to use his red energy offensively while focusing on regenerating.

Cora: The central sphere of glowing blood in his chestplate. Means "Heart" and in Latin
Item Abilities: Allows Blood Tithe to fire out a beam of specilized blood energy which melts any substance and assimilated it, making more of the blood for him to manipulate
Item Weaknesses: Once per topic use, Lucius' Red energy negates the effect (therefore he cannot manipulate the energy while he's using this item)

Lumosuperior thrusters: Small thrusters attached to Lucius' shoulders and ankles.
Item Abilities: Allows the burning of his blood to allow faster than light movement (teleportation)
Item Weaknesses: Restricted to 100 yards. Requires at least 3 thrusters to be used without sufficient damage. Blood energy items cannot be used after these devices. Once used it requires a 4 post cooldown. Blood cannot see durring his teleportation and may collide with objects.

Telsa Coils: Protruding from the left shoulder, always present.
Item Abilities: 3 Abilities

  • Absorbs all electrical energies (does not negate heart weakness)
  • Charges with absorbed energies to make himself unable to be touched without frying yourself.
  • Uses blood energy in conjunction with stored electrical energies to resurrect the dead as puppets.

Item Weaknesses: Cannot absorb electrical energy when hot (one post cooldown betwen absorptions), requires three charges to preform the third function. Requires at least one charge to preform the second function. One charge can be accumulated at maximum per post. PC electircal sources cause the coils to need a 2 post cooldown before absorption. Recurrected puppets can be shorted out when introduced to moderate quantities of water (2 gallons or more). Reanimated superhumans do not retain any powers not tied into their phsyiology.

The Catalyst: The plating on his right arm with all the holes in it.
Item Abilities: Uses his blood and the holes to emulate a sound like hearing the ocean in a sea-shell.  In doing this he can actually infuse his energy into sound temporarily and use it as a repulsor field or an attraction field to his target. It also gives him complete sensory of everyting visible and non visible within 30 feet around him in 3060 degrees.
Item Weaknesses: Sense doesn't work on the imperceptible, sense doesn't work on things that can't be touched (the intangible) , repuslion field pushes all things away. Requires a 5 post cooldown to be used on the repulsion field. Extremely loud noises can disrupt his 360 sensory

Talon and Fang: The fangs in the mouth and talons on the foot claws
Item Abilities: Allows his red energy to be used as constant fangs and claws. Extendable and retractable. Upgraded claw on the right hand can generate an EMP pulse. Claw on the left hand is able to catch and absorb energy befofre transforming the claws and fangs into the same energy as what was absorbed, giving them that very property.
Item Weaknesses: EMP will make them flicker and not work momentarily ( a post or two depending on EMP strength), can only extend 3 feet at maximum, requires close ranged combat.  The Emp on the glove harms all of his own technology as well. Pure kinetic energy cannot be absorbed by the gauntlet. The gauntlet can only absorb energy every five posts. Properties cained by the fangs and claws may prove harmful to Blood Tithe (I.e: if he absorbs a grenade explosion, his claws and fangs now explode upon contact. That will hurt him just as bad as it hurts the enemy. If he absorbs ice his fangs and claws are noe red ice, which plays to his cold weakness.) He cannot choose what energy is process.

The Bandaleer: The bandaleer like object of vials.
Item Abilities: Grants 5 different effects

  • Red Ice: Causes his blood to freeze things it hits and decay it while encasing it.
  • Red Lightning: Causes his energy to take the emulation of lightning, can be used to charge himself.
  • Red Raven: Causes his energy to take the form of birds to accomplish various tasks.
  • Red Rum: Causes his energy to cause a drunken euphoric effect through inhalation rather than pain.
  • Red Tide: Causes his energy to manifest as a duplicate that appears to be the exact same as the old Lucius, but of a broken and battered mental state.

Item Weaknesses: One effect at a time. Each effect can only last three posts at maximum. 3 post cool down (+1 for each active post) between each use. Requires the liquid to be injected.

The Weaknesses

Dark Personality: The only weaknesses Blood Tithe has are functioning weaknesses revovling around a dark and evil personality of Lucius Alba.
this includes:

  • Cold: Blood's energy is weakened in a cold environment because he needs a high core temperature to produce it. While his energy comes from his warm blood, low tempertures make it more tasking to sustain the energy and manipulate it.

  • Over Confidence: Blood is so confident in his own abilities he often underestimates unknown opponents. This was proven in the thread "White Silence" as he always takes a superiority complex into his combat. he often times seems prepared but he uppwer hand slips form him when he strokes his own ego.

  • Rage: Using his energy a lot can cause him to forfeit his usual calm and calculated demeanor, sending him into a sort of rage mode. In this state he gets sloppy and can end up messing up his own plans, or resorting to desperate tactics. Thwarting his plans or angering him will eventually result in a lack of caring where he falls silent and even attempts to kamakazi attack the nearby area, hoping to obliterate all things nearby. If this is successful he obviously loses due to the extensive time it takes him to regenerate.

  • Past: Blood, akin to Lucius, is sensetive about their past. Love, loss or sentimental moments are a very sensitive subject for him, one that clouds his mind with grief  which ALWAYS leads to rage. This by nature is tricky as seeing two people in love could cause him to utterly snap or it might have to be more complex like an illusion of his family. It all depends on his pre-established mood in topic.

Blah-blah-blah: Blood Tithe loves his villainous monologues and has a flair for what he believes to be the dramatic performance. While doing so, it leaves him susceptible to attack.

I STAND ALONE!: Blood Tithe's pride is so large that there's not enough room for him AND an ally on the combat field. If Blood Tithe fights, he fights alone. He will never accept assistance and will get rather angry if one tried to persistently inset himself into a fight. No matter the odds, two on one, five on one to three thousand on one. When he fights, he fights alone.

Pride: Blood Tithe's greatest weakness. The inability to turn away from having his ego bruised. He will never stand for having his pride wounded. No matter what he will defend his pride and he will get his vengeance.

Samhain: Samhain rules Blood Tithe in a very literal sense. His every action can be reigned in or halted at Samhain's thought. Noting this, or making a comment that makes him someone else's attack dog sends him into an instant rage.

Lucius Alba: Blood Tithe hates Red Tide, though it will not send him into a rage upon seeing him, he will always single out Red Tide, even if that is not the objective.

Representative: Blood Tithe represents Samhain in combat, meaning that while Samhain may be present, Blood Tithe will always be the one fighting, while Samhain may be nothing more than a commentator, observer or a pest that just continues to talk.

I've turned into a monster...and it keeps getting stronger: Blood Tithe, his powers weaken and he gains all the remaining, unstated weaknesses of Lucius Alba EXCEPT for "Followers" (as he has none) and Water (as his blood is made of water and his red energy has evolved a form of "resistance")

  • Unpredictable Wombat Combat: While his mind is very quick, an unpredictable feint attack style could confuse his method of reaction.

  • Regen Weakness 1: regeneration has a weakness to burns, they take much longer to heal then any other type of wound.

  • Regen Weakness 2: If an object is left in the wound, it won't heal until it is removed.

  • EMP: As stated previously, his technology may be affected by an EMP.

RP Mechanics

The Blood is my life. The Blood is your death: Red Tide's blood is subsequently as poisonous and toxic as his power.

Physical Priority

1 : Endurance : 1
2 : Reaction: 2
3 : Strength : 3
4 : Agility : 4

Advancement/Item Weaknesses: Weaknesses stated above.

Advancement/Item Cost: 10 XP

 Requesting purchase of Combat-replacement minion and RP skill.

5 XP + 10 XP = 15 XP

Samhain Exp. Sheet Samhai10

Samhain Exp. Sheet Untitl10

"Gone from light, lead astray. Soul turned to darkness in a single day. Lead me back to the light. Killing me...the only way to set things right."
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The Once and Future King

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Samhain Exp. Sheet Empty Re: Samhain Exp. Sheet

Post by Alpha July 28th 2015, 4:02 am

Approved until stated otherwise

Samhain Exp. Sheet CjhXQha
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Samhain Exp. Sheet Empty Re: Samhain Exp. Sheet

Post by Zell December 5th 2017, 3:03 pm

Advancement III:
Advancement Description: Samhain's time is coming to a close, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Humanity will never receive his Divinity back, and Matthew will be stuck as his human self for as long as Samhain can keep it that way. Samhain has once more used Sin's power: "The Evil Within" and pulled all of the evil from Matthew, the True Host of Sin, Chaos and Darkness.

Nihilus Mori

"I'm tired of being the Angel of Death...I want to be something that matters."

The Bio

Real Name: Azrael, Nihilus Mori
Renegade Name: Azrael
Title: "The Returned"
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: Appears 13
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Heterochromatic (Hazel and Blue)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 80lbs.
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

The Personality

  Nihilus is a very off putting and socially awkward young man. He appears to be constantly angry, or trying to keep distance between himself and others. His chronic anger at the world around him is evident only in the young boy's willingness and actual eagerness to take the lives of those he deems "wicked". The child avoids attachment at all costs, but can't help but become attached to those whom show kindness to him unconditionally. Persistence and consistency will always make Nihilus warm up to a person much quicker. Deep down the child is actually a smart, tolerable and protective person that grows attached to a cancer.

  Despite being so young, the boy displays many awkward tendencies and even utilizes his power in ways many others would not deem acceptable or okay. The only thing he despises more than working for something like Samhain, is the fact that people still refer to him as "Azrael".

The Story

   Nihilus Mori, the name taken by the child, was created when Samhain utilized Sin's power "The Evil Within" and attempted to replicate Humanity. The Replication was to be utilized to attract and trap the divinity of Yamm, preventing Humanity from ever truly becoming a threat to his plans. The created being was not exactly as Samhain predicted. The creation was a younger child in comparison to it's origin; and the child was very mush resilient against Samhain and Sin's commands...and uncommon if not unheard of trait.

  Nihilus broke free from Samhain and Sin to go and infiltrate the congregation of Father Khan, in an attempts to murder him for his transgressions "his first time around" in reference to Humanity's life. Nihilus came very close, but was eventually assisted by the Vigilantes Charlatan and Drifter. After vengeance against Khan had been fulfilled, Nihilus had nowhere else to go. Samhain appeared to him and offered to give him purpose, and to give him back that which he desired most, and in return, Nihilus just needed to help him restore the light in his soul.

 Nihilus agreed to help, but was forced (as punishment by Sin) to wear a modified costume that bore uncanny resemblance to "Azrael", the vigilante that Humanity once used when part of his overbearing religious family's team.  

The Priority

1 Reaction 1
2 Agility 2
3 Strength 3
4 Endurance 4

The Powers

Hormone/Pheromone Manipulation: The power to manipulate and alter the pheromones and hormones within his own body. This can allow Nihilus to breakdown certain things within his body and create a chaotic pulse to give him a burst of strength, speed or an enhanced reaction time at the rate in which no human could ever hope to match. It also allows Nihilus to manipulate the emotions and feelings of those within close proximity to him. This functions as 2 spell lists.

  • Burst of Strength: The ability to break human limitations and deliver a devastating blow.
  • Burst of Speed: The ability to make a superhuman dash up to 20 feet away.
  • Burst of Blows: The ability to move at exponential speeds, capable of slicing a bullet out of the air.
  • Instant Recall: The ability to chemically marker a moment that he has observed and then use this power to recall what he saw.  
  • Hypercognition: The ability to perceive things as if they are going in slow motion. Very useful when used with "Burst of Blows" or when observing detail.
  • Manipulate Emotions: The ability to alter the emotions of those who are within close proximity. The emotional attachment lasts indefinitely on common NPC's but this can be a particularly dangerous use of his power due to the side-effects upon his own physiology.

Mind-games: Nihilus is immune to attempts to mentally manipulate him through the use of telepathy, or to affect his mind with psychic capabilities.

The Weaknesses

The Price: Each spell takes a toll on Nihilus' body. For his body to break human limitations, it requires his body to burn up resources it has stored. The ramifications of utilizing his powers are listed below.

  • Burst of Strength: The explosive use of force requires a very fast rate of glycolysis, breaking down sugars and fortifying sinew with potassium. This means that using will cause his muscles to instantly become sore, tender and at times even rigid and incapable of moving. They can even become so painful to use he cannot lift them, or can even lead to a low blood sugar which could send him into a coma.
  • Burst of Speed: The explosive need to reinforce and augment the twitch-fiber reactions within the body mean that utilizing this ability can actually cause him to have heart palpitations, shortness of breath, the inability to breathe for 30 seconds, light-headedness and the inability to concentrate, and even lowering his muscles reactive tensing, making him far easier to harm.
  • Burst of Blows: A heavy combination tactic of Burst of Speed, however this does not have the same weakness, as the break-down of calcium is resupplied and compensated with bone marrow. While this weakness requires this ability to be used sufficiently, his bones become weaker and weaker every time he utilizes this state, breaking apart the very calcium within, actually causing a normal fall to break his bones if he isn't careful about the frequency that this is used.
  • Instant Recall:  This requires an enzyme to begin triggering a breakdown in neuropathic structure and reroute new paths within the brain. This means that any time this power is utilized he runs the risk of forgetting something he knows. Be it from his combat training or from his life before existing.
  • Hypercognition: This is very tasking as utilizing this power immediately causes migraine like symptoms, including lethargy, photosensitivity and pain.
  • Manipulate Emotions: The more Nihilus manipulates the emotions of other through this power, the more his own emotions become compromised and susceptible to influence. That being said, Nihilus rarely ever uses such a power, unless he is confident that his hatred or his current emotions towards a particular person are secured.

The Angel of Death: Nihilus is bound by a strict code that prevents him from being an aggressor on Sanctified Grounds, he cannot feel anger or aggression towards anyone who has been in contact/anointed with holy water, Angelic traps will bind and harm him as if he were truly an Angel and he will manifest random wounds if he neglects to help those in need. Angelic "Warding" remains ineffective at keeping Nihilus away, despite sharing most other angelic weaknesses.

Child's Play: Despite his powers, Nihilus is physically that of a child, and the way his powers tasks his body; it can actually lead to severe health problems.

Heat: Nihilus, like his progenitor, does not feel cold...unlike his progenitor, however, he does despise the heat and will try to avoid being warm. Warmth will accelerate the weakness manifestation rate when his powers are used.

Ceaseless Hunger: Much like days past; Nihilus is always hungry and will eat almost whenever he has the opportunity to. Without proper nutrition, Nihilus cannot safely use his powers.

Rest for the Wicked: Nihilus has an almost constant murderous compulsion to take the lives of those whom have killed others. He has violent tendencies towards those whom have done wrong or harmed others.
The Items


Azrael's Wing, the Blade of Chaos

Item Description: The item is an odd one of no known origin. The Blade itself is sheathed within a sleeve and can shoot out forward in a piercing manner, or can spin in a circular fashion before locking forward. The Blade itself appears to be like that of angelic wings with several serrated blades as the wings. However, occasionally the blade can be seen as if they were webbed wings, dark and twisted and appearing more draconian.

Item Capabilities: This blade is unable to be detected for reasons unknown, concealint itself from human eyes and technology. The Blade's metal appears to be organic in nature as the blade will regenerate if it's damage.  The blade is incredible sharp and laced with poison. The blade will always return to Yamm.

Item Weaknesses: The Blade will not harm one who acts in the name of Yamm. The Blade cannot harm someone who acts in a way the blade perceives as "Just" or "righteous". The Blade may regenerate quickly, but will send barbs into the wielder's arm if it takes sufficient damage. People with advances sensory beyond that of humans witness the blade as if it were a growing darkness permeating from the arm.  Once the blade is seen directly by someone, it can never be hidden from them again. The blade will whisper to those that feel "guilty" to some and attack it's wielder.

The Fluff

The Angel of Death: Many believe Nihilus to be a cute, innocent boy...until he opens his mouth and offends everyone within earshot. In addition, Nihilus will trigger any form of Angelic sensory or detection when near.

One Half of the Whole: When in the presence of Humanity, Nihilus is able to tap into the reserves of Yamm's divinity and preform the actions they could once a long time ago. However, in doing this, any damage suffered to either party will instantly happen to BOTH parties regardless of durability or defenses. Furthermore, Humanity will start receiving Nihilus' weakness as if he had been using the powers.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Cost: 15 XP

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Post by Arcana December 5th 2017, 4:47 pm

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