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The Coronation of King Amras Véneanár's

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The Coronation of King Amras Véneanár's Empty The Coronation of King Amras Véneanár's

Post by King Amras Véneanár's May 13th 2013, 4:48 pm

"If there was one thing, that mankind with all of its resources, with all of its technology was truly sure of, it would be their domination over this world. Their skyscrapers reach into the heavens, their flying machines enter the vastness of space, and as far as they know, no other species on this planet is capable of challenging their dominance over their powerful worldly domains. They have only each other to fear, their mistrust of one another, their greed, and their cruelty causing them to build the most destructive weapons that can be forged. Yet for all of their mighty possessions, humanity has not been able to obtain mastery of this planet as they are so sure, for in the forests and wilds of this worlds lays another world, a secret world, one of mighty immortal Eldar warriors, brutish trolls, ancient forest spirits, and golden trees. A land where the mysteries of the natural world are explained, and the forests echo with angelic voices of the Eldar, who possess the "Fil'naveth's" (Early Eldar found the massive Psionic Crystal monoliths deep in Earths deepest forests, known as "Fil'naveth's", It is said from these crystals flows the creatures of Earths connection with Mother Earth herself. As such the Eldar worship these "Fil'naveth's", which make their magical world possible). It is this world that must remain protected, hidden by our magic, as we are the unseen shepherds of this world, who remain a thing of myth to humanity, and as such we must remain.".

- Celebrían the Mighty King of Valinor (Celebrían the Mighty King of Valinor's decision during the last Council of High Eldar, held 7 Years ago - 43 human years- in Valinor. This Coucil upheld the Eldar's traditional role as the "Unseen Shepherd", despite the fact many noble Eldar -Including Crown Prince Amras Véneanár's- wished King Celebrían would declare war against humanity, whose destruction of the natural world has brought the "Unseen World" close to extinction. As Eldar fade with alarming frequency, forest spirits are driven deeper into their domains, entire realms are lost to human expansion, many of the mystical races have looked to the Eldar to return nature back to balance.

(Present Day)

Dark days had befallen the mystical Eldar, the Kal'dorei, the children of the stars, as the vast shadow of humanity descended upon their mystical realms. The unifying voice of the Eldar's most powerful realm was gone, the countless time spent as this worlds caretaker taking a toll upon his weary spirit. Falling from his mighty throne, and turning into a brilliant light, the Golden Trees parted as Celebrían's mighty spirit returned to the dimming stars above. The clouds stormed above, as a pouring rain fell from the heavens above, as if Mother Earth herself was weeping the great kings loss. It had been a week since Celebrían the Mighty King of Valinor, the most powerful of the Eldar Realms had faded back into nature, and the sorrowful laments still filled Valinor's Golden Forest, as each Sindarin word fell from trembling lips, flowing like tears lifted by the wind into the night sky. The normally cheerful Eldar's mood was replaced by one of fear and uncertainty, as the very real possibility they were in the last days of what was believed to be an eternal reign over the forests of the Earth. Celebrían the Mighty King of Valinor was gone, and with him the countless ages of peace between the "Unseen World" and Humanity, as the great kings son took up his fathers throne, vowing this was not the twilight of his people.

Amras Véneanár's the King of Valinor and the Realm of Golden Trees coronation was a somber event, with the ancient ceremonies performed with heavy, grieving, and fearful hearts. The Kings of Nōwē, Olwë, Anduin (The three other earthly Eldar Realms) were present, as well as all High Eldar Nobles, representatives from the Goblin King, Troll Lord, Konti's Queen, Inarta's High Lord, Vantha Peoples, Chaktawe Peoplees, even the Druvin and terrifying Dravlak sent representatives to King Amras Véneanár's coronation. It seemed all of the "Unseen World" had traveled to Valinor, its beating heart to bid farewell to Celebrían the Mighty, and to hear the words of the "Unseen Worlds" most mighty house, the house of Valinor, whose noble blood had cared over this world since before time was time. Each race hoping the new King of Valinor, a hero who distinguishing himself as a feared warrior during the Eldars early wars with humanity, would ready the "Unseen World" and its peoples for war with the humans.

Under King Celebrían the Mighty, Eldar-Human relations have remained mostly remained peaceful, the Humans inhabiting the plains and coastal regions. Though in ancient times the Eldar, along with their allied races often battled expansionist humans, who were intent to dominate all life on the Planet Earth. Wars between the Eldar and their allies against the humans were very bloody, scarring the Earth, and shaping all races involved. Over time, the Eldar Under King Celebrían the Mighty abandoned open resistance to the humans, as the destruction it brought to their beloved forests and the mystical was to great. Pressing deeper into the forests and using their mystical powers to hide themselves from prying human eyes, the Eldar and their allies have slipped from the history of humanity, and into tall tales and legends. However as time went by, human power increased dramatically, the Industrial Revolution bringing unprecedented technology into the hands of humanity. It was due to this rapid growth of technology, that the expansion into Eldar lands resumed at a dramatic pace. Ever urging patience, King Celebrían the Mighty kept the peace, believing as an ancient species, the Eldar had a responsibility to shepherd all life on Earth, even human. Through his great will, the peace remained, though many of the mystical creatures felt like then Crown Prince Amras Véneanár's, that "Humanity is like a parasite, feeding off Mother Earth until they can not take anymore.".

With humanity and the Eldar at peace with the Human's the Eldar, they believed they would be led towards a path of self sustainability, love of the natural world, destruction of greed, suffering, and pain, and peace among all things.The efforts of the Eldar to see this change in humanity has cultivated mixed among the various factions of Humanity, making many Eldar believe Humans and the limited scope their mortal minds can view the world in are incapable of living in such a way of harmony. This way of Eldar thought is perhaps best described by the daughter of King Elrohir, Princess Elwing of Nōwē, the Eldar Princess addressing those gathered for the coronation, saying "Humans by their mere mortal bondage to this world exhibit tendencies of the worst kind.... Chief among them greed, cruelty, dark ambition, and the ability to destroy their own kind..... Humanity is not only a danger to the natural worlds they destroy on a daily basis, but also to themselves. With Humanity in a near constant state of turmoil among themselves at either the most macro or micro levels......". This statement by the Princess illustrating the fact there is a strong Eldar belief that Humanity is not capable of being a shepherd of life, as the Eldar view themselves. Rather Humanity has a higher potential to be a great destroyer of life in the world if left unchecked.

Modern times have been dark days for the Eldar, as their link with Mother Earth through Psionic Crystal monoliths is fading, resulting in all Eldar females becoming infertile, the oldest Eldar including Celebrían the Mighty King of Valinor fading and becoming one with the natural world, their bodies and spirits returning to nature. With the Eldar world now threatened with extinction, it has became clear that the fading of their Psionic Crystals is due to humanities destruction of the natural world. As modern humanity has harnessed the power of the most destructive forces in the universe, melted much of the frozen places in the far north and south, cut down many of the worlds forests, all the while polluting nearly every corner of the vast oceans. Humanity it's become clear is killing the Planet, and due to their special link with the planet, the Eldar and other mystical beings as well. Modern times for the "Unseen World" has been filled with doubt, uncertainty, and despair, as these mystical peoples have all been crying out for a savior of their unseen world, and as the Crown of the Golden Leaves was placed on King Amras Véneanár's head by his wife, Queen Ashari of the Golden Trees, the "Unseen World" hoped they had found their savior.

The Eldar all bowed before King Amras Véneanár's, as the 8ft1 Eldar King rose from his throne, as the Eldar chanted the ancient writs of coronation "A ned lú rasc-dae, imaeglin gorn lin tól. iecthel hén lin sílaorthor i vór. Hammo men mi lin caun, a caro estel vín thand. A tiro men, o lin cair an nór Lacho ammen, lacho calad Eärendil-naur, ir men beri-al ned lú beleg baur!", which echoed throughout the massive open air hall inside the beautiful Palace of the Giving Tree, which was also the most massive golden tree, whose golden leaves fell with sparkling gold glitter. Everywhere in the hall grew the gilded plant life, native only to Valinor, which gave the whole forest city a truly regal effect, and left the eminent impression that Valinor was truly the seat of mystical of power.

When the writs were finished, King Amras Véneanár's spoke in his heavenly Eldar voice, his words like poetry, which resounded much further then range of his voice "Out of death life, out of night day, glory from sorrow, out of grief joy, out of storm comes strength for tomorrow, out of dust gold, out of fire air, comfort forsaken, out of rage calm, out of loss find glory awaken. These are the principles that we must take from the loss of my great father, as he will shine forever, a beacon of light, blazing in the air, vanquishing night,singing forever, proud and strong, an anthem of life, a conquering song. We must also remember that if Mother Earth indeed wishes we fade, then we will do so.... But not before our glorious people meet that end with our swords, and our spears, and our weapons of war!!! We will cast out those petulant humans from our realms, from their realms, until the world is as our mother intended!!! A cradle of life!! Not a burning pit of smoke and flame!! The trees and the wind shall triumph over cold steel!!! And we shall endure!!! As we always have, and always will!!! A world Far beyond feeling, the destruction of pain, come breath of healing, for A new life will reign!!". With that, Eldar and goblin, troll and Konti alike, all rose up in cheering the new King of Valinor, all believing their savior was at long last delivered. The hall within the Palace of the Giving Tree echoing with thunderous applause for the new King of Valinor, whom embraced his wife, the powerful seer Queen Ashari of the Golden Trees.

Things were now set into motion, things which would leave humanity wondering if they were the masters of their own domain, and make them realize why they feared the unseen places....

King Amras Véneanár's

All the Kings Men
King Amras Véneanár's
King Amras Véneanár's

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