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Bury Me In Smoke (Open)

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Bury Me In Smoke (Open) Empty Bury Me In Smoke (Open)

Post by The Black Angel May 3rd 2013, 11:22 am

Harrah's Casino, NOLA: Lord Ingvar had come a long way since his fateful free fall into New York City only a short time ago. The hardened Vardo Champion had crash landed onto a strange, truly alien world, inhabited by a people he underestimated. His dual with the Red Knight proved humanity was a worthy race, his subsequent journey from shattered New York City was a truly eventful one. It was when leaving the ruins of New York City that the massive Vardo Champion first laid eyes upon a truly masterful piece of human engineering, the Harley Davidson Motorcycle, which the Vardo Lord mounted, and in short order was motoring south. It was on the roads of the American South, that Lord Ingvar met humans that were not unlike his Vardo brethren..... Men who lived for adventure, long journeys, strong drinks, easy women, and were quick to fight. It was with these men, these bikers, that Lord Ingvar began to feel at home with, at least momentarily shifting the massive, hulking Vardo from seeking to escape the confines of the planet Earth, and instead focus the great warrior towards a life spent on the black, tree lined, country roadways of the American Southeast.

It was on these back country roads that Lord Ingvar linked up with his first biker gang, known as "The Devils Rough Riders". At first they thought the massive Vardo warrior was an escaped mental patient, rambling about his epic "Lodbrok", his home planet of Vardo, and his massive powers, however a quick display wowed his new friends, and quickly earned him an important place in "The Devils Rough Rider's", as a truly awesome enforcer. They took the wandering Vardo warrior in as one of their own, initiating him into their chapter, and then tearing up the roads of the American Southeast, literally turning them into the "Highway to Hell" for rival biker gangs, as the Desolate One spilled blood from the Outer Banks to the Bayou.

It was with this group of hard living bikers that Lord Ingvar felt at home, and he began to adopt their strange ways, as they listened to his epic tails of what was beyond the stars. In the tattoo shop of a fellow member, Lord Ingvar covered himself in the tattoo's of his chapter, of his people, and of scenes of his "Lodbrok". He trimmed his large blonde beard, braiding the hairs on his chin, and even cut his flowing blonde locks into a Mohawk. The songs of metal bands replaced the mighty songs of his people, Harley Davidson's replaced strong steeds, and Jack Daniels the Ale's of his people. While still a Vardo Lord, Lord Ingvar became less a Vardo Noble, and more an initiated member of "The Devils Rough Riders", though home was still very near his massive Vardo heart, a tattooists needle assuring that. Nevertheless Lord Ingvar's growing affinity for humanity, meant that the Vardo Lord put his plans to leave Earth on hold for the time being.

So it was a new Lord Ingvar that rode his Harley Davidson across the Louisiana state lines from Mississippi, on his way to NOLA with a few fellow Devils Rough Riders. They were headed to NOLA for pleasure, the fast women, wild nightlife, and tables of Harrah's Casino, holding an alluring appeal on what felt like the first true weeks of summer season in the Southeast. Heading from the Northern Alabama, it was a scenic ride through the deep south, and into Cajun Country. The Rough Riders landing in NOLA's City Limits around 10 PM, the first place they traveled to being Harrah's Casino, where a long night at the tables was planned, as Lord Ingvar's arrival had brought tremendous increases in the Devil's Rough Riders revenue, as they now owned the roads in the United States Southeast Corridor. Lord Ingvar was now a biker through and through, his adventurous Vardo spirit being a perfect fit for the renegades that viewed themselves as the last of the true American cowboys.

Lord Ingvar and his crew parked their black on black Harley's outside of Harrah's opulent New Orleans Casino, attracting a crowd of onlookers as the noisy machines roared into New Orlean's most famous casino. Once Lord Ingvar and his fellow Rough Riders dismounted, the massively muscled Vardo walked at the head of his crew, entering the glitzy casino, which was a glimpse into New Orleans rich and storied past. A colorful past, filled with gunfighters, adventurers, steamboats, and great battles, all taking place along the mighty mouth of the Mississippi, the America's greatest river, which flowed through NOLA as the cities very life blood. NOLA's history was tied to the river, as well as those huge personalities that came to define the city, but NOLA's history was often times very much written in blood, as the city was built on a thriving criminal underworld as much as the mighty Mississippi. These criminals often rose the ranks to high public offices, writing New Orleans public laws, such as the New Orleans PD having only thirty days to investigate a murder before charges had to be filed, otherwise the investigation was shelved, a law which made NOLA among the murder capitals of America.

Lord Ingvar and the three other Devils Rough Riders who accompanied him to Harrah's made their way into Harrah's black jack room, where they all took seats at a black jack table. Everyone in the group pushed several hundred dollars forward, which was quickly exchanged for green and black chips by the pretty African American dealer. When she handed Lord Ingvar his chips, the Vardo Lord smiled, and thanked her, before pushing several chips forward. The cards were dealt to Ingvar and his crew, as well as the dealer, when it was finished Ingvar showed black jack. The massive Vardo pumped his fist into the air, bellowing "Yes!!! The gods smile upon me!! This will be a most prosperous trip!!!". Ingvar received his rewards for the pull, which was several hundred dollars in chips. As Lord Ingvar stacked his chips, another player sat down at the table, who certainly peaked the Vardo Lords Interest. Meanwhile the dealer continued to deal cards to Ingvar's fellow Rough Riders, when they stood at various numbers, the dealer began to deal herself cards. Everyone's attention focused to the dealer, as she showed 16, a nine of spades, a three clubs, and a four of spades. The dealer took the front card of the deck with her finely manicured hands, and flipping it over to reveal a 10 of diamonds, slammed the card onto the table, saying "Dealer breaks!!", at which point the Rough Riders all clapped their hands, and exchanged high fives. It seemed it would be a good night for all down in NOLA.

(Ingvar's new look)

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