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Shade Ball

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Shade Ball - Page 2 Empty Re: Shade Ball

Post by Chellizard on July 21st 2013, 5:13 pm

Alone again, it seemed. The Queen stood alone, stoic as she watched the couples embrace and sway along the floor. Pretty dresses hugging beautiful girls, and men dressed extraordinarily well. She felt sorrow creeping into her soul, but only for a moment. A glass of wine passed by on a tray, and she snatched it to make herself look as if she were enjoying this event. She was, honestly, but not as much as she wanted to.

Her position was not noticed as guarding, but she was. She kept her eyes on all of her 'children.' Keeping close attention to Cilian and Anna, and then on to Victoria. An actual sigh passed Chelle's lips when Victoria chose to lean against a wall after the dance. Perhaps the Queen was not the only one feeling lonely.

Setting her glass upon a passing tray, she crossed the dance floor to greet Victoria and offer her hands.

"Let's dance. This is supposed to be fun... but," she paused, her offer for the dance still present.

"You seem as if something is troubling you, my dear," her voice was but a whisper.

Chelle had not known Victoria for long, but she was one of the only people she payed close attention to. Victoria was one of her children, even if business came first most of the time.

The Queen smiled to the Princess, her attention no longer watching over The Prince and his wife.


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Shade Ball - Page 2 Empty Re: Shade Ball

Post by CainVulsore on July 26th 2013, 2:44 pm

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Cain had certainly missed quite a bit during the minutes he had zoned out into his own little world. When he finally came to it seemed that Elena was asking some tattooed man for a dance, the ‘Queen’ of Thrones was dancing with some chick who didn’t look so bad, the tattooed man was leaving a poor pregnant lady all alone, Isak was off in the corner all by himself, and Maria was running all over the place giving people drinks and the like. The party or ball per say was certainly lacking in something but Cain couldn’t quite put his finger on it just yet. So there he stood, leaning up against the wall sipping a glass of blood while he thought it over.

The song was slow the air was nice and everything seemed to be going smoothly and without a hitch; Cain absolutely hated it. There had to be something for him to do, someone for him to dance with or mess around with yet nothing he saw stood out to him at that very moment. Maybe this was why he had zoned out in the first place, the Thrones’ members honestly weren’t that interesting it seemed. Of course he wouldn’t mind sinking his fangs and other things into the three dashing beautiful ladies that attended the event, the Queen her Princess and even the Tattooed man’s bitch. But alas if he stepped out of line Elena was sure to blast him with her horrifying light powers and Cain’s skin would of course burst into flames wherever it was she sent the light at.

Upon finishing his glass of blood he removed himself from the wall, making sure to press his suit down getting any of the creases or folds out of it, and made way over to the table where the food rested. There he placed down the empty glass as a shadow monster rose up from the shadow of the table to take away said glass. Cain may be a psychotic bat shit crazy sociopath but he was not without a certain degree of mannerisms. “Hmmm not quite the escapade I had hoped for, not as extravagant either… but what is a ball without a little….roll.” He mused quietly to himself as with a nod of his head the slow music sped up leaving the jazz and played out Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake, sure it wasn’t exactly Cain’s style but it fit. That and he truly had no control over what song the shadows turned the dial to. “Much better.” He spoke aloud with a dashing grin.

Cain Vulsore
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Shade Ball - Page 2 Empty Re: Shade Ball

Post by Twinkletoes on July 29th 2013, 9:55 am

The crescendo into the quartet's climax was a magnificent display of refined skill and artistry. I have to be honest, whoever these musical virtuosos were, they deserved double of whatever they were currently being played. Anna was trying her best, and that was good enough for me. The bump in her stomach was more than enough to halt any proper moves so for the time being we were left with the casual box step, her feet following my own like a cat chasing two polished black mice. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little turned on by this, sure she was pregnant and the last thing she would want is a penis poking her lady bits but this actually felt like our first night together. Intimate, fun and as natural as breathing air. The warmth of her body radiated into my hands, clasping her waist as we elegantly shuffled atop the polished floor, at least we were doing better than some of the couples here.

"Honey, you do know that we're going to have to sit down soon right", I feel her voice whisper into my ear, her warm simper tickling the skin against my neck. It was true though, too much standing and she would get exhausted, didn't want the babies slipping out because of too much dirty dancing.

"Yes ma'am...or we could just find a bed", I felt a tight squeeze on my shoulder, it was worth a shot. Smiling at the little joke I check the are for a seat, or something comfortable enough for my princess to sit in. "Well, I can sit you next to the buffet table. Hungry? I'm sure you are". There was no point denying it, I have and still do wake the chef up to create whatever weird craving she's having at night. Salmon with avocado, chocolate mousse with a side of raspberry icecream or even a greasy burger from the nearest McDonald's. The buffet table was sure to cater to whatever she may happen to lust for, food was something that actually made her a bit more lively which was good, a lively wife is a sexy wife.

"Oh aren't you just kind?" I smile, of course I am. I would've kissed her right then and there if it weren't for a sudden intrusion, the voice of anther woman breaking our intimate cocoon and sending us back down to earth. It was the host of the evening herself, Elena Marie.

Glancing at Anna I purse my lips and wait for her approval, didn't want the wife having her magical moment ruined by magical redhead. "Go ahead, just don't steal him from me for too long...I may need him later", my wife politely smiled, I saw the briefest glimpse of disappointment but I knew she wouldn't resist Elena, that would have just been improper. "Take care of him for me", and with that and a overly passionate kiss on the lips my beautiful wife set off to the buffet table, giving me one last little glance before her eyes became set on the exquisite morsels on offer. She would be watching, no doubt about that.

"Well isn't this a surprise? I remember the last time we were together you and I were wading through hell itself", I greet Elena with a grin, clasping a hand around her waist and interlocking the other with her free hand. She looked the same, almost too the point of being ridiculous. Sure she was done up nice and pretty for the night but it was as if nothing had changed ever since our first meeting. The tattoo I had given her still squirmed around in her wrist, I could feel its joy at having come back to me. "I didn't think you the type to organise an event like this, especially with all that Dominus rubbish happening in the real world", I emphasise 'real world' for dramatic effect before leading the way into a gentle waltz. She was a good dancer, another surprise.

"So tell me Ms. Marie, what has life given you over the past year? As you can see I'm a married man now, so sorry about that, I knew you wanted me so badly", I grin, feeling my lips stretch as I lightly chuckle. Hopefully the witch had a sense of humour. [/color]

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Shade Ball - Page 2 Empty Re: Shade Ball

Post by Sim on August 6th 2013, 10:13 pm

Victoria's several trains of thought were interrupted by Chelle approaching, her queen's approach seemed to awaken her from her daze. Chelle was one of the few people Chelle could call her elder, and her years of life had given her a more evolved sense of morality than most other relatively short-lived biological creatures. It was part of the reason Victoria followed her to begin with, the nature of morality had always been a preoccupation of Victoria's.

Chelle seemed worried about Victoria. She had never told her queen about her failed mission or the short tale of her sister's life and death, though she imagined she had probably heard from either or both of the ranking Thrones members she had taken along. "Apologies. I was merely...using my mind to multitask. I assure you all is well." Victoria paused apprehensively before adding "I must admit something about this place does make me feel...odd. It is as if I can feel my heart's beat, but of course I know I can not. It is somewhat unsettling, if only because it is so unusual." She smiled wryly up at her queen as if sharing in a secret joke "I am unaccustomed to new sensations, or indeed sensations at all. It is a decidedly small matter though."

I..." Victoria trailed off cocking an ear to the music. Somehow it had managed to change from jazz to a pop song from several years ago. "My, your friend has quite the..eclectic taste in music. I of course have knowledge of dances for any style of music..." She took Chelle's hands as she accepted the offer. "I would be honored to dance with the Queen" Victoria said in a friendly tone.
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