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Late to the Party (Open)

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Late to the Party (Open) Empty Late to the Party (Open)

Post by FantasyTropes April 16th 2013, 3:07 am

Neuro should have been excited. After all, today was one of his first patrols in the actual big city. He'd stopped some small crimes in upstate New York far enough away to be intact. But here, in the city... well, let's say that Neuro was not enjoying sneaking around a broken city. He had been away on a business trip in his alter ego when the assault happened, and he hadn't even heard it had happened until he got back. Luckily, and quite so for someone who views luck hesitantly, his company headquarters was far enough removed to be untouched. Didn't stop him from feeling melancholy at best about what happened to the city.

As he disappeared into an ally, he made sure that his trade mark trench coat didn't snag on anything as he pulled his hat snugly down, making sure that it covered his face. Thank goodness for tailors, otherwise his hat would be falling off left and right. As it was, it managed to cover his identity by catching all the right shade. The figure, now blended into the shadows, looked at a small glowing screen on his wrist as he pulled up his sleeve. Two of the small, spherical electronic eye spheres he had deployed were on the look out for crime as well, but the city was... empty. It wasn't right. There were still people, of course. But the decimation had killed a lot and a lot more had fled.

That was why Neuro was in the city today, the lack of population. He was a smart man, but it doesn't take a genius to know that crime would take advantage of the wreckage and population drop to strike. Already, he had stopped three minor robberies. Nothing big, but it was only a matter of time. Once heroes started to show up, villains usually upped the ante, so to speak, so Neuro was taking precautions not to be seen. A whisper pierced through the darkness, getting lost by the time it hit the street

"EE-spheres, return"

Leaning against the wall, Neuro knew it was time to wait while the EE's flew back to return themselves. Then, then he'd see what he could do to help.


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Late to the Party (Open) Empty Re: Late to the Party (Open)

Post by Stebelton November 23rd 2013, 10:27 am

The missile went off and the wall came crumbling down. Nihil slung his massive canon back over his shoulder as he walked through the missing wall section into the enormous department store. He grinned and let out a slight chuckle before saying, almost yelling, to himself, "I love this city." It was true, Nihil had only come here a week or so ago but he had enjoyed every moment of the chaos in New York's rubble. An entire city to loot, and Nihil had found that in this small area, sort of the area between the reconstruction projects and the ruins, the buildings were still in a semi loot-able condition and there were no people around to try to stop him. Well, except the occasional other looter or sometimes gangs would make their hideouts out here, but Nihil would take care of them pretty quickly; he didn't care for competition.

Nihil stood just inside the store to take a quick, sweeping look around. "How disappointing," he whispered to himself. It seemed that a great deal of the store was already gone, either looted or perhaps taken out by the store's owner. A large piece of wall and ceiling had caved in on the far side of the room, perhaps there would be something of value under there. As he turned to head over he spotted something in the corner of his eye. As he turned his head to see the object it seemed to shoot into the sky. Nihil ran to the hole in the wall to follow it but by the time he had gotten there it was already out of site. "What was that?" he asked himself. It had appeared to be some kind of small, metal ball floating in the sky. Some kind of police security drone? Why would they waste that kind of technology watching a place like this? More likely, he thought to himself, it was just my imagination.

Nihil went back to the pile of debris. He was ecstatic to see a sign indicating that this section of the store was for power tools. "Perfect," he said as he began to dig through, looking for anything that might still work. This was exactly what he had come here for, tools to help with metalworking. Nihil was glad he was so strong, able to pick up huge hunks of debris and throw them his shoulder to the other end of the store.

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