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Post by Slyblade on April 6th 2013, 1:11 pm

"Why you ask? Why am I doing all this? Well, someone has to..."
"Magic? I don't think so, must be brainwaves acting funny."
"That nobody can explain it doesn't mean it's impossible to explain."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Samuel Goodwin
Villain Name: Slyblade
Title: (none yet)
Alignment: lawful evil
Age: 23
Gender: male
Race: superhuman/caucasian
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: green
Height: 5'85" feet
Weight: 155 lbs
Blood type: O negative

The Looks

Slyblade is tall and lean. He usually wear a black suit with a green bowtie. For the sake of disturbing anyone who meet him he shave his head and wear a latex mask which make him appear completely faceless. That excepted he does his best to always look stylish and tasteful: manicured hands, polished shoes, freshly ironed clothes, razor-sharpened knives and synchronised watch. He sometimes carry strange devices of his creation but he always try to make them either discreet or stylish, both if possible thought if he has to create something in a hurry the appearance won't bother him to much. Pointing it out however...
Without his mask he looks average, boring even. Not impressive at all that's for sure. Thought he is as dangerous with and without it...

The Legacy

Personality: Slyblade isn't "bad", just misunderstood. He is the one seeing the greater picture here: the world turned to shit, but that mean it his ready for a seed, to turn into something new, to be recycled. Of course creating a new civilisation, a new order, mean that the precedent one has to be suppressed. But that, and every death and destruction associated is just collateral damage in the way for a greater good. He will try to limit them but that's not really a concern if there is a lot of it.
He is very rational, unless you push the right buttons: after all he got into supervillainy because he wanted to make the world better. So he may get really pissed if he witness a work of evil like useless murder, especially children's and women's one. Someone who take pleasure in hurting, killing and destroy someone else without any other reason than his personal satisfaction (he himself very much enjoys to inflict pain to and kill some kinds of people, the ones that deserved it) deserve to be put down like the animal that he really is.

But since he consider himself to be a good guy there would be no problem for him in sitting with a superhero and have a little chat. Of course if he was to do that that would either mean that he respect the super or that he need to distract him. Maybe both even.

History: Samuel Goodwin was always a smart kid. Getting the best grades with little to no effort, no even paying attention in class, doing is homework in five minute... So he had a lot of free time while his comrades were busy working hard. So he started reading. But he finished quickly even the hardest book of his parents bookcases. He started going out to go to the library, were he learned a lot of things. But as year passed interesting book got rare even at the library, and he was less and less in a hurry to go there. Instead he started slowing on the way to talk to others kids, kids that weren't busy doing homework, bad kids who weren't going to school. But he didn't mind about that, they were wonderfully interesting, not like the others kids. Sure, they were doing some bad things like smoking, drinking, and stealing, but in the end they were just acting tough and being pretty harmless in reality. They were victims more than they liked to admit it.
Samuel feel in love wit a girl in this group, before it started to slide into hard drugs. He was going to enter senior high school when something came up and he disappeared for a year alongside with the girl.

When he reappeared, alone, he wasn't the same anymore. The joyous and optimistic teenager had become a stone cold man. He had already killed at this point.

He dropped out of school not bothering to go, only focusing on gaining more knowledge, and started practising martial art... and learning very fast. His parents were really concerned but then he started to give them financial advices which made them rich and they decided that maybe he only needed time, he sure as hell didn't needed their help. All this time he was preparing, but he must admit he didn't though he was going to start his great plan this early: his parents died in a plane crash and he inherited the fortune he had given them... Now it's time to make his first big move, one that will impress people... and give him more money, changing the world take a lot of funding...

The Powers

Telekinesis: Slyblade's brain is so developed that he can literally move things using his mind. He doesn't now exactly how it work but someday, someday he will find out. Everything can be explained. (If I understand correctly the weight/pressure I can apply follow the same scale as strength, so with 3 ability I can move up to 250 lbs with my mind)

Intelligence: 8
Strength: 4
Speed: 4
Durability: 4
Ability: 3
Fighting Skills: 5
Wealth: 3


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Re: Slyblade

Post by Chellizard on April 6th 2013, 3:11 pm

You are approved and moved!

Welcome to SHRP. (:

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