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The Desolate One Arrives in A Desolate City (Open)

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Re: The Desolate One Arrives in A Desolate City (Open)

Post by Romulus Emanuel Mercury on April 22nd 2013, 3:50 pm

Lord Ingvar was certainly a tough opponent and one Red could not take lightly, of course he had gotten up and moved before the blast came. The close in fight quickly started and the champions were at each other’s necks, almost literally at that. Blow for blow Red kept up with the much larger Viking warrior, blocking the hacks with the Ax with his shield, and pushed back against the mighty kick with his own strength. He knew the shield couldn’t survive very many more attacks from this brute of a man but it was his saving grace as he so far had not yet tasted the unknown metal of the ‘alien’ ax and as far as he was concerned that was all that mattered. Digging his heals into the concrete that held together the building they now stood on, Red held his ground and readied himself for a counter attack.

With all his might he pushed back against the Viking warrior with his shield, attempting to throw the man off guard before stabbing forward at his chest with his electric blade. He was not going to lose this fight and would do everything in his power to make sure he came out on top. The Viking was certainly the most worthy opponent he had ever yet faced, but he was not going to allow himself to be defeated just yet. No, he would not lose during his selection year and so early into it as well. This fight was simply to prove who was the greater warrior to the Viking and for sport, but to Red it was to prove to any females of age watching that he was truly a fine warrior and would make a good husband. Not only that but if he lost he knew he would have to return home shamed, defeated and wifeless.

This not being a fate Red ever wanted to face he dug into the ground even more, standing his ground once more, ready to dodge or parry whatever was sent his way he attacked again. Lowering his shoulder he faked an attack at the man’s knees, but quickly changed course spinning his body, leaving his side protected still, and slashed out at the Viking warrior’s sides. “I admire thine bravery Ingvar, but I shall defeat ye!” He called with a grin upon his face, although of course it couldn’t be seen underneath the metal of his helmet. He still thought the gesture was required when talking in a joking manner or sporting fun at his opponents in battle.

Romulus Emanuel Mercury

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Re: The Desolate One Arrives in A Desolate City (Open)

Post by The Black Angel on April 23rd 2013, 2:11 am

Lord Ingvar was quite enjoying himself, not since the Techno's at the Universes Core had he been tested so well, and their were seemingly an infinite number of those mechanical beasts, and only one of the brave human knights. The Vardo Lord was determined to show this human his proper place, though his respect for the species had grown immensely over the last few moments, there tenacity and courage being almost.... Vardoesque... Lord Ingvar shook his head as he landed another massive blow from the Desolate One onto the Red Knights crumpling shield, he was not ready for such strange thoughts yet.

The Red Knight attacked again, this time lowering his shoulder, seemingly striking at the massive Lord Ingvar's knee. Lord Ingvar saw his chance, with one strike he could destroy the Red Knights shield, and block the attack downward, leaving the Red Knight defenseless to the Vardo Lords massive blows. Striking with all the fury of the Vardo Gods, Lord Ingvar unleashed a huge downward strike, crashing into the Red Knights shield..... Only the Red Knights blade wasn't there to be blocked.

A quick sharp pain along Lord Ingvar's side, which was unmistakably the Red Knights blade, as the Knight had skillfully tricked the Vardo Lord. Lord Ingvar suddenly stopped his attack, and loudly coursed the Vardo gods in his native tounge for nearly a minute. Then as suddenly as there battle had begun, it was over, the Vardo Lord bowing ever so slightly to the Red Knight, saying "Well you have drawn first blood.... On my planet that means victory between champions.... I've.... Never faced a better opponent...." those last words stung as they left Lord Ingvar's mouth, as he'd never known defeat before. Never one to lose face, Lord Ingvar said "Shall we drink... Champion???".

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The Black Angel

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Re: The Desolate One Arrives in A Desolate City (Open)

Post by Romulus Emanuel Mercury on April 25th 2013, 5:16 pm

The blade struck and as Max pulled back, dropping his broken shield onto the ground, ready to attack or parry any on coming attack with his broadsword which he now had to use with two hands instead of the standard one sword and shield combination he was used to. Instead as his hands moved together, holding the blade he had to stop noticing that Ingvar had let down his guard and was looking towards the slash wound upon his skin. The next thing confused him mostly as the man bowed to him letting it be known that he was indeed the victor of the fight, not only had he drawn first blood but it seemed the man had also yielding, thus calling the fight off and allowing Red to be deemed the winner.

“Blood? Ye yield after drawing of blood on thine planet?” Red asked with a laugh as he sheathed his sword, shaking his head but smiling under his hood at his own victory. Holding his armed hand out to shake the Viking’s “Ye were a worthy opponent Lord Ingvar, and drink we shall! I can imagine that thine time on earth, shall be far greater than thy had ever imagined it to be.” Upon having his hand shaken by the Viking Warrior, Red turned walked over to the edge of the building and jumped off, landing upon the ground with his knees build absorbing the impact. Standing up he took off the helmet of his armor and rolled his neck groaning. “Are thy coming warrior? Let us be off and have a drink or twenty!” He yelled with a chuckle.

Walking off and into the bar he raised his hands into the air and yelled out over to the bartender. “Bar keep! Bring out the strongest vodka that thee have! I want Ingvar here to experience real earth drinks! Not some crap Light Beer like he had been served last time!” Red called out walking up to the bar with the blonde Viking right behind him. Tonight would be a good night, Red was still on an adrenaline high and wanted to satisfy that ‘hunger’ with his thirst for beer, he could get drunk yes, but it took him a lot longer than most people to do so. Tonight though, tonight he was going to get drunk, as the time slowly faded away and he and Ingvar drank the night away laughing and telling stories. This one would be a friendship that would last… however long each of their life spans were and being warriors it shouldn’t be too long.
(exit Red)

Romulus Emanuel Mercury
Romulus Emanuel Mercury

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