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Allison Schönheit Metzger

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Allison Schönheit Metzger

Post by Brorschach on March 30th 2013, 3:08 am

Allison Schönheit Metzger

"A world without beauty is a world unworthy of existence"

Basic Biography

Real Name: Allison Schönheit Metzger
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Arachne
Title: The perfection, The Black Widow
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Appears 29 (born in 1922)
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue (wears gold contacts)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs
Blood type: AB-

The Looks


The Legacy

Allison is arrogant, imperious, elitist and sadistic, taking joy in punishing those she sees as below her. When she was young, her personality was much the same, though it was far more restrained and akin to the mentality of a spoiled brat rather than the sadistic monster she has become today. Allison is impatient yet cunning and while she prefers to leap into things half-cocked, she is perfectly capable of sitting back and watching matters unfold if it would entertain her. Her actions may seem chaotic or pointlessly cruel at times -or all the time- but below the surface of wanton violence, she has a deep and focused goal: The extermination of all those who don't conform to her aesthetic tastes.  Her ultimate dream is to see a world filled with nothing but the most beautiful people, a world where the ugly and the average are slaves to those whose genes makes them so obviously superior.

Another aspect of her personality is a sick obsession with her younger brother Kasimir. Though she holds no physical attraction to him, she can't stand to see him paying attention to anyone but her and so seeks to eliminate any and all who dare pull focus from her. As well, she is aware of his own incestuous attraction to her and delights in tormenting him by flirting with other men or making passive-aggressive -and insincere- sexual advances towards him whenever she finds the time. To her, the world exists as her plaything, a mentally that she has extended to the people in it. People's emotions mean nearly nothing to her, though she is perfectly capable of faking a more empathetic side, if only to revel in their torment when she reveals the truth.

Allison was born as the first child to a pair of wealthy German socialites, both members of the budding Nazi party and close friends with the party's rising star, Adolf Hitler. For the first two years of her life, she was adored and the sole focus of her parent's attention. This changed however, when her younger brother was born. Suddenly, Allison was no longer the favorite, and the seeds of resentment were planted. Not towards the young Kasimir, oh no, he was innocent, for now. It was towards her filthy parents for daring to create him. In her young state, she lacked the cognitive functions to be perfectly aware of these feelings and so she simply began acting the brat, spoiled and independent. When she was nine years old, Kasimir received a golden retriever. He loved that dog, spending many a day playing with it. However, for every moment of joy that her younger brother spent with the beast, her resentment for it grew. The dog was getting more attention from him than she was.
Hell, when it was around she could barely get him to look at her. The mongrel had to go. One day, while Kasimir and the dog were playing fetch, she waited in the bushes, watching. Their parents were away at a party rally and she had steeled her nerves for this moment. As the beast ran to fetch a ball, she leapt from the brush and jammed a kitchen knife into its throat, its whine of pain doing little to deter her as she began to thrust the blade into its bleeding neck over and over again, acquiring several bites and scratches in the process.

When Kasimir interrogated her as to why she'd done it, she explained -see: Lied- that the dog had eaten one of her dolls and had to be punished. When their parents came home, over the protestations of Kasimir, she told them that the beast had attacked her and she'd been forced to defend herself. Though they had been worried, the pair believed the sympathetic story of their baby girl over the wild tale of the younger brother. As the years went by, and the Nazi part came into power, the children's powers did so as well. Hers was -rather ironically- the ability to produce chemicals from her body, both poisonous and mundane. She used this to torment her brother (mostly in the form of aphrodisiacs sewn into his food when he wasn't looking) until one night their parents discovered her.

Fearing for her life and not wanting to be taken away alone, she revealed that Kasimir also had a power. While their father was initially horrified, their mother convinced him it was a blessing, a way for them to advance further in the party.  They just needed training, a place to refine their powers. Taken to meet Adolf Hitler, he was overjoyed at the prospect of two such individuals born into the German state and had them sent to train with the Waffen SS (while still being allowed to return home, as per their mother's conditions. As part of their training, the children were sent to Auschwitz to torment the prisoners using their powers.
Not only that, but they were pitted against prisoners in combat, told to only use their powers to defend themselves. The prisoners in turn, were told that if they could kill the children, everyone in the camp would be free to go. The prisoners fought tooth and nail for their people's freedom, but each died a gruesome death at the sibling's hands. While Kasimir seemed to be horrified -or at the very least, apathetic- to all they were being made to do, Allison took a childish delight in experimenting on how fast or slow she could make a person die with her powers.

Kasimir and Allison's reputation soon sent them into the same sphere as the Fuhrer himself, their infamy spanning across Germany and much of Europe. 'The butchers of Auschwitz' they were known as, two beautiful psychopaths that were slowly becoming more and more desensitized to the brutal psychological conditioning their mother and superiors put them through. They were showered with praise, 'blessed offspring of the Aryan race' as the Reich would come to call them...although this sentiment was not shared with the millions of Jews who believed the brother and sister duo the very epitome of hell itself. Whilst Allison would brutally massacre anything and anyone who would dare tarnish her pride, Kasimir took the more silent route, but silence is by no means better.

The young man had a wandering eye, any beautiful girl unfortunate enough to find herself in Auschwitz was often led to his lab as a handpicked gift. These girls were slowly, mercilessly and brutally terrorized for weeks on end, till the point that the gas chambers were by far the better option than a night with the Crow. He obsessed over their aesthetic finesse, carving their faces and bodies so that they showed some resemblance do his beloved mother. Oh the horror the girls endured, no comprehension could properly define the abuse they faced at the hand of the handsome sociopath. Once he was done with them Kasimir would clean them up, get them dressed and turn them into his dolls. The bodies never rotted, the mind may have died but their flesh was as alive as the day he found them.

Over the course of the war, the siblings underwent many tests designed to push them further and further beyond any semblance of humanity. The first of which was rather informal, and unfortunately for what little sanity the pair possessed, set the standard for all the rest. This test came in the form of their father, having grown disillusioned with the Fuhrer and his regime, attempted to spirit his children away to Britain, to undo whatever damage had been done by the combined efforts of their mother and the Waffen SS's brainwashing. While his attempt was valiant, there was one variable he didn't account for: The children themselves. Before they could board the truck to Britain, Allison used her powers to paralyze the poor man and keep him that way while Kasimir -after her prodding- performed an impromptu vivisection on the poor man.

Kept alive and completely unable to fight back -or even scream- by the combination of their powers, the man underwent a slow and agonizing surgery designed to do little more than test the limits of their abilities until the Waffen SS finally arrived. When their so-called rescuers came upon the scene, even the most hardened officer had trouble keeping down that evening's meal. The man had been spread out over several yards, not a single part of him was within arm's reach of another, yet he still lived. His heart still beating, lungs still drawing breath. His eyes, left far from his head and connected by an impossibly long nerve, flailed about while still sending the information straight to his exposed brain which the children were prodding with a bored look on their faces.
Though the report detailed exactly what occurred there that night, Mrs. Metzger was never told for fear she might attempt to avenge her husband. Instead, she was told that the man had been gunned down by a Jew looking for revenge. The naive woman ate it up.

After this, several such tests were initiated, most of which involved the pair slaying anyone who might have even looked treasonous. The final test however, was either the easiest or the hardest depending on which of the two you asked. For Allison, the act was as natural as breathing and as satisfying as the moment she slew her brother's golden retriever all those years ago. For poor Kasimir, it was the most agonizing torment a boy could ever experience.

They had been told to kill Mrs. Metzger within their old family home.

Allison was overjoyed, she would finally get to even a score over two decades, though she suspected Kasimir's Oedipal love for their mother would interfere, all it took was a vague promise to make him go along with her sadistic indulgence. The mother's death was surprisingly merciful compared to their father's. This was not the result of any action by Allison, rather, it was Kasimir's lack of keeping her alive throughout that spared her the indignities her husband had suffered. As if to top it off, Allison used her powers to spread a chemical similar to gasoline around -and inside- the mansion, making it just one giant tinderbox when she dropped a match on one of the rugs near the entrance. The old house that had stood in quite repose for nearly a hundred years went up in flames within hours.

The collapse of the third Reich was a momentous occasion for the allies, the Nazi party had been overthrown and the victims of this vicious regime now had the freedom they prayed for. But alas! Hitlers death was just another petal vanishing in the breezes of time, the Spider and the Crow still lived, immortal butchers who had only just begun their reign of terror.

Soon enough the siblings had amassed a rather substantial amount of wealth to move to Brazil, there they basked in the golden sun and the beautiful plebeians. The Nazi party may have died but the ideals surely had not and during the first few months in their new country Allison and Kasimir had connected with the underworld business of human trafficking. They specialized in the young and beautiful, boys and girls from around the world being traded like livestock and if any particular beauty caught the attention of either sibling then that marked the end of their lives. Both siblings sought out perfection in different ways, but neither was more brutal or sinister than the other...they merely adopted different tactics.

They terrorized the nights of Brazil, kidnapping any worthy 'doll' and ravishing the poor soul of all livelihood and dignity, a fate which forced them into the Spider's lair or the Crow's dollhouse. While her brother preferred his subjects to be captured in postmortem perfection, Allison liked her art to be alive. Instead of any surgery, she would lure men into her bedroom and give them what she affectionately dubbed 'The kiss of eternity'.

This special chemical slowed down their bodily functions to a near standstill, their hearts beating only once every six hours. She would then pose them in whatever position she deemed fit, sometimes adding taxidermy animals to the displays. To the average observer, these are simply extremely well sculpted models. The truth is that they are entirely aware, unable to move a muscle, their eyes frozen in place, yet still receiving data, their minds forever active while their bodies could not move even an inch.

The Powers

Chemical production: Allison has been blessed with the ability to produce any number of chemicals from her body, ranging from the mundane to the exotic, though these always take the form of liquids. While these are all extremely potent, she can alter the strength of the chemical at will, though only while she's actively producing it. While normally, once the liquid has left her body, she loses control of it, by forcing her blood into the mixture, she can retain physical control of the substance and make it act according to her whims. In short, the more of her blood is mixed in, the more control she has. As a result of her powers, she is nearly immune to chemical weapons, as she can simply neutralize it once it enters her system by producing the antidote. While these chemicals are a potent weapon on their own, she tends to add to their lethality by coating her sword in a thin layer of it, meaning a single cut could spell doom for her victim.

Occult: 3
Strength: 2
Speed: 5
Durability: 5
Ability: 10
Fighting Skills: 5

Wealth: 3



Blame Jack

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Re: Allison Schönheit Metzger

Post by Chellizard on March 30th 2013, 3:15 am

Okie dokie.


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