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Post by Frogger on March 16th 2013, 7:58 pm

Real Name:Andre Armouror
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name:Assault,
Title: "The Human Weapon"
Alignment:I was a bit unsure on the alignment stuff at first but, Lawful Evil fits
Race: Jamaican
Hair: black, short dreads with a few that stick out in the front
Height:Six foot one
Blood type:O +

Character Image/Character Costume Image (Or Description): Assault usually wears high end business suits in varying colors, ranging from blue and black to purple, green and gold. While he does hire himself out as a hit-man/assassin/"problem solver", usually ending up as a supervillain's henchman. These suits are far from just fancy wear, as he keeps an assortment of tricked out weaponry and protection in each jacket. Every suit jacket of his is lined with bladed weapons, and pistols that i that he's loaded into the inside pockets, sleeves or pants legs. He always wears a white business shirt with each suit jacket and pants. He has a slim build, similar to Bruce Lee and long wiry fingers. Even though his line of work would sometimes call for stealthiness, he disregards it and takes on the eccentricity of the spandex set, wearing these bright colors as a calling card for hero and villain alike.

Personality: Cool, collected and professional is how Andre would describe himself if asked. He's all about the job, but that doesn't mean he won't enjoy himself at work. If he's been assigned a particularly difficult target, he might be playful and really chatty. The chattiness is a front though, as he tries to throw them off with it, using his verbosity as part of a mind game. As his description is Lawful Evil, he is a man with some moral compulsion. He always follows a contract and never breaks a promise, and also has a compulsion against being hired to kill kids or parents in front of their children. The latter is due to an incident early in his life where he killed someone in front of his sister, one of his only living family members (and the only one that talks to him), which altered their relationship. In conversation with others he never really reveals much about himself and prefers to spur others on to talk about their lives, achievements and goals. If questioned about this he'll tell you that he's "not that interesting" but that's definitely not the case. While he comes off as a fairly clever individual, he'd be the first to tell you that he's not leadership material. Whether this is something he truly believes or he's just complacent in his current role is only something he knows.

History:Andre Armouror was born in Kingston, Jamaica 24 years ago to Armand, a member of the Jamaica Defense Force Coast Guard, and Rhona, a painter. When Andre was young, Armand got the boy into soccer, a sport he use to be pretty good at and would tell his son that someday he'd be just as good as him. To his surprise, that day came in Andre's first game. At 10 years old, the boy scored seven different goals from seven different parts of the field. It wasn't just that he scored that many goals in his first game, but HOW he did it. Each shot seemed effortless, like he already knew what he was going to do and that the defenders on the other team were merely spectators. Each shot came from a different angle, as if he could figure out the trajectory of the ball and what was needed to send it into the goal. Once he took his team to the playoffs, he decided to quit, stating that he was bored with soccer, having accumulated 200 points in 12 games. His parents were initially shocked by their son's decision and reasoning, but eventually relented and let him quit. This didn't earn him any friends around the neighborhood as his team got trounced in the playoffs by one of the teams Andre drubbed by his lonesome, but he didn't seem to care. Andre was more concerned with what was happening to him, mentally and physically. When he first touched the soccer ball, he got a flash of all the different ways he could use it, and it was like his body reflexively knew where to kick it and how hard. He tested this ability out with other things over the years, like knives, baseballs, basketballs, spoons, brooms and an assortment of household objects. He got rather popular at school one day for making a basket with his eyes closed and sitting down on the bench near the court. Little tricks like that gained him more friends, but he didn't really care for them. He had fun entertaining his friends with that throughout school and a little bit after his twelfth birthday, his sister April is born. Once April was born, Armand and Rhona told Andre after he almost lost her that "she's family, you have to take care of her" and he takes this to heart, looking after his sister like a good brother should for the next five years. When Andre was seventeen, he came home to see the house was ransacked, and heard the screams of his mother and his sister crying. Armand ran into the house to see his father engaged with the intruder, who was quite large and well armed. Andre stared in shock as his father grappled with the man who was armed, and failed. Armand fell to the ground and soon had a gun pointed at his head, with this man shouting obscenities at him and claims that he was gonna take what's his. Before he could pull the trigger though, the man slumped over with a knife lodged in the back of his skull, tossed by Andre. The twelve year old stood in front of his parents, with only his hand shaking. He kept repeating the words "she's family, I have to take care of her" while his parents just stared.

It was a while before his mother came over and hugged him, thinking that the shock had overwhelmed Andre. It did, but it also awakened something in him. He found out his skill extended to weapons too. When he touched the kitchen knife, he saw in his head how to use it-to cook, hurt, kill, fix- and chose the best option. He found this fascinating and decided to ask his father if he could join him when he went to the shooting range. After some initial arguments with his father, Armand relented and took Andre to the range. While there, Andre asked his father about the incident and got no answer, only his father telling him it was time to go home. He then asked his mother, who told Andre the reason: his father had been spending most of his paycheck at the casino, nearly putting the family in debt. His father, upset with how his mother reacted, started to shout at her about how as the only provider in this family, his decisions shouldn't be questioned. Andre tried to talk to his sister about it but she was too terrified to even speak to him. Andre quietly left the room, realizing that neither of his parents would be willing to talk with him about what they could do to fix this, instead focusing their energy on yelling at each other. The following week went by with no sign of trouble until Saturday afternoon, Andre went home to let his parents know that he was going somewhere, only to once again see the house in bad shape. This time more men came for his father and unfortunately he was too late. Andre found his father dead on the ground and saw his mother being dragged out of the house. In another instinctual moment, Andre grabbed onto the nearest thing he could, which was a shoe near the door and chucked it at the man's skull. He hit it with such force that the man dragging his mother was knocked unconscious. Andre didn't waste any time and scrambled over to the man's prone body, taking a gun he had in his hand and firing it at his accomplices. Five men, five shots, all of them dead and Andre standing over his mother, offering a hand to help her up. She shirked away from her son though, fear in her eyes. Before he could ask his mother what was wrong, she ran inside the house, locking the door on her son. He asked his mother what she was doing, he stopped the bad guys from hurting them, why was she acting like this?

She told her son that something wasn't right with him, that a person-let alone a child of hers-could kill another person like that. Andre justified his actions, stating that he had to do it because the family was in danger, and that dad would have done the same if he was responsible. This only enraged his mother, leaving the young boy to talk to the police and take responsibility for the murders. As Andre was led away in handcuffs to the police station, he saw his sister looking at him and felt a pang of regret. He wouldn't stay away for long, and he'd make sure his sister was taken care of properly.

Andre didn't stay at the police station for long, and was taken out of there by a person he never would've expected to see: the owner of the casino that his father owed all that money to. The man had Andre get into his limo, surprisingly with no guards. He was an old man, and had a wizened look to him. He talked with Andre about the stories he'd heard about Armand Durand's boy and his skill with turning even household items into weapons. He talked about how unnatural that was, and if Andre knew he was different. Andre shrugged and nodded, which spurred the old man to keep talking. He said that he surmised the boy's abilities to be metahuman in origin. He then got to the major reason he wanted to talk to the boy. His father still owed the man quite a bit of money, and so he would like for Andre to pay off his father's debt using his special talents.Surprisingly enough, Andre accepted, and became a "problem solver"for this casino boss, taking care of any troublesome patrons or people who owed money. He never killed the ones he had to collect payment from, but scared them by tossing sharp objects at areas close to vital body parts. He quickly came to be the casino boss favorite employee, and a valued member of his organization, getting all the perks that came with that spot until the day he decided to quit. The boss was in shock, asking him why he'd want to leave this lifestyle. It had only been a year of work, but Andre simply replied that he'd served out his term, and now that he was done, he was going to leave. Now the casino boss tried to coerce him into staying, offering the young man all sorts of things, but kept getting rejected, with the added insult that he found the job boring. This snapped the casino boss last nerve and he decided to strong-arm Andre and called several of his bodyguards into the room, not realizing that the young man had his hands in his pockets the whole time, and for good reason. Ten men entered that room, none of them left. Only the casino boss was left alive, and he would later be found with a pencil jabbed into his left eye, repeating the words "contract is done, it's done!" as if someone had commanded him to say it.

Once Andre was through there, he decided to go back home. He knocked the door aggressively until his mother finally opened it. Once she did, he pulled out a wad of about 50 thousand dollars and handed it to her with a note. It said he was leaving Jamaica and that even if she won't accept him as his son, they're family and always will be, whether she likes it or not. Having gained enough cash for a plane ticket, he decided to travel for a few years, learning more about his talents and expanding his skills. His plane arrived in the far east and he backpacked across Asia, doing odd hits here and there to afford money for travel and food, living off the bare minimum as he learned about his gifts and honed his body. He learned that he was gifted with a form of psychometry, superhuman reflexes and agility. When he touched an object, he got it's history of use and the most lethal ways to use it. As his knowledge of his skills grew, so did his reputation. He studied with various martial arts practitioners, learning how to fight with and without weaponry while he expanded his abilities. People spoke in hushed tones of a wandering man who could kill you with anything. Some targets were found with forks lodged in their hearts, others died by more conventional means such as gun-play. Rumors started to spread about a "Human Weapon", a man who could kill you seven different ways from Sunday and show no remorse while doing it. After about four years of doing this, Andre decided to head to the United States, seeing these superheroes and supervillains and deciding that maybe this is a place he'd fit in, this is an order where his talents would serve him best. Spending the last of his money on a nice meal, business cards, some custom made suits and a plane ticket, he went to America and started to set up shop. He'd hand out cards to various people with "ASSAULT, super hit-man", waiting for someone to put him on a job and he gets to join this new social order.

Power(s): Andre has the gift of psychometry, able to "read" the history of an object and deign the best way for him to use it. Only real sign of this power being in use is his eyes flashing white for a few seconds. His other gifts are a superhuman level of accuracy, reflexes and peak human agility. The enhanced physical gifts are due to a remarkably more flexible, yet stronger musculature than humans usually have. This enhanced musculature is also aided by an increased number of optic nerves. Whereas your average person has about 40 thousand, Andre has twice that many, allowing him to have incredible vision. Andre naturally prefers to fight long range with weapons he can use as projectiles, but is capable enough to take on a combatant in hand-to-hand if they're able to close in on him.

Intelligence:8 (his intelligence is mainly in weapons usage)
Strength: 4
Fighting Skills:8

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Re: Assault

Post by Forceaus on March 17th 2013, 7:06 pm

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