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Lilia Ivanov - Suka

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Lilia Ivanov - Suka

Post by Illya on March 12th 2013, 10:03 pm

The Unseelie Servant
Personal Information

Real Name: Lilia Ivanov
Alias: Suka
Title: Grimalkin
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Grimalkin mutant
Citizenship: Winter Court (Current)/ Russian (Formerly)
Hair: Auburn
Skin: Leopard Pattern
Eyes: Yellow with Red Iris
Blood Type: O-
Height: 6'2"/ 1.88m
Weight: 187 lbs/84.8 kg

Known Family Members:

Lilia Ivanov aka Etoile -Changeling Replacement

Suka has spent all of her conceivable life as a servant and pet to Illya, and thus considers it her only purpose in life. When it comes to Illya, Suka shows nothing but love and loyalty of the highest caliber, no matter what the Unseelie Princess does to her. Her loyalty only extends to Illya, and she would challenge anything in the name of her mistress. Even when faced with the concept that Illya’s hand in Suka’s life is cruel, she is unable to feel that way. Spending her entire life as a pet, Suka cannot feel anything but joy when Illya treats her as such, so she feels nothing about her position other than ignorant bliss.

Being trained like an animal and transformed to fit the part, Suka has no concept for human society or how to even be a human. She understands language to the point that she can follow orders, but she cannot use it herself, resorting to growls and shrieks among other sounds when she requires to communicate. She also has no concept of boundaries, higher level emotions, or any sort of higher thinking. Though her human heritage shows in some cases, Suka is an animal at heart.

Because of her animal mindset, Suka also has tendencies similar to dogs or cats. When faced with something that she doesn’t understand, Suka must test it before discerning whether or not she wishes to interact with it. She sniffs things when she doesn’t recognize it with sight and has a tendency to taste just in case. This also adds to her desire to be a pet as she will look for things to play with during her free time, or when alone with Illya. Since the act of treating a human as a pet is cruel, Illya is free to play with Suka. However, because she is a human, Suka displays intelligence and emotion higher than that of a simple animal. Suka’s sense of attachment is much higher than that of an ordinary pet; Her devotion is much higher and her rage in the name of her mistress is all the more ferocious. All in all, Suka is much more intuned with her emotions.

Some may question as to how Illya Vanko could have conceivably taken little Lilia Ivanov away from her parents, but many question such things from the mysterious Fae. Little realize how meaningless time is in Arcadia, the world of Fae; thus they are unable to understand that Illya, the timeless Unseelie could move to the past in order to fulfill her need for a child. One cold and stormy night, Illya came into the home of the Ivanovs, insignificant people who knew nothing of the Fae and their child snatching. As a result, they did not protect their child as the Unseelie snatched away their daughter and switched it with her own; a changeling offspring that would act as their daughter until Illya came to reclaim her. With the human child in hand, Illya returned to Winter Court and spent the next years raising young Lilia; not as a child, but as a pet.

For the formative years of her life, Lilia was raised under the name of Suka, never knowing her real name. Under the direct training of Illya, Suka learned behavior similar to that of a dog and cat, and how to be a faithful companion to the Unseelie Princess. With nothing to give her an example of human behaviour, Suka was conditioned to being treated as a pet, and was treated as nothing but. However, being the pet of the Unseelie Princess meant that few could touch her while she was still a child; a saving grace to her situation. However, once she was old and conditioned enough, Illya sent Suka into further training. Infusing her body with the traits of the Grimalkin, Suka had transformed into a feline-like being, and adopted an animal mindset. With her mind muddled by animal instinct and specialized training, Suka never questioned Illya or felt the need to be disloyal to her mistress. With years of training, Suka was the only thing in the Winter Court that Illya could trust, a loyal pet.

From that point, Suka was trained by the Grimalkin to be the greatest defense for Illya against any who would dare try and harm her. Like a duck to water, Suka was naturally agile, and keen to make her owner proud, devoting her time to fighting. Years of refinement was spent in Suka’s training, and the result placed Suka as one of the greatest Unseelie warriors, valued enough to guard the Unseelie Princess. Suka would be Illya’s companion no matter where she went.

By her 19th human birthday, Illya finally revealed the truth to Suka, that she was a human being that was taken from her own, so that Illya’s daughter could steal her life. Though she understood the idea in general, Suka had spent all her life as a pet, and couldn’t feel any emotional attachment to her parents. As far as she was concerned, Illya had saved her, and was the one thing in the world that would be there for her. Knowing that her pet would never go against her, Illya decided that it was time for Lilia, Suka’s Unseelie replacement, to come home; Suka was more than happy to help.

Powers and Abilities


  • Grimalkin Physiology:

    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Superhuman Senses
    • Superhuman Equilibrium
    • Invisibility
    • Wind Walking

Fighting Skill6

  • Iron: Being part Grimalkin, Suka is counted among the creatures of the Fae, and is harmed by the touch of Iron as all Fae are. A simple touch burns the skin; prolonged exposure leads to combustion and possible death.


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Re: Lilia Ivanov - Suka

Post by Forceaus on April 9th 2013, 7:29 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


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