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The Second Genesis [invite only]

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The Second Genesis [invite only] Empty The Second Genesis [invite only]

Post by Arcana March 11th 2013, 8:59 pm

It all started off as what can be written off as events not linked in any way but it couldn't stay that way forever. People were found mutilated with strange symbols carved into their corpses and blood creating disturbing images, all of it not something that the average homicide detective would have expected to see when called out. The Casters would have been asked to deal with it, but the sudden disappearance of their heir had left the family in general confused, though many were looking to Nolan for answer that he just didn't have. That was the reason that Sean had found himself in the city, Aaron following behind him to help with the more complicated stuff.

Sean had the raw power, while Aaron had the magical know how, and that was how their dynamic worked really. There may have been more to it, but not that it would have showed when they were out on important business, that was when Aaron became more serious. The streets of the City of Angels was still as crowded as ever, and the two were walking through the crowd milling about the sidewalks. Sean stayed only a few steps behind Aaron, though he found the male to be far too slow for his taste, but most were too slow. That was just how things worked these days really.

”So do you think we'll find any leads through this mysterious source of yours Aaron?” Sean was somewhat skeptical about this, something that was likely to end up being another weird cult that they needed to put down. Cults never really worked out in the end. It was always better to do major summons without leaving signs like these around.

”Yeah I think I can, though I’m not sure how long I can keep the authorities from snooping around. The police have a penchant for doing that.” Their mental communication continued, the two males walking through the crowd almost unnoticed. They were searching for something strange, involving ancient Greek mythologies, which if you knew any better were as true as anything. Aaron was sure that this was the case, and Sean never really doubted the occult expert. He was one of the most knowledgeable of the occult in the world, not like you can tell him hes wrong.

The latest information had stated that they had heard about a small cult forming in Downtown LA, that was where they would be searching first. While Sean had elected to run there, Aaron told him otherwise and that was what lead them to riding in the black limo, Sean pouting in his own corner. It was mostly the simple fact that Aaron did not have the superhuman speed his partner had, so he wasn't going to let Sean run ahead into something that could prove to be deadly to him.

The destination was to be a warehouse in Los Angeles, where the cult was reported to have been meeting for the last few months. There was a small chance that whatever these occurrences were related to, even Sean would not be able to deal with. Still, he was the best they had when it came to pure magical power, unless he wanted to include Elena into this insanity, but that would have not been the most brilliant of ideas. Sean was unaware of his mothers return and that would have only brought about problems that he was not willing to sort out.

On the off chance that they had met with anything truly dangerous, Aaron had prepared ahead of time, gathering all of his equipment as well as a few extra things just in case. He also made sure to contact a couple up and coming mages who would likely prove useful in this little endeavor. Aaron may have not known them very well personally, but they would be useful. Sean could feel the tattoos snaking across his body pulse, something within the building called to them.

The two stepped out of the black vechicle and waited.
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The Second Genesis [invite only] Empty Re: The Second Genesis [invite only]

Post by Leonardo Vernelli March 28th 2013, 12:31 am

"Oh great. where did he wander off to this time?" The young mage thought to himself walking the busy streets of Los Angeles California.
His partner Seamus had instructed him to meet him at a local bar called "Secrets" by six.
Leonardo kept looking down at his watch as he took a seat in front of the bar.
Seamus had a habit of showing up late, and an even worse habit of showing up drunk.
However the old fart was wise, and had taught Leo more than he could have ever expected to.
The two of them had been contacted by a friend in the magical field. Aaron Hale.
There was some supernatural problems beginning to surface, and the Leo-Seamus team was ready for action.
You see Leo and Seamus weren't just superheroes. They were supernatural investigators.
As fun as stopping bank robbers, and Elena Vexus sounded, the duo had much more important things to deal with.

He ran his fingers through his dirty-blonde locks of hair.
He felt out of character with no mage robes on, but it was a disguise for a reason.
As a really cute pair of twins walked by him they stopped to check him out.
"Excuse me." One of the two asked Leo
He just looked up at her, and tilted his head to the side confused.
"Yes you." The two girls giggled together.
"How would you like to party with us tonight. You're way too cute to be out here alone.
Leo being the idiot he was freaked out on the inside and tried to figure out what to say.
"I'm waiting for my partner Seamus."
"Ohhhh..." the girls said almost in unison.
"We didn't know you were gay, sorry."
Leo tried to say 'No I'm not' but it just came out as a jumbled ball of failure.
Once the two were inside Leonardo looked to his left and saw his buddy Seamus walking down the street, of course intoxicated.
"Oh now you wanna show up." the mage thought to himself.

A huge flash of lightning surged through the sky.
"Ok I didn't use my spell, but that is no natural lightning."
As Seamus neared, Leo just pointed to a building.
"We have to check that place out. I think that's where the flash came from."
The duo began walking towards a warehouse as he checked his cellphone for text messages from Aaron.
"My friend and The Talon were supposed to meet us here by now. Maybe they got sidetracked."
The magical private eyes leaned up against the wall waiting for their contacts to show up.
Suddenly a black vehicle rolled in, and Aaron got out.
"it's been a while my friend." Leonardo said shaking Aarons hand and then turning to Sean.
"I'm a big fan of what you Talons do. It takes a lot of sack to take on impending apocalypses." he spoke before also shaking his hand.
"So what's the event?" Leo asked as he summoned his mage robes on to him.

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